How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button on your Blog (with Pictures)


Want to add YouTube subscribe button to get more YouTube subscriber base?

One of the easiest ways to grow your social media follower is by placing the subscription button on your blog. If you have a decent traffic blog, subscribe buttons for different social networking sites, will make it easier for your readers to follow you.

Earlier I have covered about Facebook fan box, and today I will be talking about YouTube subscribe button for your YouTube channel.

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YouTube is one of the popular video sharing sites, and for any content marketer, it’s one of the must-have social channels.

I publish atleast 3-5 videos every month on my YouTube channel over here, and I could see a significant growth of followers due to updates, and also due to Youtube subscribe button, here at ShoutMeLoud sidebar.

How to create YouTube subscribe button:

Youtube released new buttons for channel subscription, and surprisingly this time they also rolled out subscription button for paid channels too.

This new Youtube channel subscription button can be grabbed from the official page over here, and it comes with few customization options. The best part about new YouTube subscribe button is, your readers can directly subscribe to your Youtube page, without leaving your blog. Provided, they are logged into their Google account.

Youtube subscribe button
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You can create your YouTube follow button by using your Youtube channel name or channel ID. You can grab channel ID from this page.

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Once you have generated the code, you can use it on any kind of blog (Blogger, WordPress) or even in your blog articles.

Here is an example of how new Youtube buttons will look like:

You can also use the above widget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Adding YouTube Subscribe button on WordPress:

If you are looking for methods to add YouTube subscription buttons on your WordPress powered websites, here are a few plugins that works great.

YouTube subscribe:

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This is a simple and easy to use widget friendly WordPress plugin. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, from widget section, you can configure the settings for the subscription button.

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Download Plugin

Now, I recommend you to read following articles to get better with YouTube marketing:

So far, my YouTube channel helped me to get traffic from Youtube, and also it helped me to make a decent amount of money via YouTube AdSense partnership. I use Camtasia to create screencast and video tutorials.

Here is one example of a video that I made with Camtasia:


If you want to know, how I made this intro bumper for my Video blog, you can check out this video. Now the new YouTube button will help you to increase your Youtube followers.

Do let me know if you are into video blogging or not? If you find this quick post useful, do share it on your favorite social networking site.

Subscribe on YouTube

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  1. Craig

    Great information Harsh. Haven’t thought about adding a subscribe button to my blog. Could definitely be helpful as I seem to drive a number of my blog visitors to my YouTube channel, and vice versa…

  2. Jay

    Great tips I am in the process of adding a Youtube subscriber button to my blog as I write this comment.

    Thanks great post.

  3. Himanshu

    Hello sir

    i follow all step that you mention

    when i copy my code i see that type of error “These aren’t the XSS vulnerabilties you’re looking for.”

    How can i fix it please help me.

  4. Utham

    Great post. It helped me in increasing subscribers for my YouTube channel.. 😀 Thanks a lot! 🙂

  5. kurakaniz

    thank you harsh for your post. i want my youtube url to shorten as yours like /user/denharsh. i do have long url mixed with number and alphabets. i have url as plz help

  6. Guido

    Hi Harsh,

    I noticed you have a subscribe button below your all of your embedded videos on your site. Are you using a plugin for that, or did you add them manually?

  7. Rohit Mewada

    Hello Hearch, Please can you tell me how Add Youtube Subscribe Button below youtube Video like yours.

      1. slave of Jesus

        The above article and (the comment of Chetan Nada) was very helpful for me to add the YT gadget on my blogspot blog with one click. Thanks, God Bless!

  8. Avish

    Thank You Harsh, By updating you tube button details.

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