35+ Best Marketing Tools For Bloggers – You Can’t Ignore in 2024


Creating valuable content for your readers is one thing, but getting your words across the internet requires more effort on your end. Being a blogger on the internet is a much more complicated endeavor to begin than perceived in the beginning.

Once you have engaging, entertaining, and educational content for your readers to prey upon, finding them is another challenge in its sense. ‘Just write and they’ll come‘ doesn’t work in any sense on the internet.

Your work as a blogger just begins after you have published your content.

Marketing work steps right in as you are done with researching and writing your content. Skip it and you will see little to no engagement with your newly minted content, making you think about where it all went wrong.

With the numerous social media and other marketing networks out there on the web, marketing on the internet now is way more complicated than the billboard and print ads that were the traditional modes of marketing in the past. Being active and engaging with your readers is a little too much to ask for both new and veteran bloggers. But what the veteran blogger has figured out pretty well is how to leverage the use of available tools at hand to save his time on marketing and fragment it to research his articles much better. Big data is influencing online marketing in 2024 and keeping ahead of it is a must.

Having quality articles is one thing, and the right tools to get them into the hands of readers are something more. To spiral up your online marketing efforts, you will need the right tools to make things easy for you on the promotional front.

35+ Must-have Marketing Tools for Bloggers

Having the right marketing tools for your blog is essential to power your efforts hit the viral jackpot. Ignore these marketing tools to get yourself a hard time achieving all that you’ve been working towards. There are tools for all sorts of your online marketing endeavors, including the ones to research better for your content, measure your performance, and to spy on your competitors!

Marketing tools make up an important part of all major publications to provide the maximum value to their audience, and the same applies to bloggers. Here are 50 of the top marketing tools you ought to make the most of as a blogger to get things done in a smart way.

Content Discovery and Research

1. BuzzSumo

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Buzzsumo is one of the most sought content research tools.  Using BuzzSumo, you can find top performing articles from anyone blog, or you can also find the most shared posts under any topic. If you are looking for something more, you can always find top influencer, titles that are most shared to get started with. They do have a pro program, but you are good to start with their free version. You should check out these videos by Harsh & Ileane on how to use BuzzSumo.

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2. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great, little-known free tool from Google to research deeper topics related to science and technology. Enter your keyword and it will pull up article links from major publications, theses, books, abstracts, and universities worldwide. You can choose to create alerts from this tool and get them delivered right to your inbox. Wondering how to harness the power of Google Scholar? Check out the detailed guide.

3. Feedly

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Feedly has taken over the RSS reader scenario with the shutting down of Google Reader a couple of years back. With over 7 million users under its belt, Feedly is a great tool to discover great content from all around the world, under a wide range of genres. Add your favorite blogs to it and discover new ones by adding their feeds to this little tool. Feedly is available for all platforms (The web and mobile) so you will never miss out your content.

4. Content Idea Generator

Blog idea generator
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Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a fun and creative blog title idea generator. Just enter your keyword and watch the tool emblazon your day with some of its irreverent and cheeky suggestions. Though not very much of a useful tool, it is worth giving a shot if you are having a bad day getting title ideas to write upon.

5. Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator is a great nifty tool to get relevant blog title suggestions based on your entered keyword. If you are stumped for blog title ideas, give this free tool a go to get a fresher perspective on your intended topic.

Upon entering three nouns, which are your keywords, you will get five suggestions of blog titles to start working upon.

Also see: 5 Popular Blog topic generator which is free

Email Marketing Tools

One of the best marketing tools that you can use and have complete control of is Email marketing. I know many bloggers who are still limited to free Feedburner, but my recommendation is to get a paid Email marketing tool (If you are serious about your blog) because when you have a double-opt-in email list, you own your readers. Whereas on the social media platform or search engine, you don’t own your readers.

6. Aweber

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Aweber is one of the most popular Email marketing tools on the web. With over of hundreds of ready-to-use Email marketing templates, building your subscriber list has never been this easy. Some of the features that Aweber provides include Responsive Email templates, advanced HTML, and auto-responders functionality. Here is a video tutorial to learn to create your first email list:

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7. Mailchimp

Mailchimp Email marketing software
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Mailchimp is one of the most widely used Email marketing tools to get your content delivered directly to your subscriber list. With even support for creating and building an Email list, this free tool has got you covered on all fronts when it comes to Email Marketing.

Gain more new subscribers to your blog and increase your list by making use of MailChimp’s services.

8. Marketo

Marketo is an innovative engagement marketing tool. Reduce the turnaround time for your marketing campaigns with easy set up of Email marketing campaigns and landing pages to increase your subscriber list.

With marketing automation and real-time personalization, Marketo is the complete tool for all your marketing necessities.

9. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor makes it easy for anyone to get started instantly with Email marketing and create, send and optimize Email marketing campaigns. Its reports provide a detailed breakdown of the demographics of your subscribers based on browser, location, and so forth.

With easy A/B campaign tests set up, the integration with ‘Canvas’ helped them create a beautiful, responsive, and drag-and-drop facility for your templates.

10. Litmus

Litmus is a great tool to preview all your Email marketing efforts. This tool allows testing and tracking of your Emails across different users based on different browsers and locations. Litmus provides Email previews, analytics, and spam testing for all your Email marketing campaigns.

11. Get Response

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GetResponse is another top-notch alternative to Aweber with its beautiful and custom-made Email marketing templates.

Create attractive newsletters to increase your subscriber list with over 1000 iStock images for your Email marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

12. Hootsuite

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Hootsuite needs no introduction to the riches of social media management tools. This is probably the most advanced, feature-rich and business-centric social media marketing tool.

With a powerful dashboard, metrics, and all major social media network integration; Hootsuite is the complete tool for all your online social media marketing needs.

13. Buffer

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Buffer is a great service for two good reasons; their app lets you buffer up your content and schedule it across a myriad of social media networks, and their blog is a very good resource for productivity-related articles. Use this simple tool to schedule your content on various social media networks to your chosen time of the day.

Buffer also offers an iPhone app called “Daily” using it, you can quickly add high-quality content to be shared on your social media platform via Buffer.

14. Tweetdeck

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Tweetdeck is my personal favorite tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts and staying adrift of all the activity in a single dashboard.

Now a part of Twitter, Tweetdeck is your best bet for managing your Twitter activity for as many numbers of accounts as you possess on this 280-characters network. This tool also lets you schedule your tweets to your chosen time of the day.

15. Sprout Social

Must Be Present is a free tool from Sprout Social that lets you learn more about your social media response time, i.e. how quickly you respond to activity on your social networks compared to the average response time on the internet.

Social communications gauge your brand’s responsiveness, and this free tool measures those statistics in real time, comparing them with industry benchmarks.

16. Sysomos

Sysomos is a paid tool to keep track of your brands’ social media campaigns and pitch them up against your competitors.

This tool measures your brand’s social media activity and engagement to compare them to see how your competitors are performing in similar domains.

Performance Monitoring and Analytics

17. Qualaroo

Qualaroo previously known as KISSinsights is a tool to interact with your visitors and get insights first hand from your customers. Qualaroo offers the answers as to why your visitors are behaving in a certain fashion on your website.

These answers could help you resolve the issues that are preventing your visitors from taking your desired action.

18. Crazy Egg

Crazy egg
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The crazy egg is a paid tool worth your investment if you are inclined to find out the behavior of your visitors. With real-time analysis and insights ranging from heat maps to scroll maps, Crazy egg’s tool is widely trusted by hundreds of major industry brands.

If you are on the mission of improving your website’s conversion rates, this tool is worth your time and money.

19. Google Analytics

Google Analytics
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Google Analytics is a free tool from Google, and although it isn’t comparable to other premium tools, given that it is free and offers just the basic insights for everyone makes it worth your time. Almost every website owner holds access to Google Analytics, and if you don’t, getting one wouldn’t hurt your case.

With custom variables, conversion tracking, and filters, it has all your basic performance monitoring and insights covered.

20. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb provides both Free and paid Pro services for competitive analytics monitoring. The tool also provides insights for mobile applications, in addition to websites.

You can get detailed insights on traffic sources, conversions, social activity, and top-performing content among a host of other insight reports with this tool.

21. Marketing Grader

This free tool from Hubspot, Marketing Grader, provides a complete analysis of your website and your competitors to provide you insights on what is not working in your favor. You can get a complete report of your website by just submitting your website URL and your Email address.

The free report addresses a variety of issues like social media activity, SEO, lead conversions, etc.

Advertising Monitoring

22. Adbeat

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Adbeat is an enterprise-level tool starting at $99/month to monitor advertisers and where they are advertising. There’s a free 30-day trial and you can only monitor Google ads with this tool.

Find how your competitors are advertising and use A/B and split testing to find out the advertising strategy that works best for you.

23. WhatRunsWhere

What Runs Where is a comprehensive ad intelligence tool that lets you track top brands, their advertising campaigns, and strategies. This tool also helps you extract ad campaign messages used in these advertisements.

Leverage powerful insights on where your competitors are advertising and arrive at better decisions for finding your potential customers.

24. Moat

Moat is a tool that lets you keep an eye on different brands and their advertising campaigns and strategies. The report provides information about the advertising campaigns of the entered brand like the ad size and the ad displayed location.

Use this tool to get a good idea about where to get started on your advertising endeavors.

Keyword Research and Monitoring

25. Semrush

SEMRUSH Backlink overview report
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Semrush helps you with your keyword researching task by providing you insights on the competitors’ long tail keywords, PPC advertising campaigns, and more. A tool widely used by SEO and SMM professionals, an upgrade to the professional service will bag you deeper queries and search results.

This is one SEO tool that I would recommend you to use always.

Here is a video guide on using SEMRUSH by Harsh.

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26. Google Keyword Planner

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Google’s Keyword Planner tool, a part of Google Adwords is a great free tool to begin your keyword-researching activities. Use the information on keywords from this tool to frame your headlines of articles accordingly. Gain more insights into what keywords bring up a lot of competition and conversions and choose your headlines accordingly.

27. SpyFu

SpyFu lets you download up to six years of your competitors’ keywords for a price of $79/month. The tool provides in-depth advertising and keyword analysis of your competitor, which you can use to drive more targeted traffic to your website.

A complete SEO, Adwords, and Keyword research tool, SpyFu is the best tool for insightful reports and analysis of your competitors.

Backlink and Link Research

28. Open site explorer

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Open site explorer is the search engine for links. You can analyze and get free reports on your website with insights on page and domain authority, linking domains, keyword tracking, anchor links used, and more.

29. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a must-have tool for every internet marketer. Knowing more about your external links matters a lot on the web and Ahrefs helps you monitor those painlessly.

Its Backlink checker provides in-depth analysis of your links like referring domains, their IP addresses, top pages, linked domains, etc. Subscribe to their paid services to get in-depth analysis and more reports.

30. Majestic Site Explorer

Majestic Site Explorer is a free tool to track links to any domain. Its vast historical index can also be used to track domain linking over a period of time.

External backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs, and anchor text, are some of the insights this tool provides its users.

31. Link Prospector

Link prospector helps you uncover links that will help you rank better. The best links are automatically targeted by its algorithm and help you improve your rankings.

It also helps in finding opportunities like guest blogging, content promoters, giveaways, reviews, and more.

Mentions Monitoring

32. Social Mention

Social Mention
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Social mention offers real-time reporting on brand mentions on different social media networks. It also provides sentiment analysis of a brand on different social networks.

The tool monitors the mention of a brand on different networks including blogs, social bookmarking sites, micro-blogs, image and video networks.

33. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great free tool to monitor your brand’s mentions on the web.

You can set alerts for certain keywords and have them delivered to your inbox every time your brand gets mentioned on the web.

34. Mention

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Mention provides real-time monitoring of your one free keyword across different web pages, blogs, forums, images, videos and social media across 42 different languages.

You can also make the most of its mobile app, to stay updated while on the move. Here you can read the complete review of Mention.

Organizing tools

35. Evernote

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Evernote is one of the best tools for organizing your marketing campaigns. Use Evernote to keep both your personal and professional life organized.

Content ideas, editorial calendar, to-do lists, doodling, everything is possible with this nifty app.

36. Trello

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Trello is a free tool that helps you get organized with neatly arranged cards. Content ideas and media could be streamlined to this tool to organize your personal and professional life.

You can also collaborate with fellow users to vote on content idea cards and work collectively. Read the complete review of Trello here.

37. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most useful tools in the arsenal of Google.

You can effectively use this tool to organize your marketing efforts and editorial calendar. The ability to sync with all other Google tools makes it very useful.


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IFTTT (If this than that) is one of my most favorite personal organizing apps. With the release of the Android version recently, you can now access this tool from any device. Create custom ‘recipes’ that put the internet to work for you. A sample recipe is, ‘Upload my images posted to Instagram directly to my Facebook and Twitter’. Use custom made recipes like this to trigger an event upon a preceding event.

So, here we come to an end of the extensive list of 51 Marketing Tools for Bloggers. Have we missed out on something of your great likening? Shout out your thoughts and comments below.

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    All the tools mentioned in this article are really helpful. But you should also add Grammarly and Duplichecker in the list.

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    All the tools mentioned in this article are really helpful. But you should also add Grammarly and Duplichecker in the list.

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    Tons of info – thanks for sharing! Quite a few I need to look into; well most really. Being a new blogger sure means learning something new everyday!

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    Thanks for the list! I love IFTTT, mention and google analysis. You could also add proofhub to the list. It a great management and collaboration tool, very helpful for bloggers. Helps in keep all documents, designs and conversations in one central place. The inbuilt proofing tool is a big bonus!

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    Sadly, I can’t see there one of my favs, application for social listening called Brand24 (https://brand24.com/).
    I find it very helpful, powerful and time saving. It gives an instant access to all mentions on the Internet related to the topic you set and allows to join and engage very online conversation. Also, there are some analyzes (sentiment, reach, influence) and lists of influencers. All in one tool.
    Works great and I believe it is worth to try and consider adding to this awesome list! πŸ™‚

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    Great list of tools here. I am a newbie, my blog is just 15 days old but I really want to learn so fast. My problem about this tools is the confusion on which to use and which is best? But I think I will try them out and stay tuned to shoutmeloud. I am already using mailchimp and google analytics. Thanks!

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