12 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs: Make Passive Income For Life [2024]

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs
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Affiliate programsTypeCommissionSign Up
BinanceCrypto Affiliates Up to 50% recurring trading
fees commissions
KinstaHosting AffiliatesUp to $500/referral &
10% monthly recurring (lifetime)
HypefuryTwitter toolUp to 35% of lifetimeJoin for free
ConvertKitEmail Marketing30% recurring (24 months)Join
Jasper AIAI Writing Assistant30% recurring (lifetime)Join
SocialPilotSocial Media Tool20% recurring (12 months)Join
 LiveChatLive Chat SupportUp to 27%Join
 LeadPagesLanding Page BuilderUp to 50%Join
AweberEmail MarketingUp to 50% recurring (lifetime)Join
GetResponseEmail Marketing33% recurring (lifetime) or
$100 per sale
ElegantThemesWordPress Themes & Plugins50%Join
ThriveThemesWordPress Themes35% per sale &
25% recurring

One of the highly profitable parts of affiliate marketing is recurring income.

I’m sure you are aware of how affiliate marketing works. You get paid when somebody buys a product using your affiliate link & the commission is really high.

I have shared all the tricks of affiliate marketing in this hot selling ebook & you can get an overview of affiliate marketing for free here.

There are many affiliate programs that pay you recurring income & this is one segment that helps you earn money on autopilot.

You will keep making money as long as your referred users stay with the company. Of course, the quality of the products plays a major role as nobody would stick to a product or a brand that is not of high quality.

This is probably why companies with trust in their product offer recurring commissions.

At any time, I’m not saying that recurring income is better than a single affiliate payout, as both have their own pros and cons. Let me explain recurring affiliate commissions in simple words for you.

What are recurring commission affiliate programs?

When you recommend a user to any product (usually a membership program or products that require recurring monthly payments), you earn a fixed commission when a referred user pays his next bill.

Some of the companies offer a recurring commission for a fixed time (Let’s say one year) & many companies offer the same for a lifetime. It all depends on company marketing policies.

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Here I’m sharing some of the best available affiliate programs which offer recurring commissions & could be a gold mine for you & your affiliate marketer friends.

So, let’s have a look at those exclusive programs which would make money for you while you sleep.

11 Best Affiliate programs with recurring commission:

I will start the list based on my experience, which I use. Also, I have researched a few products which will be beneficial for you.

1. Binance affiliate program

Despite high volatility, cryptocurrencies are the new rage in town. The conversion rate is high, and you are better off picking some of the top crypto-based recurring affiliate programs. Binance is a crypto exchange that offers all solutions for buying/selling and trading crypto. They also offer one of the most lucrative affiliate programs of the industry.

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  • Up to 50% recurring commission
  • Lifetime commission
  • Program managed in-house

Do check out crypto affiliate programs to discover the hottest offers in the crypto niche.

2. Kinsta

Kinsta Affiliate Program
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It is pretty hard to find a recurring commission program in the hosting niche, and Kinsta is one of those. Kinsta offers a one-time commission of up to $500 and also offers 10% lifetime commission. This is one of the top hosting niche affiliate programs, and something you should check out.

  • Up to $500/referral
  • 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions
  • Payment via Paypal
  • Self-managed affiliate program
  • 60 days tracking cookies

For those who are promoting hosting, the Kinsta affiliate program can add lucrative passive income to their income stream.

3. Hypefury

Hypefury is a Twitter tool that also supports Twitter auto-plug feature. This is a marketing tool that is ideal for individuals and marketers who are using Twitter.

Highlighting some of the top features of Hypefury at this moment should be good enough for you to get some affiliate commission coming your way. At the time of writing, Hypefury affiliate program offers up to 35% lifetime commission.

4. ConvertKit Affiliate

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Convertkit is the top email marketing tool choice among bloggers and creators. It offers a 30% lifetime commission and offers payment via PayPal. The automation and segmentation feature of Convertkit makes it an outstanding tool and that’s why I also use it here on ShoutMeLoud, The affiliate team is also very active and they keep running new promos that help you scale up your affiliate game.

Note: I don’t trust the Convertkit affiliate program because they often change their affiliate network and you would lose out on all existing referrals.

  • 30% recurring commission (2 years)
  • Managed by Linkmink

5. Jasper AI (Artificial writing affiliate)

Jasper recurring referral program
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This year is all about artificial writing assistants, and perhaps #1 in this category is Jasper.AI, which was previously known as Jarvis. Jasper.ai do have a super lucrative affiliate program where they offer a lifetime recurring commission of 30%.

Since it is a new program in comparison to others listed here, you have high chance of conversions and make solid passive income from it.

  • 10000 Bonus word credits
  • 30% recurring commission for life

6. SocialPilot Affiliate Program: (Social media tool)

SocialPilot Affiliate Program
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SocialPilot is a social media automation tool that is widely popular among bloggers & entrepreneurs. It helps you in scheduling updates on multiple social-media accounts & also you can automate by auto-publishing using RSS. This is one of the best social media affiliate programs available at this time. You can learn more about SocialPilot here.

They offer a 20% recurring lifetime commission which is pretty decent as they have free to pro plan which is easy to convert. You will also get paid when the users upgrade from the free to a paid account.

  • Payout method: PayPal
  • Minimum Payout: $25

7. LiveChat Affiliate

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As the number of business websites is increasing, live support is becoming essential. Live chat is the leader in live chat support and they also offer a generous affiliate commission of 20% for the lifetime.


  • 120 days cookies
  • 2 tier affiliate program
  • PayPal payout

Since the product is great, converting the traffic is going to be easy.

8. LeadPages Recurring affiliate

Leadpages is the topmost tool for internet marketers. As a tool, they let anyone create a landing page within minutes & add it on their platform including WordPress, Drupal & all the popular platforms you can think of. I have been using them for almost a year & I must say it’s a great investment for an end user. At the same time, they offer an affiliate program that lets you earn a lifetime commission of 30%.

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This works out pretty good for a marketer when referred user signup for their monthly billing. Their affiliate team is also very responsive & will offer you all the materials such as swipe copies, and social media updates to make the sales happen for you. Their affiliate program is available only for Leadpages customers. This actually makes sense, because you can’t really write genuine words for a product that you haven’t used.

9. Aweber Affiliate: (Email marketing affiliate program)

Aweber recurring affiliate income
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Aweber is one of the oldest & popular email marketing tools for bloggers & affiliate marketers. They have recently integrated the segmentation feature which is one of the top things to do in 2024 for higher conversions.

Aweber offers a lucrative 30% lifetime commission to their affiliates. Getting user onboard is easy as they offer free 30 days trial, which is compelling enough for users to give it a shot. And let me tell you, fellas, you won’t be disappointed with their email marketing solution. They have everything which you need in a modern email marketing tool for your business. Anyways, for affiliates 30% lifetime commission sounds like a win-win to me. The only downside is their payment method for affiliates. They still offer old-age check system & yet to integrate new-age payment methods.

10. GetResponse Affiliate

Getresponse affiliate program
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Getresponse is one of the top competitors & alternatives to Aweber. They also have a great offering & have the edge over Aweber when it comes to commission amount. They offer a 33% lifetime commission which is awesome as per industry standards & they also offer a 30-day completely free trial. It’s a good email marketing tool that you can promote.

  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payout method: Cheque & PayPal

11. ElegantThemes Affiliate Program: (WordPress Themes & Plugins)

ElegantThemes Affiliate Program
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This is not a typical residual income affiliate program. ElegantThemes offer premium WordPress themes & plugins. They pay 50% commission to their affiliates & you will also get paid when your referred users renew their license. I like their affiliate program for the high commission which pays off really well.

  • Payment method: Paypal

12. ThriveThemes Affiliate Program (WordPress themes)

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Thrive Themes offers an amazing suite of products for bloggers & internet marketers who are on WordPress. Their themes & plugins are built for conversion optimization & they are one of the hottest-selling products in the market. They offer 35% commission/sale & 25% recurring lifetime commission. With a great reputation online, promoting them is easier.

  • Payment mode: Paypal

More recurring commission affiliate programs

Residual income is another name of recurring income where you earn passive income after your initial effort. Here are more affiliate programs which offer let you make money:

I will keep updating the list as I discover more such profitable programs in various niches. If you know of any such quality affiliate program that offers recurring commissions, do let us know in the comment section.

Here are some of our epic posts from the affiliate marketing category:

P.S: Want to suggest a recurring affiliate program? Drop an email with details at harsh[at]shoutmeloud. com

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  1. Muntazir Abbas

    The 10 Best Affiliate Networks in the world.
    1. Clickbank
    2. Rakuten
    3. CJ Affiliate by Conversant
    4. Amazon Associates
    5. ShareaSale
    6. eBay
    7. Avangate
    8. Flexoffers
    9. Avantlink
    10. RevenueWire

  2. Sreehari Sree

    Thanks for this post harsh.
    Right now, I’m using only AdSense in my blog.
    This post sounds great and really inspiring,
    I’m going to try affiliate marketing.!

  3. Rabin Mahmud

    Hi Harsh,
    Looks like a great peace of content on different opportunities of affiliate marketing instead of only amazon products.
    I have question on my mind what I want to share with you. I am going to create a affiliate site. Can I put all of the above sites in one site? I mean can I use SEMrush affiliate link and also any other affiliate link in the same website (different post)
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      yes, you can.

  4. Barbara Ling

    I was really looking for something that would make my affiliate niche blog make sales. I hope to see some good results after applying what you said. Many thanks buddy!

  5. Jonathan

    Hi Harsh,

    Great list of programs in the internet marketing field but you can get good recurring
    affiliate programs in other niches as well. As you say if you can add recurring income
    programs you will see a big income increase in your revenue and this will allow to go
    full time.

    It was only when I got a good lifetime affiliate program that I could think of
    giving up my job and going online full time. This is something that I would advise all
    newbies to do and when you combine this with an email list, you’re really starting to
    go somewhere.

  6. Tejendra Nath Sen

    The Thrive Themes Affiliate Program is Currently Closed. 🙁

  7. Ananya Walia

    Highly effective and useful post specially for young bloggers who want to earn and succeed more faster. Good and impressive compilation of the programs. would really like to get more of it.

  8. Edmond

    Hello Agrawal

    Thanks for this article. Will definitely use some of this program’s to build my income. Take note that Thrive Themes affiliate program closed for a while. Please let your readers know about this until it is opened again.

    Thanks once again and your blog helps me a lot. Keep it up Sir.

  9. Alex

    Hi Harsh,

    Great article, really helped me a lot.
    I wanted to ask you if you know any good jewelry affiliate program that offers a decent commission. I currently promote offers for Zales, Biamotti and BlueNile but apart from Biamotti everything i could find offers a really low commission, around 5%.
    I’m hoping you know any other good solutions for this and share them with us.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Alex,

      You can check Zoara. I think they provide up to 8% commission.

  10. vikrant

    Hi Harsh, Thanks for sharing another fresh list of affiliated program. Most of the programs mentioned over here are suitable for web development and blogging niche sites. Thanks once again, looking forward to Amazon associates and SEMrush.

  11. Kristie Chiles Arp

    Harsh, I LOVE Leadpages and affiliate marketing which allowed me to QUIT substitute teaching and go full-time online. Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us! You are ranking on the first page of Google for top affiliate recurring programs…congrats!

  12. John

    Recurring affiliate programs are definitely the way to make serious income online. If you can add high paying affiliate programs, then you will notice a big increase in your monthly revenue which will allow you to go full time if that is your ambition. Harsh has a good list of programs in the internet marketing field but there are residual programs in many other niches such as health and beauty. So no matter what the topic of your blog/site, look out for some form of recurring income otherwise you are really missing out.

  13. Saheed Oladele

    Thanks for the write-up, looking forward to Amazon associates.

  14. Efoghor Joseph

    Agrawal, thanks for a job well done. I think the best affiliate program anyone would dream of joining is the one that offers recurrent residual income. All the programs you have listed meet that quality. I would rather double my effort to promote a program that offers lifetime commissions and then relax for the rest of my life eating the gains.

    I have thought of joining Aweber earlier, but have always believed I need to have an account before joining. Now that I am better educated about their program, I am going to join using your links to open account on at least two affiliate programs listed here.
    Thanks once again for a nice job. Have a wonderful weekend.

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