Semrush Affiliate Program Review – How to Join & My Experience?

Affiliate Program with Excellent track record
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Product Name: Semrush Affiliate Program

  • Track-record (8+ years)
  • Affiliate manager (Quality & Communication)
  • Payout
  • Competitive advantage

Semrush Affiliate Program Summary

Semrush affiliate program has a proven track record and has been around for more than 8+ years. The underlying product, “Semrush,” is a world-leader in the online marketing category and offers 40+ tools to help you grow your online business. The affiliate program is managed by, and they pay up to $200/sale.


  • Huge commission –  $200
  • They pay you for a trial account too
  • 120 days cookie-period
  • Dedicated team to help you promote



  • High-ticket product

Interested in joining a popular affiliate program in the SEO niche?

Look no further than Semrush. A high-ticket affiliate program that pays up to $200/sale. This is one of the highest in the SEO industry. In this guide, we will learn everything about the Semrush affiliate program, and I will help you join it.

What is the Semrush affiliate program?

Semrush is a popular online marketing toolkit with over 55+ tools to grow any digital business. They have been around for more than 13+ years and they are one of the industry leaders. If you are new to Semrush, read my review of Semrush.

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Semrush affiliate program is offered to individuals (content creators, SEO freelancers) and companies around the globe to promote their tool-kit and make money on a successful referral. If all this is new to you, read my earlier guide on what is affiliate marketing, or better, buy the affiliate marketing handbook.

What are the highlights of the Semrush affiliate program?

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Semrush affiliate program is available to everyone via

According to Semrush affiliate terms, the program is available to :

  • Own and run an active website or social media account;
  • Have an established audience;
  • Create original content, such as online courses, seminars, blog posts, or videos

Regarding the commission structure of their affiliate program. You have an opportunity to earn:

  • $200: New subscription sale
  • $10: For every new trial (They offer a free trial)
  • $0.01: For the new signup

Do note: Semrush moved from first click attribution to last click attribution. Their cookie period is 120 days.

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How to join the Semrush affiliate program:

Semrush affiliate program is managed via The impact is a popular affiliate network that manages the affiliate program for many brands. Once you join, you can apply for Semrush and other brands that offer their affiliate program via

You can click the link below to apply for Semrush affiliate program.

Note: If you have an existing account, simply click on Login on the landing page, and you can apply to join their program.

A quick word about is the fastest-growing affiliate marketplace where you can join affiliate programs offered by various brands. In the last 2-3 years, has seen more growth than any other affiliate marketplaces. Especially if you like working with quality brands, you should be a part of the network.

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This is free to join, and you can join as a content creator or even as an influencer. This program is available globally, and I have used it for many years.

My experience with Semrush Affiliate Program – Berush?

I have been an affiliate of Semrush from the initial days of their affiliate program, popularly known as the Berush. I have also attended many Semrush insider events.

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And perhaps I’m one of the very few who have interacted and still interacting with all the affiliate managers of the Semrush affiliate program.

And all this happened because they were building one remarkable SEO tool. But that’s not all, the Semrush team ethics and values are remarkable, and you can determine that with this email I received back in 2014.

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The email was from the Semrush Affiliate manager, and this was the content:

I have news for you, we found and eliminated the bug we had where some of the sales through your promo code did not show up in your statistics. Now all the transactions show up, and $6060,34 was credited to your account today. To receive your payment, please upload either w8 or w9 form to your BeRush profile.

I was surprised because Semrush could get away with all these bugs, and they didn’t have to pay their affiliates. However, they did something only companies with high ethics offer; they reached out and credited the amount into my PayPal account. This was not so common in the world of the Affiliate industry, and this one thing made me realize how ethical this company is. And no surprise that they are now a NASDAQ-listed company.

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They also have a dedicated team for their affiliate program, and whenever you have a problem or would like to discuss a new promotion technique, the team would help you in any way possible.

Semrush used to offer recurring affiliate programs with their Berush, and now with, they moved to one-time payment. Here is a testimonial video featured on their grandfathered program (Berush).

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Overall, the Semrush affiliate program was/is one of the top-performing affiliate programs for ShoutMeLoud. It was not only because they have the best SEO affiliate program; it was because they built a world-class product. Users were not only signing up, but the churn rate was low. Users were renewing their subscriptions, and the peak volume of their high-quality products.

Another way to look at it is: In this high pace world, it was hard for a product to survive for too long. However, in the case of Semrush, not only they survived, they also keep maturing their affiliate program with time.

Should you join the Semrush affiliate program?

Semrush affiliate program is not for everyone. This is a high-ticket product, and the base plan of Semrush costs about $119/month.

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Sending random and unqualified traffic would not do justice, and your EPC and conversion would be super low. However, if you are an SEO person, internet marketing, and digital marketing expert or have traffic in this vertical, their affiliate program is a good match for you.

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$200/sale is a high-paying affiliate program; once your sales funnel is set up, this program alone could change your life.

Overall, if you or your niche is a good fit for Semrush affiliate program, then you should definitely join it. You might end up buying me coffee ☕️ for this recommendation. 😀

If you are a part of Semrush affiliate program, I would love to hear your opinion and experience with them. Let them know in the comment section below.

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  1. Jatin

    Hi harsh. Thanks for nice review.

    By th way, are you still using Berush or moved on to Impact.

    It would be great to hear from you.

  2. Yes, thanks a lot for the post. I was looking everywhere to find a site for monetizing my website. There are tons of websites with affiliate programs for this purpose but SEMRUSH is the best option I had found and also your article was the best I happened to read.
    Thanks a lot again!

  3. Great article, Harsh. Totally off-topic, but related to SEMrush – do you have any articles on SEMrush or Ahrefs health scores and how to fix the common errors that appear? Usually, the software tells you what you should do, but it doesn’t really explain HOW to do it. I have a few items I’d like to resolve but don’t know how to do it.

    1. @Eric
      That’s a good suggestion. Are you talking about SEO errors that shows when we do site audit or something else?

  4. Yeah thanks for this. I was thinking of monetizing my website with some affiliate programs. I found semrush quite good. It’s a nice and honest review. The problem would be the fact that I may not get approved on impact radius since my website is new. But I’ll try.

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