What is Blogging

A Blog is an online journal where people write about things that matters to them. A lot of people use it as a diary and a lot of people who blog to make a profit out of it.

A lot of users don’t know that they start a blog and make money from blogging. This is all legit, and thanks to blog monetization techniques like Google AdSenseAffiliate marketing, you can be your own boss.

Browse our extensive archive of literature on Blogging, to understand the concept and theory of blogging.

There are many reasons why people blog, such as:

  1. People blog to share their feelings
  2. People blog to share their knowledge, and learning with world
  3. People blog to make a business out of it
  4. People blog to support their existing business
  5. People start travel blogs to travel and document the world
  6. People blog to bring social change

and there are many more reasons.

Whatever your reason for blogging is, ShoutMeLoud is there to help you achieve your goals, and if needed, it will help you to find your passion as well.

Be it picking a blogging platform, creating a blog, driving traffic, making money, our platform will help you to learn everything for free.

What is blogging
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