7 Best Tools For Finding Long Tail Keywords – Easy Win (2024)

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Long-tail keyword ToolKey Features
1. KWFinder✓ Find long-tail keywords
✓ Search by domain
✓ Search by Keyword
✓ Check competitors rank
✓ Get search volumes

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2. LowFruits✓ Find long-tail keywords
✓ Analyze SERPs
✓ Import or get your keywords
✓ Extract competitor’s keywords

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3. Semrush✓ Find long-tail keywords
✓ Check keyword volume
✓ Check keyword difficulty
✓ Check keyword CPC
✓ Check competition score

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4. Answer the Public✓ Free long-tail Keyword research tool
✓ Find common questions around a keyword
5. Google Auto Suggestion✓ Easily find long-tail keywords
✓ Google auto-populates keywords
✓ Type keyword & get auto-suggestions
6. Google Auto-suggest✓ Advanced version of Google auto-suggest
✓ Find long tail keywords directly from Google
✓ Free version limited to 2 searches per day
7. WordTracker✓ Find profitable long-tail keywords
✓ Check competitors
✓ Check IAAT (keyword in anchor & text)
✓ Check KEI (keyword effectiveness index)
✓ 7-day free trial

Get a 7-day free trial

I have written a lot about keyword research and its benefits. One of the major mistakes I have seen many people make is that they will target direct keywords instead of long-tail keywords (LTK) .

You may notice that the long tail keywords have fewer searches, but the competition for these two keywords is far less than it is for the short-tail keyword.

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Also, long-tail keywords drive more targeted traffic than short-tail keywords do, so your conversion (sales, email sign-ups) improves a lot.

If you want to learn more about this subject, check out How long tail keywords could equal massive success.

In this post, I am sharing some of the best long-tail keyword finder tools. Note that some of them are free, and a few of them are paid. I will explain the features of each, and you can choose any one that suits your needs.

Best Ways To Identify Long Tail Keywords:

1. KWFinder – Budget Keyword Tool to Identify Long Tail Keywords

This is one of the newest entrants in the Keyword research tools market. However, with the kind of features & functionalities KWfinder offers, it’s certainly one of the best tools out there.

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KWfinder provides all important data about the keywords including difficulty level to help you find the easy to rank long-tail Keywords. Personally, after Semrush this is the second tool I use & recommend.

2. Lowfruits – Find Long Tail Low Competition Keywords

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Lowfruits is a newer service to find long-tail keywords, and I bet many of you might not have heard of it. This keyword research tool is a holy grail of finding low-hanging long, tail keywords that you can target to drive an immense amount of traffic.

If your purpose is to find a tool that helps you discover highly targeted and profitable long-tail keywords, Lowfruits is all you need. The major part of Lowfruits is free to use, and when you wish to deep-dive into the keyword data, this is where you will be spending your credits.

This quick video shows you how to get started with Lowfruits to discover long-tail keywords that you can easily win.

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3. Semrush – Long Tail Keyword Tool For Agencies & Big Publishers

Semrush is the most popular way to find tons of long-tail keywords within a few minutes of work. What differentiates this tool from others is, the ability to see:

  • Keyword volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Keyword CPC
  • Competition score

Data like this will help you to prioritize the keywords that are going to be easy for you to rank.

There are a few ways to identify long tail keywords using Semrush and let’s learn that.

1. How to Identify Long Tail Keywords using Semrush:

This is one reason Semrush is popular among SEO’s as it let you reverse engineer any webpage or a domain to mine all the keywords. Using the Semrush filters, you can quickly remove all the short-tail keywords, and focus on long-tail keywords

To use this feature,

  • Create an account on Semrush (Use Semrush coupon to get free access for 14 days)
  • Once logged in, enter your competitor’s website address in the “domain overview” section
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On the result page, click “view full reports” under “Top organic keywords”

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Now, on the next page use the filters to remove all short tail keywords.

Under advanced filters, select “Includes” “word count” greater than 2 or 3. This should look something like this:

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As you can see, within seconds you will be able to create a long list of long term keywords.

Similarly, you can repeat the process by inputting all your competitive domains, and you will be able to find a mega list of long tail SEO keywords for your project.

2. How to find long tail keywords using Seed keywords:

This is another popular method among SEO’s to generate long tail keywords. This method is simpler and works wonders for generating tons of long keywords.

Here is how to use this method:

  • Login to Semrush dashboard
  • Click on Keyword magic tool > Under Keyword research
  • Enter your seed keyword
  • Save

On the result page, click on “advanced filters” and set the word count from 3-15.

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Click on “Apply filters” and within minutes, keyword magic tool will generate hundreds of long tail keywords with volume. (See screenshot below)

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There are a few more settings here to fine tune keyword generator suggestions. One of my favorites is using the “Questions” filters.

Unlike traditional keyword research, Semrush takes away the guess work & help you quickly find long-tail keyword from any website.  If you are looking for one perfect tool for long-tail Keyword research, look no further than Semrush.

You don’t have to believe me rather for the next 14 days use Semrush for free.

4. Answer the Public – Free Long Tail Keyword Tool

Find Long Tail Keyword question based
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This one is one of my favorite free long tail Keyword research tools. This one is in the line of UberSuggest but offers one unique proposition.

Using this tool, you can search for any Keyword & it would show you common questions asked around that “Keyword” “Topic” in search engine. As a free option, this is the best long-tail keyword finder tool.

5. Google Auto Suggestion tool

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The auto-suggestion feature of Google search is your first free tool. This is a handy feature from Google, which will allow you to easily find long-tail keywords in any niche. Google auto-populates keywords (search terms) based on popularity.

All you need to do is start typing your first keyword, and select the options from the auto-suggestion.

You will need to use another keyword tool to see additional details such as the number of searches, CPC, competition, and other important information.  (On my micro-niche site, I usually skip the competition check because it is easier to get a higher ranking with a niche site.)

You can repeat the same process with Amazon. Amazon search is powered by its own engine, and usually, you will find keywords that have buying intent.

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6. Google Auto-suggest

Google Auto suggestion long tail Keywords
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This is a tool by Keyword Tool Dominator which actually takes the default feature of Google’s auto-suggestion to the next level.

With this free tool you can easily find all auto-suggested keywords, and it will allow you to download keywords in .csv format.

You can then use any of your favorite keyword research tools to check other important details about the keyword.

If you are using Google search to find new long-tail keywords, I highly recommend that you make a shift to this one.

7. WordTracker Keyword Tool

WordTracker is a popular SEO keyword tool. Using WordTracker Keyword Tool you can easily find profitable long-tail keywords along with important details like searches, competition, IAAT (keyword in anchor and text) and KEI (keyword effectiveness index).

With a free confirmed account, you will be able to get 100 keyword results. I actually find this tool to be very effective, as you can easily find long-tail topic ideas. Here is a screenshot of this tool in use, to give you a better idea:

Wordtracker Keyword tool
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You can also consider taking their 7-day free trial to get advanced features like:

  • The ability to see 2000 search results
  • The option to use the related search tools (this is very handy)
  • Access to search engine data using Semrush
  • The option to save your lists
  • The option to get other details like competition details and KEI

You can create a free account for WordTracker and start using this tool right away, or grab a 7-day free trial of their advanced version as suggested above.

You can check out this guide to understand what you should focus on in order to create high-quality articles.

And here is how to write SEO-friendly content.

The key is to write content targeting your users, and then work on optimizing On page SEO elements like heading tags, meta title and description, readability, LSI, and keyword density, on making your article search-engine-friendly.

Long-Tail Keywords FAQs

How to find long-tail keywords?

You can find long-tail keywords using premium tools like KWFinder, LowFruits, and Semrush, or use or Answer the Public and other free methods. Enter your seed keywords and explore the generated long-tail suggestions. Also, leverage Google’s auto-suggest feature for keyword ideas related to your niche.

How to find long-tail low competition keywords?

To find long-tail and low-competition keywords, use tools like Lowfruits, KWFinder, and Semrush, which offer filters to identify less competitive phrases. Use the tools that help you understand keyword difficulty, as lower difficulty often means less competition. You can also look into your Google search console data to find keywords that are relevant and could be added as a new page on your website for quick ranking.

Are long-tail keywords easier to rank?

Yes, long-tail keywords usually have less competition and the long-tail keywords are easier to rank for in search engines. Long-tail keywords may have less traffic volume, but it bring niche and targeted audiences, which can result in higher sales.

Here are a few more free SEO tools that you should not miss:

If you know of other free tools or software for finding profitable long-tail keywords, do let me know via the comments section below.

Do share this collection with other blogger friends on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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  3. aatmparkash

    These are some of the best paid and free long-tail keyword tools and software I have tried and can recommend freely.

    Once you have compiled a list of keywords, your goal should be to write down high-quality content, targeting those keywords.

    Other long tail keyword research tools:


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    I’ve been using Google Auto-suggest for a while. I just love this tool. It doesn’t only help me to get long tail keywords but also to get some other words that helps me generate more traffic from search engine.

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    Excellent post and super helpful for people just starting out. I’d like to know what you think about the tools from Moz? I started using the tool this month, and so far it is really helpful. Thanks again!

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    B.T.W, keywordtool [.] io is also good for long tail keyword, you can add this in this list if you want.

    I have not much experience in SEO, now learning with your blog. Thanks

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  18. priya

    Use HitTail to Find Long-Tail Suggestions:

    One of my favorite strategies for finding high-value keywords is to target highly-specific long-tail keywords: phrases that will do a great job of matching user intent. In addition to being far more likely to result in conversions, these will also generally be easier to rank for and cheaper to bid on.

    A tool like HitTail can help by suggesting long-tail keywords via a visual long-tail chart. Using its proprietary algorithm, the tool looks at your existing traffic to determine which long-tail phrases you should be targeting to grow your traffic.

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    I have personally used Semrush…..And will advice to subscribe to full version instead of free trial inorder to enjoy the real benefits of the same.

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