AAWP Plugin Review: How to Setup? Pros/Cons & More

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AAWP Plugin Review
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Just like you, I often use Amazon associate program to make money from my blog. For long, I wondered how can I make the same or more money as the top Amazon affiliates make.

Of course, starting a niche Amazon affiliate site is one, but I don’t want to do that. All I want to do is, use my existing content and optimize it to get more revenue from the Amazon affiliate program.

This quest let me spend time searching for tips and strategies used by top Amazon affiliates and I discovered something significant:

  • A lot of high earner Amazon Affiliate is using the comparison table
  • Their CTA buttons are clear and conversion-oriented
  • The product boxes make the featured Amazon product stand out

In short, their articles are well-designed for affiliate conversion.

This got me thinking about how could I do the same.

My search for an answer leads me to discover a popular Amazon affiliate plugin called AAWP which I have started using since then.

I believe this is a solid Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for the hobby as well as pro bloggers to make most out of the Amazon affiliate program.

I would do my best to share all the benefits of the AAWP plugin and a guide on how to set up the AAWP plugin.

However, it would be nice if you could also explore more features of the AAWP plugin on their official website.

Benefits of using the AAWP Plugin:

1. Geo-targeting – Supports multiple Amazon countries:

This single feature alone could skyrocket your earnings from the Amazon affiliate program.

A lot of users are not aware of the fact that you are missing out on earnings from Amazon if you are not using the Geo-targeting feature. Amazon has recently introduced one link feature which takes care of it, but it offers integration with only a select few Amazon Geo stores.

With the AAWP Geo-targeting feature, you could start earning from all other Amazon Geo stores. In the further section of this review, I have shared how to use this feature.

2. Higher Amazon affiliate conversion:

Since the AAWP plugin adds CTR oriented boxes, it helps you to get more affiliate sales.

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This feature alone makes this premium plugin worth buying.

3. Auto product updation:

As this plugin uses Amazon API to fetch the latest information about the product, this makes your listing up to date and gives a better user experience.

Nonetheless, you are less likely to be banned by Amazon for putting out outdated information.

4. Amazon compliance:

How many times you have heard of users getting their Amazon affiliate account banned due to compliance?

Well, AAWP offers features such as ” automatic Affiliate disclosure“, “Image via Proxy”, you are keeping yourself compliant with Amazon’s latest policy.

5. Comparison Table:

If you are looking to increase affiliate sales, the product comparison table helps you achieve it in no time.

AAWP let you create product comparison table for Amazon products, which helps users quickly compare the feature of various products, and pick the one that is idle for them.

Now, before I move to the AAWP plugin setup part, let’s look at the pricing. Since AAWP is not a free plugin, the pricing of the plugin is a deciding factor.

AAWP Pricing:

AAWP offers various paid plans and the best plan depends on how many websites you need AAWP on.

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The cheapest plan for one site costs about 39 Euro (Roughly USD 43) and then there is a plan for 3 websites, 25 websites or unlimited websites. You can use the below-mentioned AAWP discount code to further reduce the price.

AAWP discount code:

Even though AAWP is well priced for a full feature Amazon WordPress plugin. You can get an extra discount of $10 by using this special discount code.

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Coupon code: SHOUTMELOUD

Alright, let’s jump to the juiciest part of this whole article…

How to Setup the AAWP WordPress Plugin:

If you are excited and ready to earn more from the Amazon affiliate program, lets set up the AAWP plugin for your website.

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Install the WordPress plugin and activate the plugin using the license key.

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Once the plugin is activated, now its time to connect this plugin to your Amazon account using Amazon Product Advertising API or PA API in short.

How to get Amazon Product Advertising API (PA API)

For this, either use this direct link or head to Amazon associate dashboard and click on Tools > product advertising API

Here you will get the option to create PA API:

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Click on request for PA API access and it would show you your access key and secret key.

Do note: Once you close this page, you will not be able to see the secret Key. So you can store the API Credentials in your notebook or click on “Download credentials” to store is locally in .csv format.

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Important things to know:

  1. You need to have made at least 3 Amazon affiliate sales before you could create API Key.
  2. You can have maximum 2 active pairs of Amazon PA API
  3. New API Key starts working after 48 hours only
  4. If your account hasn’t generated at least 3 referring sales using Product Advertising API in the last 30 days, your account will lose access to Product Advertising API.
  5. The initial usage limit per day is 8640 requests
  6. Do not use the same API keys on multiple websites unless you are generating enough sales to allow more API requests.

Back to AAWP Configuration:

Now, once you have the Amazon PA API key, head-over to Amazon Affiliates > Settings > Amazon API

Here, copy paste the Access and Secret key.

You also need to add your Amazon affiliate tracking ID. You can find your tracking ID on this link.

This is what your settings page should look like:

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Important: Once you create the API Key, it takes 48 hours before you could use it. This is a limitation from the Amazon advertising team to prevent spamming.

Multiple Amazon affiliate stores: Geo-targeting feature

I have explained this earlier as one of the money making benefits of AAWP plugin and something you should take advantage of.

Click on multiple stores and you should be able to enter the local stores ids of different geographic locations.

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Once you have added the tracking ID of other Amazon store, head over to settings > Functions and enable the geo-targeting feature as shown below:

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Also, if you have never signed up for other geo’s Amazon affiliate program, this is a good time to do so. This exercise alone could increase your revenue by a significant portion.

You can receive payment from overseas stores via Pingpongx (charges 1%) or Payoneer (Charges 2%).

AAWP General settings:

Similarly, you can move to other tabs like General, output, and functions to configure the rest of the settings.

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One good thing about the plugin is, it is well documented and even a beginner could read the documentation and configure the plugin.

automatically add Amazon Affiliate disclosure:

AAWP also helps you add affiliate disclosure on the pages where you are using the plugin. This is an important step to ensure you are compliant with Amazon affiliate program.

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The setting for adding affiliate disclosure can be added on the general settings page as shown above.

Some settings may require extra reading, but it’s worth the effort if you are planning to earn smartly from the Amazon associate program.

How to use the AAWP Plugin:

Once you have configured all this, you are all set to start using the AAWP plugin. This is where you will get the value out of the plugin.

Now, using AAWP you can add a lot of things such as:

  1. Product boxes
  2. Comparison table
  3. Comparison table + your own data
  4. New arrivals
  5. The top seller in a particular category

You could do all the above and more using the WordPress shortcodes.

Let me show you how it works:

1. Adding Amazon comparison table:

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The above image could give an idea of what you could do with AAWP.

To do this, head over to Amazon affiliates > Tables and click on create a new table:

Under configuration, select the rows that you would like to add:

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Add new products:

Now, you can add new products using ASIN number (if you have it handy) or else you can search for products from the same page.

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Like this, you can add multiple products, and once you are done, you can add this table to any WordPress post or widget as a shortcode.

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Easy, isn’t it?

2. Adding Amazon product boxes:

This is a widely used feature of AAWP, and a lot of folks use this plugin just for the Amazon boxes feature. Here is how it looks:

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To add the product boxes anywhere on your WordPress website, you can use this shortcode:

Amazon product

The number is the Amazon product ASIN that you could get easily from the product page.

3. Other AAWP Shortcodes:

Here are a few more shortcodes for AAWP plugin that you should keep handy:

For adding text links:

Text links : Amazon product or this product

Best seller list: 

For Adding Best-seller list:

Check out this page for the templates that are offered by the AAWP WordPress plugin. It’s a good idea to either bookmark the page for keeping it handy.

Conclusion: AAWP Review

For anyone who is into Amazon affiliate marketing, this is one of the best plugins out there. It directly helps in boosting the earnings which makes it a complete value for money.

The below comparison table gives a highlight of the pros/cons of the AAWP plugin. The only downside that I felt was a lack of AMP support for a comparison table.

When I reached out to the AAWP team, they told me that it is work under progress, and support will be added soon.

Pros of AAWPCons of AAWP
Geo targeting to handle foreign visitorsComparison table doesn’t
work in AMP version
Conversion oriented
Value for money

Moreover, this single plugin could take care of the majority of your Amazon affiliate requirements.

If you are an Amazon affiliate expert, do let me know which affiliate plugin are you using. Also, if you have used AAWP plugin or using it, do share your experience and review in the comment section below.

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