LinkWhisper Review + Free Setup Guide (2024) : Get $15 Special Discount

Have you heard of the LinkWhisper WordPress plugin?

If you have not, you may have been missing out on improving your WordPress blog internal link structure.

LinkWhisper Review
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Today, In this Linkwhisper review you will learn everything about this popular upcoming WordPress internal link management plugin.

Everyone knows that Internal link is one great technique to improve WordPress SEO. A great example for the same is ShoutMeLoud and Wikipedia.

Today, you will learn how exactly you could replicate an aspect of ShoutMeLoud and Wikipedia SEO strategy for your website.

But before that… Let’s look at the basics:

What is LinkWhisper WordPress plugin:

LinkWhisper is a popular link management WordPress plugin, which helps in improving WordPress SEO. It utilizes a SEO technique called “Internal links SEO” to pass on the SEO link juice from one page to another. Is also helps search engine bots crawl your website effectively.

LinkWhisper makes it super easy to analyze an entire WordPress website and recommends the possibility of creating new internal links. It also helps in fixing the cannibalization which may have happened due to improper anchor text linking.

This plugin is developed by Spencer Haws who is also the mind behind Longtailpro. New features are being added on this plugin at a rapid rate, and based on my interaction with Spencer, he is aiming to make it the best WordPress internal linking plugin.

There are many more features, and benefits of using LinkWhisper WordPress plugin, which you and I will explore in the further section of this article.

Before we move to detailed LinkWhisper review…

You can watch this video to learn everything about LinkWhisper plugin, or read on to learn more.

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Alright, if you watched this video, and understood the advantages of LinkWhisper plugin, you can buy the plugin using the below link.

Buy LinkWhisper plugin ($15 discount Coupon code: SHOUTMELOUD)

Here are a few must-know features of Link Whisper:

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This is #1 feature that makes LinkWhisper plugin, value for money. Here is how LinkWhisper suggested link works:

When you are writing or editing an article, the plugin automatically suggests which article you should link to on your website.

You have complete control over which anchor text should be used for linking, and the process is super smooth. This is the first feature that compelled me to try this plugin, and made me write a detailed LinkWhisper review for you.

Another important thing to pay attention here is, you can select the option to show link suggestions within the category. I prefer using this most of the time, to make the linking more contextually related.

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LinkWhisper provides you a dashboard where you could analyze the internal links and external links of any article on your website. This is the best place to start using LinkWhisper for improving the internal links, and also adding external links. (learn how outbound link helps in SEO)

Here is a tip:

  1. Find the pages with zero incoming internal links
  2. Click on + icon, and add internal links to such orphan pages

This is perhaps the best way to start improving internal links structure.

3. Fix Keyword Cannibalization:

This is an indirect benefit of the LinkWhisper plugin, and if done right, it could help you get out of Google SEO penalty.

While creating more internal links helps in boosting overall SEO, using wrong anchor text can sometimes do more harm than any good.

Especially, if your website is penalized due to “keyword cannibalization“, LinkWhisper could help you see which anchor text is used to link to a particular post, and you can quickly fix wrong anchor text to improve anchor text SEO.

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Link Whisper also offers an easy to use configuration option that let you configure a few options such as:

  • Include/exclude certain post type
  • Open links in a new tab
  • Exclude numbers and specified words from link suggestions

There are many more direct and indirect benefits of LinkWhisper plugin, Such as:

  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Increased average time on the website
  • Improve search engine crawling
  • Help you identify orphan pages on your WordPress website

and more…

LinkWhisper is fairly priced and costs about $67 for a single site license. They offer 3 plans, and 10 site license costs about $147, which is idle for any agency offering SEO services to their client. You should pick the LinkWhisper license based on the number of websites you have.

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LinkWhisper discount code:

Spencer (the brain behind LinkWhisper) was gracious enough to share this special LinkWhisper discount code for the ShoutMeLoud audience.

You can use coupon code “SHOUTMELOUD” on the checkout page to get $15 discount.

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  • This coupon works on any of these licenses
  • You will get a flat $15 discount on your LinkWhisper purchases.

Link Whisper plugin is fairly easy to use, and in most of the cases, it is a plug and plays plugin.

You can watch the below video to learn:

👍🏻 How to setup LinkWhisper plugin
🔥 How to use LinkWhisper plugin
🎉 How to add Internal links in WordPress using Linkwhisper

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If you still have any questions regarding setting up or using Link Whisper plugin, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

LinkWhisper Review: Should you buy?

Linkwhisper is value for money. The plugin is being rapidly developed, and new features are added with every major release.

The plugin costs only $52 with a $15 discount coupon “ShoutMeLoud” and helps you improve your WordPress on-site and On-page SEO.

As nothing is perfect, I feel one feature that Linkwhisper lack currently is “Auto-linker”. This feature alone could double the value of this plugin, and probably price too. But, for now, this is a useful WordPress SEO Plugin, that any established WordPress website should be using. Also, you are not locked in after using this plugin, as all the internal links that are created using this plugin stays even after you will disable or delete the plugin.

I believe this only link management plugin you would ever need in the future.

Link Whisper plugin FAQ’s

⭐️ Does links created with Linkwhisper works after uninstalling the plugin?

Yes, all the links created using Linkwhisper stays as it is, even after uninstalling or disabling the plugin. This way, you are not dependent on the plugin forever.

⭐️Is Linkwhisper recommended for a new WordPress website?

For a new website, managed by a single author, Linkwhisper does not add a lot of value. However, if you are running a multi-author content website on WordPress, it could be helpful.

⭐️ Who should buy Linkwhisper?

Linkwhisper is idle for any kind of WordPress website, including e-commerce websites on WordPress. The only exception is a brand new website, as they lack content.

Here is a related video that you should watch next:

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