BuySellAds Review: Advertisement Program For Bloggers


When it comes to making money from advertisements, direct advertisement plays a massive role. Just to put this into perspective, for me, direct advertisements pay more than AdSense or any other ads.

The toughest part, however, is finding direct advertisers. Here, I will add a review of BuySellAds, which is an advertisement buy-sell marketplace. I have been using BuySellAds for the past year and a half, and it’s been one of the highest paying ad networks for me.

BuySellAds Review
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BuySellAds is an advertisement marketplace where publishers can list their sites and advertisers can come and check the stats and directly buy your advertisement spots.

Once, the advertisement is sold, you have the option to accept or reject the ad. I would suggest accepting ads that are relevant to your niche.

Most importantly, they should not be spam. For example, “free smiley downloads”, etc.

You wouldn’t want to drive your readers away, would you?

The moment you accept the ads, it will start reflecting on your site and money will be credited into your BuySell account.

This is a nice concept and a useful website for bloggers and marketers to find a marketplace for buying advertisements.

Direct advertisement can be acquired by sending personal advertisement emails or by using any third party advertisement programs to sell the ad. Such third-party advertisement programs create a marketplace to buy and sell advertisements.

Unlike other ad networks, getting approved BuySellAds account is not easy. You need to have a quality website with a nice design. If you lack in any of these, your application will be rejected.

Is BuySellAds a free service?

BuySellAds works as a middleman to process this automatic ad buying and selling. For their service, they charge 25% of the transaction – a justified cost considering other ad networks usually charge somewhere between 30-40%.

You don’t have to pay anything to use their service but when an advertiser buys an ad from your site, BuysellAds takes 25% as a commission.

So, if you are setting up your ad price as $100/30 days, you will get $75 into your account. So, you can set the price accordingly. I suggest start with minimum limit and once one ad slot is sold, increase the rate by 10%.

How to Get BuySellAds Approval for Your Website

Before you apply for BuySellAds, here are things you must know:

Following are the reasons why BuySellAds might reject your blog. Hence, tread with care.

  • They focus on the tech/web design/development/freelancer niche. While they do occasionally accept sites outside of this niche, you may recieve rejection if you are not in this niche.
  • Greater than 100K impressions per month (for new sites, if you or your team have a history of creating nice websites, BuySellAds will accept you).
  • Your website must be live, finished, and have fresh content.
  • No porn, illegal stuff or anything containing even remotely “questionable” content.
  • The site must be in English (sorry, BuySellAds says they are not able to provide support in other languages right now).
  • If you have a ton of untargeted ads on your site already, you might not be approved (you know who you are).
  • If you do not have your domain (i.e., you have a * URL).
  • Getting denied does not mean you cannot be approved in the future.
  • Last, but not the least, BuySellAds says, “We’re not trying to be snobby, but we aim to keep the quality of the network high, and if we feel that your site impedes on the perception of the network, we will not approve you.”

Why Buysellads or any other advertising network will approve your blog?

  • Blog Design: Neat and clean blog layout
  • Daily updated blog
  • Niche: Technology, Twitter, Web Designer, Development, WordPress, Freelancer Niche, Web2.0, Programming, Mobile app development, Fashion blog
  • No BlogSpot blogs: If you are BlogSpot users, you should try considering our BlogSpot to WordPress service or get a BlogSpot custom domain.

So in case if you are missing anything, there is always time and scope for improvement.

The most important thing is the professional look of your blog. If you blog has ads cluttered, chances are meager that BuySellAds will approve your blog. BuySellAds is growing every day, and it’s a good idea to be a part of their publisher team.

You can see an example of a publisher page in the below screenshot:

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If you are an advertiser, you might like to browse their marketplace to find a potential publisher in your niche.

How to use BuySellAds?

Go to BuySellAds website and sign up for an account. Add your website, proper tags and details before you submit it. It usually takes 4-5 working days for them to reply to your application.

Once your BuySellads application is approved, you can log into the BuySellAds account.

Add a Zone. The zone is basically the ad slot you are offering. For example, if you are selling 125*125 ad in the sidebar, you can make a zone like “125Sidebar-Top”.

How to add BuySellAds code to your website?

Once you have created a Zone, click on Action> Install ad codes. You will find two different codes there. Header code should go in the header of your blog. You need to add this code only once. Now add the zone code to your sidebar using your WordPress text-widget. You can always use CSS to style your ad zone. If not, you can also use BuySellAds WordPress plugin to quickly insert ads to your WordPress site.

You can see also see the stats for BuySellAds click that will give you an idea of how well your ad spots are performing. You can play with the placement to increase the CTR accordingly to increase the price of your ads.

Always remember, above-the-fold ads perform better than below-the-fold ads.

Ad options under BuySellAds:

BuySellAds offers different kind of ad options apart from the standard banner. You can offer ad placement for Text ads, Text+image ads, RSS ads, and Tweet ads. Tweet ads and RSS feed are recent addition by them.

BuySellAds’ Twitter ad program is similar to the Sponsored Tweets program and you can learn more about BuySellAds sponsored tweet program here.

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I recommend you use image-only ads as they keep your blog design neat and clean.  Sponsored tweet program is also highly recommended because when an advertiser buys an ad space, he also buys sponsored tweets.

BuySellAds offer you payout via PayPal. You can make two checkouts in a month.

You can use the same funds to buy ads on another site. I highly recommend you to try this program.

I say this only after using this program for one year.

Sadly, they don’t have any affiliate program for publishers or advertisers.

If you are looking for AdSense alternative programs, I would suggest you try Monetag on your blog.

Meanwhile, if you don’t like the idea of giving 25% commission to BuySellAds, you can also look into banner ad WordPress plugins, but you need to have a popular website. Else, BuySellads is an excellent choice as its marketplace might not keep your site out of ads.

Also see:

Have you ever used BuySellads of using it? What’s your review on BuySellads? How would you rate it on a scale of 10?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

55 thoughts on “BuySellAds Review: Advertisement Program For Bloggers”

  1. sreejith

    Hi Harsh, thanks for the write up. Worth reading for newbies.

    I have a query, do,, VIglink etc supports blog with Indian regional languages ?

  2. Sunil

    Hey Harsh first of all thankyou for this well written article. I have one doubt, u mentioned that the payment is via PayPal. How you get your money from PayPal to your bank account. Coz I heard that PayPal have some issue with Indian banks. I believe you are receiving your payment from PayPal to your bank account then I would also like to know which bank you are using. ?


    1. Harsh Agrawal

      There is no such issue between PayPal & Indian bank account. I’m using ICICI Bank.

  3. Jack

    AVOID – These are my results form a $350 campaign

    I discovered from Google Analytics that there was only 12 clicks in total and not 34, when I questioned this with them they said

    “it appears that some of the clicks are from external bots hitting the site, which is out of the publisher’s control. We are currently working on improvements to our bot detection which will be able to identify and block more bot clicks from those stats results”

    I should have spent $350 on Google Adwords and would have got better results

    1. Daniel

      Is it possible that your campaign wasn’t good in the first place, also your experience with one advertiser does not mean ALL advertisers are the same

  4. Dominic Francis

    Does BSA have any restrictions as to visitor traffic? In other words, is the approval based on the site’s visitor demographic? I have heard that BSA gives more preference to sites that have a predominant visitor base of native English speakers. Correct me if I am wrong.

  5. Shanaya Aggarwal


    I am Shanaya, I have many long term sports blogs, which are getting some good amount of traffic, but somehow, I am not able to get Adsense approval and also, Infolinks are not doing any good.

    And recently, I asked many about BuySellAds, and most of those said, that BuySellAds will not approve my websites.

    But I still want to get approved by this network as I am dying to monetize my sports blogs, so what I should I do to get approval from BuySellAds?

    Looking for quick response.

  6. Mark Regenvance

    BuySellAds is anabsolutely fraud company now a days. We used do great with them earlier. However, recently they are not getting enough advertisors because all the good publisher have left them alright.

    We are looking for alternatives.

  7. Md Ebrahim Shah

    Can I use both google adsense & buysell simultaneously?

  8. Sam

    I am a noob on ads, since my site only have less than 200 traffic a day.

    I do like your opinion about using the money from advertiser to buy traffic, I did a Chinese Food Blog, get some recipes and culture things, may I ask your review? how can I get more traffic? should I writing 2000 words post each time?

    Best Regards,

  9. John Fredero

    Absolutely do not use BSA. We had been using them for a few weeks and were randomly shutdown with no reason given. We lost over $8,000 we deposited into their advertiser program and lost an income of $1200 per day for our company. We got a vague response with no details 2 weeks later from their support after we had inquired. We will make sure we let everyone know to NOt use BSA. Buyer be warned!

  10. Tanmoy Das

    Hey Harsh I had a poor experience with infolinks. Now I only use Adsense and I earn quite good. I have enlisted my blog for buysellads, now I want to know do they pay for impression or only click ?

  11. Swapnil

    I am going to start a website. I am from India. Is BSA good for Indian sites? or there are other sites that offer more rates?

  12. Entreb

    Very informative review. I tried to apply for Buysellads before, but did not get approved. I think the reasons is that the design of my blog was not suitable. I’m making another blog that will suit for their requirements and hope to be approved soon.

  13. Faraz Ahmad

    I have tried BSA 3 times, not getting approval, can you help me buddy?

      1. Faraz Ahmad

        Thank you for your reply 🙂 I did a lot mistake…. Currently using and it’s pretty good.

  14. Arafath

    Arafath here and I would Like to consider buy sell ads for my site. I already have infolinks account approval . Is considering buy sell ads do affect my infolinks account?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      It will not…You can use BuySellAds with infolinks.. Both are entirely different ad types..

  15. abhishek

    Does buy/sell ads supports blogger blog transferred to a custom domain.

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