9 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins For 2024

Social Media PluginKey Features & PricingDirect Link
Novashare✓ Lightweight social sharing plugin
✓ Extensive social networks support
✓ Click to Tweet block
✓ Starting price: $24.95/year
Social Snap✓ Supports 30+ social networks
✓ Multiple placement options & customization
✓ Click to Tweet block
✓ Starting price: $39/year
Social Warfare✓ Free & Pro versions available
✓ Analytics Integration (UTM tracking)
✓ Custom Button Design & Placement
✓ Starting price: $29/year
Easy Social Share✓ A/B testing for button placement
✓ Trigger buttons based on user actions
✓ Social share analytics
✓ Plugin price: $22
Monarch✓ Over 20 social networks
✓ 5 button placement locations
✓ 6 automatic pop-up & fly-in triggers
✓ Starting price: $89/year (package)
Jetpack✓ Widely recognized WordPress plugin
✓ Integrated social sharing feature
✓ Easy activation if already using Jetpack
AddToAny Share Buttons✓ Over 100 sharing & social buttons
✓ Responsive sharing buttons
✓ Google Analytics integration
Free plugin
Sassy Social Sharing✓ Supports over 110 social networks
✓ Fully GDPR compliant
✓ Doesn’t save any cookies in the browser
Free plugin
Social Media Share Buttons✓ Free & Pro versions available
✓ 200+ networks with 16 share icons designs
✓ Upload custom share icons
✓ Non-commercial sites price – $29.98
Best WordPress Social Media Plugins
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2024 just started and the impact of social media continues to rise. It’s time we plan for the future and keep ourselves a step ahead of others.

As I said, with the reach and impact of social media growing at an unparalleled pace, it is essential for bloggers to reach out to their followers as well.

Do you know what the best way to do so is?

Let me tell you.

Integrating social sharing buttons on their blogs. By incorporating social bookmarking and sharing buttons, you will give your readers the ability to quickly share your blog posts on their favorite social networking sites.

Doing so will help you drive more traffic from social media sites which will, in turn, also help improve your search engine ranking.

Huge benefits with little effort. Isn’t that great?

I have already discussed the advantages of social media sharing for SEO and how important it is for every blogger to add social media sharing buttons to their blog from day one.

Also read:

Do remember, “less is the new more“, so only add those social sharing buttons which are useful.

I would recommend that you add at least the essential ones to start with – the Facebook share, WhatsApp share, Twitter share, and Pinterest “pin” buttons.

Depending on your blog’s demographics, you can also consider using additional buttons such as LinkedIn, Reddit, Telegram, etc., but this should be done carefully so that you don’t overload your blog with unnecessary social share buttons.

Got it?

Now, there are many WordPress social media plugins out there, but I have listed below the best plugins for you to start using today.

  1. Novashare
  2. Social Snap
  3. Social Warfare plugin
  4. Easy Social Share Plugin
  5. Monarch by Elegant Themes
  6. Jetpack
  7. Share Buttons by AddToAny
  8. Sassy Social Sharing Plugin
  9. Social Media Share Buttons by UltimatelySocial

Best Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress in 2024

1. Novashare

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Novashare is a newly released social sharing plugin. Novashare only adds 6 KB and 2 requests to the front end of your site.

Novashare, unlike other social share plugins, uses inline SVG icons instead of third-party icons which means there are no additional libraries or DNS lookups needed just for the icons. Their count refresh rate options use a staggered approach, which is the best for performance because it keeps API calls down. This makes it even faster!

Here are notable features of Novashare:

  • ClickToTweet feature
  • UTM tagging feature 
  • Pinterest Pin images feature

Novashare is developed in native WordPress style, and is newbie friendly. You can literally configure this plugin within seconds. 

They also have the “Share Count Recovery feature”. This feature can combine your previous domain and your current domain’s social share counts which is helpful after domain migration.

Novashare share buttons are optimized for both desktop and mobile. You can also set breakpoints so that when the browser’s viewport is above or below the breakpoint, social share buttons hide.

The follow widget feature helps you get new social media followers. 

So, if you ask me… this is it. A modern, super fast, lightweight, and easy to use social media share WordPress plugin. 

For a complete guide about Novashare and its feature check our Review of Novashare.

2. Social Snap

Social Snap
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Social Snap is a powerhouse of a social sharing plugin, and it does much more than just adding social sharing icons. It supports over 30 of the most popular social networks and lets you place the sharing buttons in a variety of places for optimal results. It even lets you place sharing buttons with a shortcode, which is a rare feature.

You can read my earlier review of SocialSnap plugin, to learn more about it.

You also have complete control over the design of the buttons. You can choose a shape and size, choose from unlimited colour options, labels, and even add a little animation to the buttons, which is pretty amazing and eye-catching.

Social Snap Placement Options
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Social Snap accurately tracks the number of shares for all networks using APIs and clicks, and you can even preserve your share count if you change your URL—which is very important.

There are many other important features, and the developers even have some add-ons to the plugin (available on some plans), which will help you auto post on social media, revive your old posts, lock your content and force users to share it.

3. Social Warfare plugin

Social Warfare is a feature-rich plugin.

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The Social Warfare plugin comes in 2 versions, the free version, and the Pro version. The free version has all the basic features that you would need to set up social sharing on your website. But if you’re serious about social sharing, then you should opt for the pro version, which is not that expensive considering its value.

The free version lets you pick from the most popular social networks, and offers 4 different placements for the buttons, including floating bars.

The sharing counts are pulled in with the API, and you can also change some open-graph data to customize the look of the shared post. Read my review of Socialwarfare to learn more about this plugin.

The Pro version supports additional networks, adds a pin-it button on your images, gives you full control over open-graph tags, and many other important features.

You can also set up author attribution and configure the sharing options so that your username is automatically added to the shares. Apart from that, you will be able to track your shares with shortened links and UTM Parameters.

Social Warfare WordPress plugin
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Here are some of the features that persuaded me to buy this plugin:

  • Drag & drop feature to add/remove social network (see screenshot above)
  • Show Twitter share count (unique feature)
  • Add sharing button above or below your content
  • Add floating sharing buttons (highly recommended to get more shares)
  • Support short URL & Analytics Tracking to see how much traffic you get from social media sharing
  • Frame buster to stop others from framing your content
  • Excellent support
  • Add ‘Pin It’ button to all images of your blog
  • Has added support for WhatsApp button

If you are looking for one option which works for both desktop & mobile, Social Warfare is the right WordPress plugin for you.

4. Easy Social Share Plugin

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If you are looking for an alternative to the Social Warfare plugin, Easy Social Share is a perfect solution for you. Despite being a premium plugin, it costs only $22, and you can install in on multiple websites. Recently, they released the 7.2 version of Easy Social Share plugin with many cutting-edge features. This plugin is used by over 300,000 websites and is still one of the highest rated plugins in the Codecanyon repo.

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This plugin offers many advanced features such as A/B testing your social media buttons placement & you can trigger social sharing buttons to show based on user action. That could be after commenting or when user is about to click the exit button.

5. Monarch by Elegant Themes

Download Monarch WordPress plugin
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If you are looking for a paid WordPress Social Media plugin, look no further than Monarch.

Not only does this plugin let you add social media sharing buttons in various places on your blog, but the buttons are also created with the goal of encouraging sharing.

Monarch social sharing plugin
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Monarch lets you add sharing buttons in various places including ‘flight’. Fly-ins are generally used for adding email subscriptions, but if you are someone who understands the importance of social media, you may want to consider using this option for social media sharing as well.

What I like the most about the Monarch plugin is that it also lets you add sharing buttons on mobile sites. The placement will ensure that you get a good number of shares even on mobile phones. 

To download the Monarch plugin, you will need to buy a license for Elegant Themes which includes access to all of their themes and a few more premium plugins.

6. Jetpack

Jetpack social sharing buttons
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Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins mainly because it can add many features to your blog.

One of the many features of this plugin is that it allows you to add social media sharing buttons to your WordPress website.

If you already use the Jetpack plugin, you can activate the sharing module and add your desired sharing buttons. You can learn more about the Jetpack plugin here.

You can also check out the official page on activating Jetpack’s sharing buttons.

7. Share Buttons by AddToAny

Share buttons by AddToAny
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Share Buttons is another advanced plugin for integrating social media share buttons.

Well, the name suggests it all!

Now, the reason why I used the word “advanced” is that this plugin comes with lots of customization options. Share Buttons by AddToAny will let you add responsive sharing buttons on your blog (which is a big plus).

Additionally, AddToAny lets you add over 100+ sharing buttons (not that you need that many). There are also plenty of placement options.

One of the best features of this plugin is that it allows you to track your social media sharing using Google Analytics.

8. Sassy Social Sharing Plugin

Sassy Social Sharing is another powerful social sharing plugin for WordPress. It is completely free to use, and fully GDPR compliant. In fact, it does not insert any sort of tracking cookies on your browser.

It supports over 100 different social networks and offers plenty of options to customize the position and appearance of the sharing buttons. A unique feature of this plugin is that it integrates with myCRED, using which you can reward your users for sharing your content.

The only drawback of this plugin is that it has limited tracking options. But, for a free plugin, it is pretty good.

9. Social Media Share Buttons by UltimatelySocial

Subscribe on YouTube

If you solely go by the number of ratings, then this plugin has the highest number of 5-star ratings of any plugin we’ve mentioned. But there is a reason that I have placed it on the bottom of my recommendations.

On the surface, the plugin has excellent features. It is a freemium plugin, and the free version supports over 200 networks with 16 designs for sharing icons. You can place the buttons on multiple positions, and even configure pop-ups for social sharing.

Considering these features, the reasons this plugin is low on my recommendation list is that it adds a credit link to your website (the premium version removes it), and it does not have any tracking support whatsoever.

If you want to check out some other popular social sharing plugins, here are a few more that you may wish to consider:

If you use any other plugin and would like to recommend them to other Shouters, feel free to write back to us using the comment section.

Also, as we have been talking about sharing, please remember to share this post with your friends on social media sites! 😉

Here are a few other hand-picked guides for you to read next:

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Until next time.

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  1. Naman Modi

    Compared to other sharing plugins, Social Warfare Pro has outdone itself. No other social sharing tool can provide great features such as social optimization tools, twitter share count, click to tweet features, and twitter cards. I give this plugin thumbs up to its developers. It has been my choice, and have used it for years hence, am sure it will be yours too. Get it to maximize your WordPress website or blog experience.

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    Thanks for providing best options for social media sharing plugin. I really love the Monarch free social sharing plugin. It really easy to use with cool features

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    I’m using super socializer plugin now migrating to jetpack plugin txs for the update

  4. Pawan Sahani

    MashShre is another great social media plugin which I’m using one my site. It offers Facebook, Twitter and subscription buttons with free version, it provides 14 different premium add-ons. I’m going to buy few add-ons very soon.

  5. Kate

    Great list of social sharing plugins. My personal favorite is Ultimate Social Deux. I just love how those buttons look, and the counters make them even more alluring and at the same time very useful. BTW, which plugin are you using to show the floating sharing buttons on SML?

    Thanks and Regards,

  6. banky

    Hello Harsh
    Can You recommend a good “Share to download” wordpress plugin.
    All the ones i come across are old & not sure are still working.
    I need my website visitors to Share my page on Fb,twitter or G+ before having Access to download my FREE Digital Product.

  7. Rawat G

    Hi I was using jetpack sharing buttons but now I will shift to social warfare, its easy to handle and looks cool, Thanks Harsh for this useful post

  8. Joseph

    JetPack Sharing tool has always been my social media sharing tool for my blog, although am trying out SumoMe plugin to know which is more effective… Nice article though

  9. Milan

    Hi everyone! I use microblog poster to auto republish old blog posts to my facebook and twitter. Great wp plugin!

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    My favorite one is shareaholic. It is working great and it is free.

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    I’m using AddToMany for few months now, its doing good . Simple , mobile responsive too .

    Thanks for sharing this Harsh .

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    Nice articles with great information, i’ll try SumoMe plugin and see how it works out….

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    Can you please suggest social media share button plugin for specific web pages?

  15. Christopher

    I’m surprised I didn’t see Easy Social Share buttons. How about that? That’s what I use on my site and it has all the functions of the first plugin you mentioned.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I’m trying Easy Social share buttons plugin & undoubtedly it is full of features. However, I found this plugin slows down the blog because of too many features. Also, too many features are overwhelming.

  16. Melanie Tamble

    Thank you for this awesome list, Harsh.

    I am a big fan of the Get Social plugin for its great design and options. I use the regular social icon bar as well as the floating bar. Both work fine for me. I have another blog where I use the Mashare social sharing icons, which are also great and Mashare like DC Simple Share Buttons works without external scripts, so it does not impact page speed.

    For sharing images from my site, I find the WWM Social Share On Image Hover plugin quite helpful. The plugin adds 6 social media icons on your Post images: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Pinterest, and Tumblr. It will shows the social media icons automatically on hover the post images on your site. You may align the social icons on the top left, top right oder the bottom left or right. The set up is very simple.

    For active sharing of blog posts, try the Blog2Social plugin for its powerful options for cross-promoting your posts to social media with the option to customize each post to optimum for each network and schedule it appropriately. I’d love to hear what you think.

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    For sometime I have been using shareholic but it continues to mess up all the time now. I will give Monarch a go.

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    Thanks HARSH for sharing that. How about Easy Social Share button ? they have a huge list of features and great positive reviews.

    Thanks Again.

  19. Ronald Heijnes

    After testing many plugins, also some of the mentioned ones, I ended up using Easy Social Share by AppsCreo. For only $19,- you get a load of features and it doesn’t slow the site down. It’s the only paid plugin I use, and I love it!

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    First of all i would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to you for this resourceful and helpful article. This article is all in one social sharing plugin solution for the both newbie and professionals for choosing the right plugin for blogs. Your content has given focus not only on plugins selection but also every segment of the blogs social networking effectively. Definitely, it will help me and others to choose the best plugin out of thousands from the WordPress repository. Thanks Once again.

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