MonsterInsights Review – Features, Pricing & Is It Really Worth it?

MonsterInsights Review
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Have you heard of the MonsterInsights plugin?

If not, grab a cup of coffee, as you are going to learn about the most popular Google Analytics WordPress plugin.

I have been using MonsterInsights for more than two years, and earlier I thought it was just another Google Analytics plugin that let you integrate WordPress with Google analytics.

However, when I looked closely, I realized how powerful this plugin is, and how it could influence the revenue, and traffic of our website. MonsterInsights make send out of Google Analytics data, and I will help you understand its benefits in a moment.

But before that..

What is MonsterInsights?

Monster Insights is a Google Analytics WordPress plugin that let you integrate Google Analytics, Google optimize on your WordPress website.

The best part is, you will be able to see all Google analytics data in the WordPress dashboard.

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What I liked the most, all these data are presented to help you quickly make a decision.

MonsterInsights simplifies Google Analytics for every type of businesses:

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  • Publishers (Bloggers)
  • Store Owners (E-commerce)
  • Business websites
  • SEO and digital marketing Agencies

Download MonsterInsights Premium | Download Free Version

To truly understand the potential of MonsterInsights, let’s explore the addons of MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights addon that adds real value to WordPress:

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1. Page Insights addon:

This add-on lets you see page level Google Analytics data, which is very useful when doing a content audit, or even if you want to see the performance of any individual posts or page.

Once this add-on is installed, you can see page level data from the front end admin bar (As shown below)

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or you could see from “all posts” section of WordPress backend.

This module could be the single most reason for you to purchase Monsterinsights.

With Affiliate link tracking module, you could see:

  • Traffic sources of your highest converting visitors, so you can focus on promoting your content where it gets you the best ROI.
  • Top earning pages where your affiliate links with the most clicks are placed, so you can optimize your highest-earning pages to make more money.

Once you activate the “Affiliate link tracking module”, you can configure the settings by heading to Insights > Settings > Publisher

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From here on, Monsterinsights will track affiliate clicks as events in Google Analytics.

You can head over to Behaviour » Events » Overview to see the detailed data:

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You also have an option to see the data within the WordPress dashboard. This module works with all popular WordPress affiliate link cloaking plugins such as PrettyLink and ThirstyAffiliates.

3. Ecommerce Tracking for WordPress

The Ecommerce tracking addon integrates with popular e-commerce plugins for WordPress, such as:

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Once the addon is installed, the plugin will automatically start tracking e-commerce conversions. You do need to enable Ecommerce setup from Google Analytics admin dashboard, which should take 2 minutes.

From here on, you could see your e-commerce conversion data within the WordPress dashboard.

4. Custom Dimension Report

This module lets you add a lot of useful dimensions from your WordPress website to Google analytics.

After enabling this module, you will be able to track following in Google Analytics:

  • Most Popular authors
  • Most Popular categories
  • Most Popular Tags
  • Most Popular post type
  • Most popular Focus keywords
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And much more…

There are many more add-ons that you could use.

Some of the other popular Monsterinsights addons are:

  • Ad tracking module
  • AMP analytics module
  • Facebook Instant article module
  • Forms conversion module
  • Performance and optimize module

Now, you should install only those modules which is useful for your website type.

Monsterinsights pricing: Is MonsterInsights worth it?

MonsterInsights is available as free, and paid version. The free version (More than 2+ million installs) offers basic features such as :

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Google Analytics data + Real-time data in WordPress dashboard

To experience the true potential of MonsterInsights, you need one of their paid plans.

The below pricing chart compares all the three plans of Monsterinsights:

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The base plan starts at $99 for a year, however, the plan that makes MonsterInsights worth buying is the pro plan, which costs $399, and usually available at a discount of 30-50%.

Download Monsterinsights plugin | Download Free Version

MonsterInsights Review: My experience

IMO MonsterInsights is a powerful plugin, and it helps webmasters to truly enjoy the power of Google analytics. Be it a store owner, a creator, webmaster, MonsterInsights has something for everyone.

The only stopping point for many could be the high pricing, and thus not idle for newbies. But for anyone, who likes to dwell into data, MonsterInsights definitely adds a ton of value More over, it will help you learn, and get more out of Google analytics.

However, be ready to spend 1-2 hours initially to set up the plugin correctly. And, make sure to revisit data every now, and then to make most out of it.

Overall, MonsterInsights has become my go-to Google Analytics WordPress plugin.

Buy MonsterInsights Premium | Download Free Version

MonsterInsights discount coupon:

At the time of writing this review, MonsterInsights is available at 50% discount.

You can use coupon “INTRO50” to get 50% off.

In case the above promo is gone, you can use “ShoutMeLoud” coupon to get 20% off on your order.

If you have used MonsterInsights, then do let me know your feedback and experience?

Here are a few FAQs related to MonsterInsights:

How much time does it take to set up MonsterInsights?

The authentication with Google Analytics is fast, and should not take more than 3-4 minutes. A lot of modules are plug and play. A few modules like “Custom dimension”, could take 20-30 minutes to configure. Overall, keep 1-2 hours in your hand for MonsterInsights configuration.

Is there a service that helps you set up MonsterInsights?

You can drop an email via our contact page, and one of our analytics and WordPress expert will configure MonsterInsights for you.

How does MonsterInsights work? Is it an alternative to Google analytics?

MonsterInsights is not an alternative to Google analytics. It actually helps you integrate Google Analytics to your WordPress website and present data in a more meaningful way.

Is there a discount coupon for MonsterInsights?

You can use the following Monsterinsights discount coupons:
INTRO50 – 50% Discount
ShoutMeLoud – 20% Discount

Are there any alternatives to MonsterInsights?

Analytify, and SiteKit by Google offers some features as MonsterInsights. However, apart from manually configuring GA, there is no solid MonsterInsights alternative out there.

Do let me know if you have any additional questions regarding MonsterInsights plugin? Also, let me know if you want me to review any other WordPress plugin.

If you find this review of MonsterInsights useful, do share it with your network on LinkedIn.

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