How to Write Articles for Your Readers

Do you ever wonder while writing article, that for whom you have to write the article on your blog? Is it for you, search engines or your readers? You can only give your best while writing articles if you know for whom you are writing articles.

If you are writing articles for yourself then write whatever is in your heart , just don’t care that your blog’s visitors would like it or not. If you want to write for search engines then check out the articles on ShoutMeLoud in SEO category. All these SEO post will surely help you to get good results in search engine ranking.

But if you want to write articles for your readers, make sure that you follow few tips so that readers find your articles interesting:

Know your visitors

If you want to write for your loyal readers, make sure that you know what kind of topics they are interested in? Write the articles in which your readers like to comment and always try to increase interaction with your readers. This will help to know what they really want to read on your blog. Write article with your personal experience, relevant to your blog niche and your readers will love to read about your experience and tips.

Write in simple words

If you will provide quality content to your readers with simple language which they can easily understand, believe me your readers would surely appreciate your articles. If you will write lots of tough words or phrases in your articles, your readers might have to check out dictionary while reading your article. Thus, just take care of grammatical mistakes and write quality content.

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Personal touch

Article with personal touch always attract readers. Readers visit your blog to gain some information, thus it is important that you convey the information to your readers as if you are communicating with them. Giving personal touch to any article increases its importance and it is also easy to understand.

Your views

Readers would revisit your blog if they will get an insight about any article. Thus if you are giving tips, sharing latest news or writing reviews, you must include your view about that information. Don’t be afraid in giving your point of view on any information, in fact writing articles is all about giving your views on any subject.

Be unique and don’t copy

If you are writing articles for your readers, you have to be innovative. No one prefers to read articles which they have already read on 10 other blogs. Readers are only attracted to any blog if get unique articles. Write in your own words and style. You might have noticed that all good blogs have their own writing style which makes them different and unique.

If you really want to write your articles for your readers, just be yourself. Do share with us, what kind of articles to help your readers?

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16 thoughts on “How to Write Articles for Your Readers”

  1. Vandhana Karthick

    I am doing the same what you say regarding article writing. But I am confused to choose the topic..How it can be resolved..

  2. Anita

    My blog is almost one year old and I’ve been researching like crazy, and doing what I think are the right things…and still only get about 20 visitors daily. I write several times a week, post pictures, links, etc. I’ve come across lots of websites online that say they can help with SEO etc. for lots and lots of money. I know nothing about programming or html, or SEO, even after researching for a year. Is there any real help to be had?
    I’m soooo wanting to improve my site and my business.
    Thanks so much,

    1. Whiztechy

      Hey Anita, I can understand what problem you are facing. Here are few things which can help you for sure:
      * Write quality articles, with personal experience and useful for readers. If not sure what to write, start from basics of blogging.

      * Do proper SEO, in your case hire SEO service. You can give a try to SML services.

      * Promote your blog on social networking websites, let others know you have articles useful for them.

      If you need any further help, you can contact us anytime. 🙂

  3. Waheed Lawal

    Its simply wonderful. I like your style of writing. Very concise, direct and straightforward. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending your site to every person who is interested in acquiring the skill of writing. More ink to your pen.

    1. Ruchi

      Thanks Waheed for your compliment 🙂

  4. Ruchi

    Glad you found it useful Jignesh.

  5. Karan

    Uniqueness is my primary aim.I too aim at getting rather familier with the readers than to optimize the keywords.
    I am trying my best to be as close to my readers as i can…
    Please hit me with some suggestions..

    1. Ruchi

      Karan, Try to interact with them more , this will help you to know what kind of articles they are expecting on your blog. Ask questions in your articles, this will help you to start communication between you and your readers.

  6. Techno-Pulse

    Agreed. Uniqueness is the key. Even if you are inspired by something, the analysis & personal experience touch must be there. It helps your reader to get connected with the article.

    1. Ruchi

      Right Techno-Pulse, With experience you can for sure write an extraordinary post to attract readers.

  7. Tushar

    expressing yourself honestly is something that is very important…visitors love to hear other’s story and their experiences….

    1. Ruchi

      Right Tushar, if you want to attract visitors than you should share your experience.

  8. Loveish

    Nice Article Ruchi. I always prefer to write for my blog visitors rather than search engines

    1. Ruchi

      That’s great loviesh…That’s why to get so many readers on your blog :).

    2. NpXp

      Right, If one writes for their Visitors then obviously the Search engines will follow.

      It’s been almost 2 months I started my blog and have already received many orders for content writing. The key secret to attract visitors when you run a blog is to make the content personalized.

      1. Ruchi

        You are doing good job NpXp….Good luck for your content writing offers .

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