2 Free Feedburner Subscription Form Plugins For WordPress

What if you want to automate the way your readers are notified of your new blog posts?

You want it to be easy for both you and the readers, and you don’t have time to send a mass email to all your subscribers every time you publish a post.

Well, the answer lies in RSS. RSS, which means Rich Site Syndication is where you can get a feed of your blog’s content. It strips down all the designs and converts your site into a simple text format.

With the Feedburner service from Google, you can create a feed for your website and have your readers subscribe to that feed, so they get your new posts in real time usually through RSS reader apps like Feedly .

However, not all subscribers would have access to an RSS reader. Or not all of them would want to check their readers every time they want to see if there’s something new.

A more immediate medium with the advantage of push notification is email. Thanks to RSS email subscription plugins for WordPress, you can put a form in your blog so subscribers can get your newest posts straight to their inbox. This method makes sharing your new content faster with less work.

If you want to offer this option for your blog, you would need a Feedburner account. After setting up your feed, go to the Optimize tab, and click Email Subscriptions. Click Activate, then click Save.

Once you have the email subscription activated for your feed, you can then start configuring forms to put into your blog.

Best Feedburner Email subscription WordPress plugins

1. WP Subscribe

WP Subscribe is similar to the previous plugin mentioned, albeit with a few limitations.

The settings are also found within the widget, and you only need to enter a few information like your Feedburner ID and custom titles, text and placeholders for the form.

WordPress sidebar Email subscription
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Although it has a great flat theme design, there’s no way to customize it from the front end.

However, if you’re okay with the widget design as seen below, then this plugin is a unique way of getting RSS subscribers through email.

Feedburner email capture sidebar widget
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2. Elegant Subscription Popup

If you want to be aggressive in getting subscribers, a pop-up usually encourages more sign-ups. This plugin is great for that.

To configure the plugin, go to Settings>Elegant Subscription Popup.

Here you need to enter your Feedburner ID, and you can customize several design elements like the popup text and background color. You can also set the delay before the popup loads as well as how many days before the popup appears again for repeat visitors.

Feedburner email pop-up subscription plugin
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Here’s how the popup appears with a white background:

wordpress feedburner email subscription plugin
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Which Feedburner WordPress plugin are You going to use?

There are not a lot of plugins that integrate with Feedburner. What you usually find are WordPress plugins for MailChimp or AWeber, which are the more popular email subscription services these days.

Despite the declaration that RSS is a dying medium, it still proves useful in this particular case. The immediacy of RSS cannot be matched by regular email newsletters. People will always want to be the first to know, especially when it comes to information from blogs that they follow.

Here are a few of the selected articles related to Feedburner which one should not miss:

If you want to provide your readers with new content as soon as you hit the Publish button, then an option to subscribe by Feedburner is not a bad idea.

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  1. John

    Do popups still show after one has filled them? I have a highly successful share plugin that also has popups and I think it’s rather annoying not only to visitors but also site admin when popups still appear after it has been filled. What’s the point of cookies? The ideal thing is, don’t show once you have captured an email address.

    1. @John
      You are right, ideally, they should not show up again for the same user. The issue is with the plugin, and the developer should add the feature. Maybe you could create a support ticket for the plugin you are using in WordPress plugin forum, and this would help. A lot of time developers are not even aware of the issue, as no one reported them.

  2. Shafras @AllTechriders

    Hi Kim Barlosa,
    Thanks for these feedburner subscription plug-in suggestions. I added Elegant Subscription Popup plug-in to my Blog. But when I check if that Plug-in works or Not. Unfortunately I got an error message “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”. But I already enabled it. I don’t know why this. If you know a solution for this, let me know


  3. Mobib ullah

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    I helped me a lot thank you so much for sharing these subscription lists
    It sound useful for bloggers like me

  4. KrishAyyan

    Thanks Shrinivas for the Elegant Subscription plugin. I have recently installed it and have already in love with the plugin. I hope it brings in more subscribers. Will keep you posted on how it goes 🙂

  5. Hasan

    elegant subscribe popup is very good, because can getting high subscriber

  6. Shrinivas

    Hello KIM BARLOSO,

    Thank you for writing about Elegant Subscription Popup plugin developed by me. I am glad the folks liked my wordpress plugin.

  7. Stephen

    Awesome post., I will check it out. thanks Kim

  8. Pallab De

    I am surprised that Google has even kept Feedburner alive for so long. When they nuked Google Reader, I was sure that Feedburner’s end was near.

  9. Olivier Ntanama

    I like the Elegant Subscription Popup plugin.But i don’t use Feedburner on my blog.
    I use Aweber.


    Hi Kim,
    Great collection! Generally i use Elegant Subscription Popup plugin for my blog. It helps me to get more subscribers. Very cool wordpress plugin!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article with us.

  11. Badmus Adeniyi

    Awesome Post! Will definitely try them out to see how they’ll fit in.
    Thanks Kim

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    I have been using “WP Subscribe” plugin on my few blogs for a long time, which is the simplest & effective subscription plugin I have used ever.

  14. Sherab Tenzin

    Thank you Kim for such an informative post. I have been using just feedburner on my blog. Moreover, I am coming across those plugins for the first time as I am a new into blogging. It’s always better to learn new things. But I wonder whether any of them can be used in free hosted blogspot blogs. Thanks

  15. Santosh Das

    Great writing. Nice selection of eedburner WordPress plugin. I will definitely explore and try one of them.

  16. balu

    Hello Kim Barloso. You Written a Good Article. I’m Using Feed Burner Email Subscription. It’s enough for me. Anyway You made my Day.

  17. Deepak

    Very well written article Kim sis.
    -You mentioned top & best 3 articles that can be integrated with the feed burner.
    – I think 2nd one is best as it looks good in look.
    – 3rd one is also a good choice but it sometimes annoy readers.

    Well as you mentioned nowadays, email-subscription is more famous but RSS not dead yet so make everything out of it.Keep the great work up.

    1. Kim Barloso

      Pop-ups are pretty aggressive, but there are other ways to display the subscription form if you don’t want to annoy your readers.

  18. Gurmeet Singh

    I was in the need of a subscription plugin for my blog. I was in the search of a popup plugin, but I was unable to find it. Thanks for sharing this post. The Elegant Subscription Popup is just Amazing. The social media plugin Monarch and the elegant subscription popup plugins have now become my two most favourite plugins.

    1. Kim Barloso

      That’s good to know, Gurmeet! More power to your blog.

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