8 Best WordPress Affiliate Link Management Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

PluginPlugin Key FeaturesDirect Link
Thirsty AffiliatesAffiliate link cloaking
✓ Commission protection from theft
✓ Popular and trusted plugin
✓ Comprehensive reports
✓ Geolocation links
✓ Automatic 404 error checking
✓ Free and premium versions available
Lasso✓ Affiliate link cloaking
✓ Intuitive dashboard
✓ Fix broken affiliate links
✓ Add featured attributes
✓ Monetize existing links
✓ Receive alerts on broken links
✓ Free trial available
Pretty Link Lite✓ Affiliate link cloaking
✓ Intuitive interface
✓ Supports 301, 302, and 307 redirects
✓ Click tracing to analyze performance
✓ Generate customizable reports
✓ Free and premium versions available
Auto Affiliate Links✓ Affiliate link cloaking
✓ Automatic Affiliate Link Insertion
✓ Make links nofollow or dofollow
✓ Make links open in new tab or same tab
✓ Displays links based on keywords
✓ Control the number of links per article
SkimLinks✓ Automated affiliate marketing
✓ Easy installation
✓ Affiliate link creation & maintenance
✓ Access to over 24,000 merchants
✓ No need to apply for each program
AAWP✓ Affiliate link cloaking
✓ Flexible shortcodes & templates
✓ Automatically creates affiliate links
✓ Geotargeting
✓ Optimized product boxes
✓ Link tracking
✓ It’s a premium plugin
EasyAzon✓ Amazon affiliate link tool
✓ Easily control affiliate links
✓ Geotargeting
✓ Add to cart button feature
✓ Option for links default settings
Amazon Links Engine✓ Localization of Amazon link
✓ Integration with Geniuslink
✓ One time configuration
✓ Comprehensive reporting
Best WordPress Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins
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Let me give a quick look at what Affiliate marketing is and how it works before listing out the best WordPress Affiliate Plugins.

In simple words, you advertise and promote a product or service on your blog or website, with every visitor that you bring to them, and who actively buys the product or service will fetch you a share of the revenue generated or a standard fixed price will be offered.

Expert pick:

  • ThirstyAffiliate – Affiliate links management
  • Lasso: Affiliate link management + Conversion oriented product display
  • AAWP – For Amazon affiliates.
  • Affcoups: For managing and promoting coupons

These affiliate campaigns depend on the success of the following network: the merchant, the publisher, and the customer. I

f you are thinking of linking up one or the other affiliate marketing programs on your blog or website, then you will find the following Affiliate plug-ins working efficiently on your WordPress blogging platform.

If you are new to Affiliate marketing, here are one post and a book that will help you to get started:

Free & useful WordPress Affiliate Link cloaking Plugins

These are some basic affiliate plugins for WordPress, and we will cover advanced Clickbank WordPress plugins and Amazon affiliate plugin in another post.

  1. Thirsty Affiliates
  2. Lasso
  3. Pretty Link Lite
  4. WP Auto Affiliate Links
  5. SkimLinks
  6. AAWP
  7. EasyAzon – Perfect Affiliate plugin for Amazon Affiliate marketers
  8. Amazon links engine

Now that you know of a list, let us take a look at each of them in detail.

1. Thirsty Affiliates

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This is the first plugin that I would recommend as this is well-maintained and offers more features than any other affiliate link Cloaker plugin for WordPress. The plugin is free to download & use, one just needs to pay for add-ons or bundles. There are many great add-ons that any affiliate marketers would like including me & you. Especially Geolocation & Google link tracking is great for every user.

2. Lasso

Lasso is an Affiliate link management tool for WordPress bloggers, and it also offers beautiful looking product display boxes. If not for affiliate link management, you should definitely get Lasso for the product display boxes.

It is a SaaS based tool, and offers a WordPress plugin to enjoy the complete power of Lasso. This is what these boxes look like:

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Lasso tool does more than increasing your affiliate sales. It scans your website to suggest you possible affiliate opportunities, which is unheard of. In the below screenshot, you could see that it scanned ShoutMeLoud, and suggested the following product affiliate programs that I could join right now.
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Lasso also helps you add conversion oriented table, which could skyrocket your affiliate links CTR and helps you make more money. Here is one such table created with Lasso:

Great for Affiliate conversion
Free Trial

Make your content more actionable and grow affiliate sales with Lasso affiliate link management tool.

Great for Affiliate conversion
Free Trial

Make your content more actionable and grow affiliate sales with Lasso affiliate link management tool.

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This plugin is to shrink, track, and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website like creating shortened domains for Twitter.

The advantage of using this plug-in in WordPress is that you will be able to experiment with using your domain names, unlike the traditional domain names that the internet URL shortening widgets do so. Some of the features that are worth mentioning will include clean and simple URLs, tracking the number of hits and unique hits per link, an intuitive JAVA/AJAX admin user interface, and much more.

Overall, this is a clean, friendly, and simple to use plugin for creating cloaked links within WordPress.

Here are a few more upcoming affiliate link cloaking WordPress plugins:

WP Auto affiliate link
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This plugin will let you quadrupulate your affiliate earning. Here is how this plugin works:

You associate words with the affiliate link

This plugin automatically converts those words in any of your posts or pages into the affiliate link. Especially, when you don’t have time to manually add links, this plugin can take care of it. 

This plugin can also automatically extract and display links from Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, eBay, Walmart, Commission Junction, BestBuy, and Envato Marketplace.

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SkimLinks is one of that ad networks, which quickly lets you add affiliate links in your blog post. It usually automatically links the keywords that can be monetized with affiliate links, and if any customer buys the product it will make money for you via Skimlinks.

Especially, if you are a tech blogger and linking to app store links or Amazon store link, this plugin will help you to make money out of them.’The Plug-In aids in monetizing the content that you post on your blog, it converts the texts into affiliate links by working behind the scene. You need to sign up for Skimlinks here.

Some of the features that are very useful will include the easiness in installation, earning from your RSS feed, increasing the click-through rates, and thereby driving more traffic and visitors to your blog. SkimLinks Affiliate Marketing tool is a hard worker behind the scenes of affiliate marketing.

Best Affiliate plugin for amazon associates

6. AAWP – Perfect Affiliate plugin for Amazon Affiliate marketers

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If you are looking for the best Amazon Affiliate plugin, AAWP has got you covered. This plugin has tons of features that will directly increase your affiliate sales.

Here are a few notable features:

  • Can be used with any WordPress theme
  • Mobile friendly and responsive
  • Add amazon products in Lists, tables, or boxes.
  • Geo-trageting to target users to their localized Amazon store
  • Create quick Amazon products comparison table
  • Supports AMP
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The plugin comes with excellent support and is idle for Amazon superstars who create a niche Amazon website. You can read a detailed review of AAWP.

The plugin cost only 39 euros for one year of free updates and support.

7. EasyAzon

If you are one of those affiliate marketers who is using the Amazon affiliate program to monetize your blog, the EasyAzon plugin is the perfect affiliate plugin for your WordPress blog.

Link Localisation Amazon affiliate
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This plugin is a powerful all in one solution for your WordPress blog that offers the following features:

  • You can add links to Amazon Affiliate program right from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Link localization: If a user is coming from the U.K, he will be automatically redirected to the Amazon U.K. store. This way you won’t miss out on your commission.
  • EasyAzon let you add ‘Add to cart” feature, which will let your reader directly add the product into their cart. This feature also increases the chances of getting paid for sale by 30 more days.

I’m a huge fan of this plugin Link localization feature that let me increase my affiliate sales by 286%.

Amazon links engine
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Recommended for anyone who is using the Amazon affiliate program or iTunes affiliate program. You should mix this with Geni.us to increase your earnings.

Do let us know about any other WordPress affiliate plugins which you are using. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Email newsletter to keep receiving more updates.

Here are a few hand-picked WordPress plugins that you must check out next:

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    Just added thirsty affiliates Harsh – thanks a lot as usual for your great insights (you can invoice me now 😁)

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    Hello. Thank you for mentioning Wp Auto Affiliate Links in your post. We improved the plugin and made many updates since you wrote this article.

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    Hi Harsh, great article. I have created affiliate account with Amazon. Can I create multiple accounts with different companies in a single site like flipkart, snapdeal etc.?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      You can look at Cuelinks for this.

  4. Jaswinder Kaur

    Nice list of Plugins to use for Amazon affiliate sites. But some of them don’t have good Reviews.

    If any plugin, doesn’t have good reviews, I never use it and until now for last two years, I’m doing all work manually and I’m very comfortable to do it.

    Yes, if I found a plugin with good reviews, then I’m planning to use only for my Ease Bedding Blog, otherwise no.


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