11 Habits Of A List Bloggers Which Makes Them Successful


Habits of Top Bloggers
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Everyone who is jumping into the wagon of blogging, want’s to get into the list of A-List Bloggers.

Saying, that they want to be popular, make handsome money and want their blogs to be listed as top blog everywhere.

Though, have you ever thought what make these Bloggers like Darren Rowse, Harsh Agrawal, Syed Balkhi, Neil Patel so popular.

Why they have cult followers and what makes them get into the list of popular bloggers.

Blogging is not a money-making scheme, rather its a platform for sharing knowledge.

Ever wondered how and why those top bloggers earn the amount that we can’t even think of, what is it that makes them unique and stand apart from the millions of blogs in the blogosphere? Well, the answer is, that it is their habits that make them stand apart and be successful. By personal experience and observing top bloggers, I have realized a few habits that every “A-List Blogger” has.

How to Become One of the A-List Bloggers

Let me start with one thing first, Blogging is not only about hard work or smart work. It’s a combination of both and a uniqueness within you. It doesn’t matter if you have started years back or you have started now. The key is if you started it right, getting into the A list of Blogging, won’t be tough. One thing, which is most common about these popular bloggers is they picked one niche and stick to it. They never jumped from one niche to another and maintain their blogging voice. They experiment, tried and shared the same with their readers.


They are passionate about the subject they write about. Which is precisely why they love sharing it and revenue just become a by-product of such sharing. It is just like being a singer, you just love singing, you learn it with passion and sing it with passion.

Of course, you get a lot of fame and money by doing this, but these things remain secondary. Similarly, a top blogger just loves his subject, and all stats like monthly visits, page views, revenue earned remain secondary. Here I must mention that although those stats remain secondary against his passion they don’t lose their importance. Just like money and fame are important to a singer, these stats are also important to a blogger.

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Think as a Reader

Yes, every top blogger thinks as a reader. They think exactly what their reader is thinking after reading their blog. This helps in realizing what their readers expect of them. Before writing an article they ask themselves various questions like:-

  • Why would a reader read it?
  • Who are the readers I am writing for?
  • How should I write in order to help them?

Write for Readers

They always and only write for their readers. You might wonder  “How obvious is that?”, well, there are many bloggers who just write to make money and this way you can’t exist for long. The main motto of ” Top Bloggers ” to write, is to share and help their readers and not just to make money.

Even if they are affiliated to some program to promote certain application/software, they will let you know each and every aspect of that application/software including negative ones (although language might be subtle!!). I can tell you that this certainly pays a lot in long run, particularly in growing a large and loyal reader base.

Value and Respect their Readers

They truly value and respect their readers. They reply to each and every comment of their readers, even if some reader has pointed out their mistakes or has criticized them, they not only approve that comment but even thank to the reader for letting them know their mistakes. They try hard to keep readers engaged in their blog by doing stuff like :

  • Starting a poll
  • Providing some free stuff
  • Running a contest with a lucrative prize
  • Simply asking readers what they want next or what they think of their blog

Grab every Opportunity

They always seek the opportunity to do things like :

  • Promote their blog
  • Be the first one to write about any topic
  • To provide something valuable to their readers

Let me explain it a bit further, for example, there is a blog on sports and football world cup is to begin after six months, here in this situation “Top Blogger” will grab this opportunity and will start planning on what he/she would offer to his/her readers (Like wallpapers, themes etc.) and what he/she will write about. He/she will start this planning way before his/her readers or even fellow bloggers will start thinking. Whatever your niche is, you will always get such opportunities every now and then. So start looking for them now !!!

Keep themselves Updated

They always look for knowledge or some extra information in their niche, their habit #1 does help them in this process. They search all the blogs, forums, social networking sites to gain any little information in their niche. Reading is one habit, which should be part of your daily routine. Specially, if you looking to be a niche expert, you should be the first one to know about what’s happening around and what’s coming. Don’t only just read, but use social networking site like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to spread the word. This way, people will look at you with your expert opinion on your niche topic.

Well developed Network

All “Top Bloggers” are in a well-developed network with fellow bloggers of their niche. They do so by

  • Commenting on each other blogs
  • Exchanging links with similar niche blogs
  • Following each other on social networking sites
  • Guest  posting on each other’s blog

This not only helps themselves but also help their readers to find some extra information.


They are honest in many aspects like

  • They do not take credit of something that they have not written, even if they quote some text/points of other bloggers in their article, they don’t forget to show the source of that text/points, they put name and URL of that blog in the source.
  • They don’t hesitate to share their weakness and failures with their readers.
  • They don’t give fake advises, they actually practice them as well.

Easily Accessible to their Readers

If any readers want to contact them, they are always available i.e they always have a “Contact Us” page in their blog. Apart from this they also have links to their all social networking ids somewhere in the blog ( sidebar, top, bottom). Their effort is that a reader should be easily able to contact them. They also have very less follow up time i.e as soon as the reader sends any message, it will be followed up in no time.

Are still a Learner

As I mentioned in habit #6 that they always seek knowledge in their niche. They also try to learn each and every aspect of blogging. You might wonder that why they need to do this, they already know everything. The answer is simple, the blogosphere is an ever-changing world if you stop learning you stop growing. This habit also allows them to come out with their best every time.

Unique Style of Writing

They have their own style of writing and they stick to it so that their readers can identify and make a relationship with them. You should maintain your blogging voice, and stick to it. If you have a typical sense of humor, maintain the same in your blog post and also in social media presence.

To be a successful blogger, you have to think like these A list bloggers but also you have to act like them, so in that quest, I hope that the above-listed points might help you.

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20 thoughts on “11 Habits Of A List Bloggers Which Makes Them Successful”

  1. Muhammath maushook

    Add dedication too

  2. sudeep

    I thing I don’t understand is how to get some good comments (no matter if its criticizing) . I also have a small blog but I never get any comments (very hardly). Well one big reason may be I am writing something which is not attracting readers or its a very common topic which many have already discussed .
    But my question is, still is there any way by which I can engage users and get good genuine comments ?

  3. rakesh

    Thanks dear for this update, Now i think i am A-list blogger, and most of my friend who has written comment here are also.

  4. Alicia

    I agree with all these points. Moreover I have noticed that whenever someone jumps into this field, he or she wants to enjoy immediate results. Now this is where people go wrong. How can you enjoy immediate earnings. Also one must believe in their luck also, which people do not believe. Everyone cannot achieve the maximum glory in this world as a result they end up in poor or very low earnings through blog. Most of the people work in wrong directions and I have seen many people quitting it despite their passion after gaining no glaring goals.

  5. KBharath

    We need to have a Targeted Network in order to achieve in blogging, but gaining the Targeted Network really needs a lot of hard work. i don’t know how these pro bloggers managed to reach high levels in blogging.

  6. Rakesh Narang

    These traits are necessary to succeed in blogging and that’s a fact but the problem is that these are not very easy to implement. After a while, one loses motivation to write good content a.k.a. writer’s block and blog’s traffic goes down.

  7. kavita

    Really inspiring and informative post…
    thanks for share….
    Very Unique idea of post…..

  8. Manendra

    Nice article and I believe in unique style of writing as people will always like to read the articles which are unique and add some knowledge on the topic.

  9. Rajeesh Nair

    Really nice post Kartik.. Truly if you want to be among the Pro List of bloggers then do it like them.. Obviously not copying them but be passionate about your work, always show eagerness to learn, develop new ideas etc.

  10. Imran Soudagar

    Awesome article. Its true that a blogger must always think like a reader and must always be a learner. The day a blogger stops learning he ends being a blogger.

  11. Amrik

    Great post…Every blogger must follow these tips. But you have mentioned to promote our blog. I will feel helpful if you share some mini tips regarding blog promotion please?

  12. Martha giffen

    Fantastic information! I’m so glad you mentioned having a strong network. That has made all the difference in my blog becoming popular. You have to be willing to pay the dues. Great post!

  13. Amandeep Singh

    Really inspiring and informative post. This is a problem with most of the bloggers. Many of them start blogging only because of money and fame, but when in the first few months itself this does not happen, they either quit or become very reluctant to it…

  14. Anterpreet

    Nice article, Passion is an important key to success .

  15. Dheeraj

    Thank u very2 much KARTHIK for these useful points. Every blogger should follow these guidelines. Am i right!

    1. DailyTechPost

      Yes you are right Dheeraj…and by the way my name is KARTIK not KARTHIK…my name got misspelled by Harsh !!:( ..anyways thank you for appreciating my points..

  16. bryanps

    i think the first point you made about being passionate makes quite a big difference btw bloggers. As long as you are passionate, it can get you a long way. As long as you are passionate about the subject you are writing its difficult to stop you from being a great blogger.

    1. DailyTechPost

      Yes Bryan..being passionate is the key…if you are passionate then all other factors remain secondary..

  17. Johny

    really nice tips.. i should also follow these descriptions but i am a little newer to blogging and don’t know about creative writing.. anyway, i try my best to attract others.. commenting and liking others’ posts but no response in my blog yet 🙁

    1. DailyTechPost

      I think it is more important to write a quality content than to be creative..be a little patient..and continue writing good content..Definitely it will pay you at some time..

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