What to do When Adsense Account is Disapproved?


Adsense is one of the easiest ways to monetize a Blog and is one of the best advertising networks. AdSense team maintains its quality by approving only quality Websites for using AdSense.

They have a very strict TOS and they keep banning accounts, which violates Adsense TOS. The hardest part is getting inside the AdSense ad network. Most of the time, you will find bloggers complaining Adsense account is disapproved and many of them become hopeless.

I have already published a complete AdSense guide for beginners to get started with it.

Adsense account disapproved
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Harsh’s earlier guide on How to create Adsense account covers all the basic steps to apply and get your Adsense account approved.

Though, one thing which we have not talked about and is very important: What to do when Google disapproves your AdSense application?

How to Deal with Disapproved AdSense account?

When any blogger’s Adsense application is rejected, it’s a disappointing time for him. He feels very frustrated and at times many newbies quit blogging. Let me clear some air here, and Shout it loud: Adsense is not the end of your Blogging career.

Even if you don’t have an approved Adsense account, you can still make money from your Blog. Check out ShoutMeLoud, and realize how many Adsense ad units you see here. You would notice, Harsh uses only one 468*60 ad unit below post permanently and if I’m not wrong, it’s only because of his Adsense revenue sharing program.

Anyways, I’m not saying you should not reapply for Adsense, but before you do so, there are things that you should be taking care of.

Difference Between disapproved Adsense account and Banned Adsense account?

– When we apply for an ADSENSE account and ADSENSE reject your application this is known as ADSENSE account is disapproved. When an application is disapproved, we can always reapply for an account.

– When Google ADSENSE stops you account for something illegal or wrong you were done then this is called as ADSENSE account is banned. When our ADSENSE account is banned, in most of the cases we can’t reapply or use Adsense again with the same name.

Stay calm and don’t lose hopes

AdSense is an advertiser-centric network and to meet their advertiser’s demand, they need more publishers. But at the same time, to maintain their quality of ads and ad network, they accept only quality sites. Now, if your application is rejected, it means your blog is missing something and you need to work on it to make it better.

This is one of the reasons, AdSense has six months old blog policy for getting an approved application, as 6 month is enough time for a blogger to improve his blog. So, don’t lose hope and read on for what you should do before reapplying for approval again.

Don’t reapply Instantly

When AdSense team rejects an application, they usually mention the reasons like “insufficient content ” “URL you specified is not owned by you“, “Due to copyright material” and so on.

You need to understand what went wrong and how you can fix it. If it’s ownership issue, you can always reply back and Adsense team will give you a way to show the ownership of your account. If it’s because of publishing copyright material (Plagiarism), you can remove all such posts and reapply for Adsense after adding more quality and original content and so on.

First thing: You need to understand what went wrong and how you can fix it. Just giving up here is not a solution and as I mentioned, you need to work according to their guidelines to get a disapproved adsense account approved.

Work on the design of your Blog:

One of the mistakes which I have seen many bloggers do is, they create a new blog, add few content, add lots of different ad networks, use a crappy or distorted design and apply for Adsense. Believe me, first impression is very important and it’s your blog design which matters a lot. If you are on WordPress, you can use any professional WordPress theme from premium theme network or from elegant theme, as it’s cheap.

If you are on BlogSpot, use a blogSpot theme which is not only beautiful but also looks professional. Don’t clutter your sidebar widget and post with lots of blog widgets and different ads. Once you are approved for Adsense, you can always add as much widget or different ad network. (If required).

Build more traffic and Monetize with other Ad networks

Work on improving the quality of your blog and blog articles. Also, if you are waiting for a few months before reapplying, you can use any of the mentioned AdSense alternative ad networks to monetize your blog.

You can also take help of direct advertisement or use Buysellads meanwhile. Though again, most ad networks expect a quality site. And one of the most important criteria is traffic on your blog. If you have a decent traffic blog, you will be accepted in most of the other ad networks. Here are some articles which will help you to increase traffic on your site:

Read all rules, terms and conditions carefully

ADSENSE disapproved of your application because “your blog doesn’t meet their guidelines and fulfil all the criteria”. So, read all the conditions carefully and you will find you all mistakes and you can fix it in time.

Clear your all mistakes

Now you got all your mistakes. So, this is a time to clear all mistakes. Take your study opened and repair and remove. Don’t let any chance to reject your application for another time. Here is a list of some of the beginner mistakes, which you should avoid:

Take the final test of your blog

We have to leave nothing in the room for rejection. So, we will take the last test of the blog and clear all the remaining mistakes we found.

Reapply for GOOGLE ADSENSE account

Now if your blog cleared all tests and mistakes, it’s the time to resubmit your application. You will find a link in rejected email from AdSense team to reapply for your AdSense account.

Another tip is to use a custom domain and have a Google apps account. Now, use your Google apps Email Id to apply for Adsense account. This works for many.

AdSense team rejects your application for wrong reasons and one way to bypass this is by reapplying again and again. If you have read Harsh’s story, you would know he also got AdSense account approval after reapplying adsense application for 6 times.

What’s Next?

That’s it, guys! Hope this article will help you to get inside the AdSense ad network. And believe it or not, there is many more blog monetization method, but Adsense gives you peace of mind with a recurring income stream. If you follow the above tips, I’m sure next time you will not be disappointed with a rejected Adsense application. Once you get your account approved, do come back drop a thank you comment and share this post on your favourite social network.

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    Hello sir,
    Some days ago I Closed My Adsense, When I reapply with the same details They didn’t active my adsense, So i closed that old adsense account and made another account. That account got approved within 3 Days. But Adsense closed My New account For Invelid Activity. I Remembered that there is 0 Click in my account, there was only 150 Impressions. How can that is possible? Now what to do with my blog? I Don’t Know. Google May be Closed My new account as multipal adsense policy violation, But I already closed that account. Can you please tell me what to do? Should I go for Reopen That old Adsense account? or Now I am done with adsense? Please guide me.

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