11 Delicious Ways to Judge High Quality Content For Bloggers


High Quality Content For Bloggers
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As the web space is growing, it’s the high-quality content and solid SEO strategy that will help you stay ahead from everyone else. One who is not shifting their mindset from quantity to quality will be left out in the time to come.

The question, which remains unanswered for many bloggers is how to differentiate between low quality and a high-quality content.

Is it a minimum of 1300 word criteria?

If yes, how small dictionary words are being ranked in SERP’s?

Is it Keyword stuffing only, then why Google is hitting hard on automated and keyword stuffed sites?

So, by the end question remains the same for Bloggers on how SERP’ Determines quality content writing on any blog.

The first thing which you need to understand is quality content is just one part of ranking and Google consider many other factors like On-page SEO, On Site SEO, domain authority, social signals to place you really high in Search engine ranking.

But, everything starts with content and even a well On-page optimized content, your ranking is not guaranteed until the quality of your writing is up to the mark and you follow our SEO copywriting formula.

As a marketer, in addition to creating blog posts that are popular, you will want to come up with posts that rank highly in the search engines as well.

How is that accomplished?

It is the belief of Google’s Amit Singhal that you should try to think as if you are an engineer at Google.

The 11 questions that are mentioned below will help you come up with a high-quality article. .

Publishing High-quality content: 11 Questions to ask yourself before Publishing:

If you are a Blogger or freelance writers who do the hard work of research and writing, answering these questions will help you to achieve your end goal.

So, let’s dive into the world of high-quality content and find out what makes content valuable and informative:

1. Is your article original?

Nobody likes redundancy — people are tired of reading the same things over and over.

So new ideas should be included in any post you write, or you should put a new slant on old ideas.

Planning to write an article on Best WordPress plugins for SEO, and you end up copying all the plugin list from existing articles on the net, what’s new about it. Instead, if you are confident about your selection, make a list of those plugins which you are using or used and you can blindly suggest to your readers.

Needless to say, personal touch with professional writing is also a key factor here.

This is just an example, similarly, when you are writing on a topic, don’t rewrite existing content on the internet but write original ideas and experience. Something, which gives a new idea.

2. Are you able to offer relevant and provide practical advice?

In addition to appreciating original content, people also like to read information that solves a problem that they have. If you can utilize original research to do that, you will have succeeded in coming up with content that is unique and worthy of going viral.

Ex: You writing a top 10 list on something and list posts goes viral in social media sites easily, but have you added your opinion on which is the best and which one to pick, or you making it hard for people to pick the one which does the job perfectly?

3. Have you edited before publishing?

A lot of writers publish their awesome work without proof-reading and that affects the overall quality of content.

You should proof-read and mercilessly edit your article.  Hire someone to assist you if this is not your strong point. You can also install Grammarly which helps you to quickly find grammatical and spelling errors.

Another tool that you can use is the Hemingway editor. It’s a desktop and as well as a web-based tool. Simply put your written work there and it will show you how many sentences are tough to read and what’s the reading grade. (See the screenshot below)

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Why is this such a critical point?

The spelling on low-ranking pages is worse than the spelling on pages with a higher ranking.

Google reading level
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Plus, search engines also take the quality of the reading level into consideration, with those that are easier to read enjoying higher rankings.

Discover your score by utilizing Google’s advanced search function.

I try to write on a fifth-grade level, so it appears that my strategy is working. That is my strategy even when it comes to information that is fairly complex, and I appear to be successful! You can use a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO which shows the readability level on a different standard like “Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease, SMOG Index” and so on.

4. Would a reader be interested in the topic?

Problogger’s Greg MacFarlane wrote an excellent article regarding poor SEO techniques entitled “Why Bieber SEO Copywriting Sex Doesn’t iPad Work Minecraft.” As you can see from the title, inexperienced copywriters tailor their writing to the search engines, but human readers have an awful time deciphering it!

5. Have you added links to a useful resource?

There is two aspects of links that you should focus on adding to your article:

Internal links: If you have more relevant article within your blog/website, you should link to it.

This helps in search engine optimization.

Similarly, you should link to reliable sources from other web properties to help your reader’s deep dive into the topic you cover.

6. Does your writing cater to the interests of your readers?

While it may seem odd, coming up with content that is of interest to your readers also influences the machine readers.

This is because readers are more likely to share content that they care the most about.

The more frequently that the content is shared, the higher it will escalate in the rankings.

7. Is your website authoritative?

The best thing to do is to ask yourself if your article adds value to the web.

Whatever you write should add value; that value results in quality traffic, links and relevance.

Moreover, if you are writing content along with relevant outbound links, you adding more credential and value to your article. This also helps in more social sharing, as it builds more trust.

Read: What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – A Complete Guide For Beginners

8. Would you save your article for later reference?

If you do not believe that others will want to bookmark your article, you may want to rethink what you have written. What is the type of content that I am referring to?

  • A report on a current event that contains a lot of details and that is obtained from credible sources.
  • A story that is compelling and that features believable characters.
  • A detailed article that explains how to do something with regard to a topic that no one has written about previously.

9. Is your call to action prominent?

Have you made the CTA prominent?

That could be clicked to the link or any particular action you want readers to take.

10. Would a reputable journal or magazine be interested in printing your article?

Even though you do not have to worry about what the typical gatekeeper thinks about your article, it does not mean that your articles can be worthless junk.

Any writing you do should result in articles that are outstanding and that gatekeepers will be interested in publishing when the occasion arises.

11, Is your article brief, ineffective and pointless?

Although there is no particular ideal length for blog posts, yours should be long and powerful.

Perhaps this means that you only post twice per week, but if the search engines rank your articles highly, it is well worthwhile.

There are more questions for building high-quality site by Google on their blog and you can read it here.

Also, don’t forget the golden rule of K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple silly!)

Well, this is not all but in short, if you follow the above points and make sure your next post answers all the question above, you just created a high-quality content.

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Bill is a professional blogger and writer at  https://www.billacholla.com  he writes and talks about content marketing strategies and different ways of writing the right content.

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  1. Anand JHA

    Thanks for providing this great informative Article. This post have changed my perception about writing a content. On YouTube, I was suggested to write a blog on daily basis, which has reduced my content quality. This is really a great help for beginners like me. Thanks you so much for these guidelines and specially for the questions (Link) you have shared in last paragraph.

  2. Jaswinder Kaur

    Very interesting and effective article!!

    After reading this post, I removed my many articles from the Blog, which were having less than 700 words and has seen the big difference in the Traffic Increase.


  3. Sam

    I bet these awesome comments about these great 11 best things to do are also contributing to the ranking of this informative article. Lol

  4. muhammadmubashar

    sir,what plugin are you using to cloak affiliate links
    can a .net domain outrank a .com if it provides quality to readers

    1. Harsh Agrawal


      You can use ThirstyAffiliates to cloak links. and yes, if your articles are of high quality, .net can outrank .com.


    Hi Bill Achola,

    Great points you explained in this pot!
    Yes, we need to to write original content on our blog to get good results. Google or other search engines are very stick about duplicate content. Now days google give much importance on high quality and unique content. We should write for readers not for search engines.

    However, very well written and informative article.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

    Keep it up!

  6. Brian

    Nice post but what about non-blog sites, like real estate website where content is posted by property owners.

    How we can control the content quality?

    Any insights would be really helpful.

  7. Samina Kousar

    Hi this was worth reading your article. Now I feel my self much confident about judging the content.

  8. Victor

    All 11 Tips are awesome. After reading this article it is very easy to judge the high quality post contents.

  9. Arjun

    Those tips are really awesome! They can help me in judging the guest post quality. You know what Harsh, you are making more competitors for yourself by writing such magnanimous posts 😀


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