4 Best WordPress internal linking plugin to improve URL Rating for SEO

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WordPress internal linking plugin
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Interlinking of blog posts is one very important parameter of on-page SEO. It improves the contextual score of your blog and also helps in ranking higher in the search engine.

I have seen many bloggers rely heavily on related posts section for interlinking, which is not the best solution. To make your on-Page SEO and on-site SEO strong, you should have proper internal linking between your blog posts.

In WordPress, there are various ways to interlink your blog posts, and in this guide, I will share all the best plugins that you can use right away.

Most of the solutions listed below are free and only one of them is paid, which I use for all my blogs.

Before I share WordPress interlinking solutions, let me quickly share what are the direct benefits of interlinking your articles:

  • Crawling and Deep-Indexing: Interlinking helps search engine bots to crawl and index your articles effectively.
  • Bounce rate and more page views: Right interlinking helps reduces the bounce rate to a great extent. The only key here is, your internal linking should be relevant.
  • Passes link juice: It passes link juice from one page to another. This is one reason, I highly recommend to link from your old articles to a recent one.
  • On page SEO benefit: Interlinking also helps in on-page SEO.

Now, let’s look at all the solution for WordPress bloggers to interlink their blog posts like a pro.

Best WordPress Interlinking Plugins and tricks

1. LinkWhisper:

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Link whisper is the most advanced interlinking WordPress plugin available in the market. The beauty of the plugin is, once you install it, within seconds it will scan all of your WordPress websites and start suggesting you words that you could link to.

This is a unique plugin that helps in improving the internal link of WordPress.

Watch the below video to learn how Linkwhisper plugin helps in Internal linking SEO:

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This is the modern auto internal linking plugin for WordPress which is also Gutenberg ready.  Interlinks Manager plugin offers the following features which you would require in 2020:

  • Calculate the link juice
  • Set words to automatic link to link of your choice
  • Include/Exclude custom post type
  • Suggest internal links in the post-editing section (This is super useful)
  • Track the internal links
  • Export data to CSV
SEO Smart link premium
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Update: I don’t recommend SEO Smart link plugin anymore. (July 2020)

This plugin is for the automatic interlinking of blog articles. It automatically links your taxonomies (tags and categories) and you can set your own rules for automatic interlinking. For example, you can choose to link all articles with “Make money online” in them to link to a specific blog post. Such a command will automatically interlink old and future posts containing the word “Make money online” with your specific link.

Similarly, you can have unlimited linking and especially for blogs with huge content, this plugin is a time-saver. The premium version of the plugin also offers the caching feature so that your blog doesn’t slow down. This is a paid plugin and costs about $149.

Here is a detailed review of SEO Smart link premium plugin.

Note: I have not tested, but I have found this “Internal links manager” as a free alternative to SEO Smart links.

WordPress default Post interlinking
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WordPress also offers a default feature to let you quickly interlink your blog posts. Whenever you select a text and click on the hyperlink to add a link, you can search for your published post from there and link it directly to the anchor text.

This is a default feature of WordPress and it’s very useful.

Update: Yoast premium can also be used to improve internal linking. However, it’s not automated but worth looking at. You can read about it here.


Conclusion: Which is the best plugin for interlinking blog posts?

I currently use a combination of Linkwhisper + Yoast SEO Premium to manage internal linking. The manual internal linking offers better relevancy and Linkwhisper matching engine makes it easier to do just that.

There are a few more plugins that are available, but these are the best solutions that you can use for WordPress interlinking. Do let me know what strategy you follow for blog posts interlinking.

Don’t forget to share this guide with other bloggers, as it would help them to understand the importance of interlinking and how to do it.

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WordPress internal linking plugin
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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

34 thoughts on “4 Best WordPress internal linking plugin to improve URL Rating for SEO”

  1. Thanks for such great advice, one thing I want to know, when ever I use interlinking, I get a new comment in comments section which appears this post link as new comment. Should I approve that comments? Did you get what I mean? In other words, when I interlink my older post in my new post. and publish it, I got a comment for moderation. Why I get this and Is it harmful to approve or not?

    Kindly help me I am really confused on this matter.

      1. Harsh, thanks for your answer, but why I should use No self ping plugin. Is there not other way, I am asking this because I don’t think every website is using this? I already have lot of plugins in use but will it not effect on my page load speed when I have lots of plugins.

        How other blogs deal with it? and sometimes I tried to find plugins from others blog views source, I can’t see they are using much plugins but they are all set.. Please guide me. My 6 months old blog ranking is suddenly decreases without any error in webmaster tools, I think its because I am doing inter post linking a lot with self ping as well.

        Sorry I wrote too much 🙂

        1. @Zubi
          This is plug & play plugin & doesn’t affect load time. I have been using it from past 8 years.

  2. Hi harsh,

    Thanks again for this wonderful article, I really want one plugin which helps for internal linking I think these all plugin work properly because I don’t know more about interlinking.

  3. Shreyash Bhagat

    hi Harsh,
    its been 2 days now I m following your blogging tips for my blog and they are very helpful thank you for these posts I will be using the interlinking on my blog too.

  4. Initially I relied on a plugin that I found in WP directory of plugins when searched for an interlinking tool. That plugin turned out to be a hell literally. May be, either I didn’t know how to use it or it was by default complicated. It picked out any term from a said post and interlinked whatever the link from within the similar category. The plugin even didn’t spare ‘and’ ‘or’ and ‘with’ . When I noticed the chaos, I uninstalled it.

    Now, as you suggested me these 4, let me check if they could be life saving. Thanks for pioneering. Have a blast Harsh.

  5. Franciele Gassy

    I am using SEO Smart link Premium plugin from around 2 months and I can see my job has reduced drastically and I can now focus on other things as this plugin works like a charm.

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