4 Best AdSense Plugins For WordPress To Integrate AdSense with WordPress

Best AdSense Plugins For WordPress
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Displaying ads on your website is a great way to earn money online. And among the various ad platforms, Google AdSense is the most popular choice.

This excellent and popular platform lets you display ads relevant to your website content and earn money when a visitor clicks on the ads on your blog.

If you haven’t created an AdSense account for your blog, you should read this guide to create one & start earning. Do remember, they have a strict quality guidelines so, ensure your blog follow all of them, before applying.

Once you have your AdSense account, the biggest challenge for a newbie is how to add it, and for the pros is how to place ads at the desired position.

For ex: We all know that placing AdSense ads within content gives great CTR & earning. Now, there are few AdSense plugins which let you add ads within content. Do remember, few bloggers don’t prefer placing ads within content, as it affects readership.

In today’s post, I will introduce you to some of the best AdSense plugins for WordPress. Depending upon your need & requirement, pick the right one from the list.

AdSense Plugins to Add AdSense on WordPress Blog:

Note: Do look at WPQuads which is a free lightweight plugin and seems to be popular among ShoutMeLoud readers. They also have a pro version with some advanced features that you can see here.

1. Ad Inserter

With lots of customization options and 16 different code blocks, Ad Inserter is a simple advertisement plugin for WordPress. The plugin lets you display the ads in various locations including before and after content, selected paragraph or excerpt, before title etc. You can also use the automatic display option to let the plugin choose the ad locations.

WordPress Ad Inserter
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As the plugin also installs a custom plugin, you can easily display your ads in the sidebar too. Alternatively, you can display ads by using the custom shortcodes or PHP function. It is possible to customize the ads to display only to the logged in, logged out or all users and users from specific type of devices. You can also choose to show the ads in older posts.

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2. WordPress Ad Widget

WordPress Ad Widget
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WordPress Ad Widget provides one of the easiest ways to display AdSense or other ads on your website. Installing and activating the plugin will create several custom widgets in your WordPress website. To use the widgets, go to Appearance > Widgets from your website dashboard and find out the widgets titled ‘Ad Widget…’.

It is possible to display both text and images advertisements by using the plugin. The simple, beginner-friendly plugin lets you display unlimited number of ads. However, make sure that you are complying with the policies of the ad providers. Here is a video demo of this plugin:

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3. Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

Google AdSense by BestWebSoft is another great plugin for adding AdSense ads on your blog. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you have to provide your AdSense publisher ID to authorize the plugin. After doing that, you can display ads by choosing the necessary customization options.

Google AdSense by BestWebSoft
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The plugin lets you show different types of ads including text, image, text and image ads, link blocks etc. For each type of ad, you can choose the format. Available formatting options include Horizontal, Vertical and Square resolutions. You will also find several positions for displaying the ads. Lastly, you can choose a default color palette or choose custom colors for the ads.

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4. WP Advanced Ads

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The Advanced Ads plugin provides you with all the necessary tools to manage, place, target, and optimize all kinds of ads on your website. However, a unique feature of Advanced Ads is its deep integration with Google AdSense. So you can connect your website to your AdSense account and import ads from your account with one click without having to copy ad codes manually, and change their layout.

You can also optionally view the sales of your ads and alerts from your account in the backend. Furthermore, Advanced Ads takes care of creating a correct ads.txt file for you and can automatically integrate both the verification code and the codes for Auto Ads and AMP Auto Ads.

By enabling the premium add-ons of Advanced Ads, you can extend the functionality even further. For example, with features like Click Fraud Protection to protect your account, Lazyload for better page speed, Sticky AdSense ads, or the automatic conversion of standard AdSense ads into the AMP format.

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Final Words

Do remember none of these plugins let you add AdSense for search, and you should use it. Search box powered by AdSense helps your readers to find content on your blog, and you earn a decent income from this extra unit. You can see the maximum allowed AdSense units here.

My suggestion for you is: Instead of using 2-3 plugins, use one which solves your purpose. Pick the one who let you add ads from other ad networks also. Do let me know which of these plugins you are using? If you are using any other plugin to add AdSense or other ads on your blog, do share with us in the comment section.

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49 thoughts on “4 Best AdSense Plugins For WordPress To Integrate AdSense with WordPress”

  1. Fred Schrader

    I would rather say that this is a list of the *five* best Adsense Plugins for WordPress. You’ve listed Ad Injection, although it hasn’t been updated for three (!) years now. I would never install an app, that has been neglected for such a long period of time, especially because of the security issues that goes hand in hand with that. And I wouldn’t install an app in 2018, that isn’t GDPR-compliant either.

    That being said, I suggest you to replace Ad Injection with a similar (or even better?) plugin, that is at least up to date and 2018-ready. Like Advanced Ads for example (https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-ads/).


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