How To Become A YouTube Partner (Everything You Need To Know)


Video blogging is becoming popular and YouTube is one of the favorite site for others to host their videos.

Do you know you can make money from videos which you are uploading on YouTube by using the YouTube partnership program.

Moreover, by becoming a Youtube partner, you will get a more detailed insight of your uploaded videos.

When you search online  “how to get the YouTube partnership ?”

Some people will say that you need that much of  subscribers or that much of  total upload views, but the real requirements to become YouTube partner are:

  1. You need to have at least 1000 YouTube subscribers
  2. Have at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months
  3. You can easily get YouTube partnership when you are making videos by yourself, i.e not copying anybodies content, uploading those videos of which you are the owner, having copyrights etc.
  4. If you are regularly uploading videos like minimum one video per week.
  5. Make such videos that are helpful to others, you can make on tutorials, we make on health related issues.
  6. You should have adsense account to apply for YouTube partnership.
  7. Getting into YouTube Partnership program is not easy. Your earlier uploaded videos should have significant views.

Benefits of becoming a Youtube partner

  1. You will be able to make money from videos uploaded by you on YouTube using AdSense.
  2. When you are approved as a partner, you will be given a branding option, through which you will be able to put banners and image maps, able to connect google analytics account, and can add video page banner. There are more features you will get access to when you become a YouTube partner.
  3. More branding features

Every time when you will upload a new video youtube will ask you to write “I created this video and I own all rights to all content in the video” and you need to tick that you have not recorded any live programs or live events, or t.v shows etc.

You can see complete list of benefits which you will get after becoming a YouTube partner here.

YouTube Pay:

Once you get the partnership from YouTube, you will also be able to track your earning from YouTube from your channel. I’m a YouTube partner for a long time (not as active as I should be), but my YouTube pay would help you to make a bettter decision:

  • Save

Here are a few resources that will help you in acing the vlogging:

If you are one of those who creates original videos, you can learn more about YouTube AdSense partnership on the official page and apply for YouTube partnership program.

Do let us know if you are going to apply for YouTube Partnership and planning to make money out of  YouTube videos?

How much revenue is it making for you and what other benefits you are getting for being a YouTube partner?

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30 thoughts on “How To Become A YouTube Partner (Everything You Need To Know)”

  1. Cletus

    I registered with YouTube. that same day I got verified as partner with 3 videos no single view. following day I applied for Google AdSense with twelve videos having less than twenty views in all the videos put together
    in less than 4 hours I got approval. I had a blog I intended getting AdSense for. can I use this YouTube one for my blog. I need help here. thanks

  2. Mannat

    Hil harsh I have 1 youtube account have 1 lakh views but my earning is $3.33 only..can u tell me why its so low..
    I have checked your earning image here it has 19K views and $30 earning..why my earning low.would u pls explaine

  3. Adeyinka Emeka

    I got approved into the YouTube Partnership with O subscribers on my channel, the thing is I had created the channel 6 months before I applied, I had only one video on the channel, the video was my original created video, it was when my YouTube partnership got approved that I was able to open an AdSense account, it’s now from that AdSense account that I started posting adverts on my blog even when blogger adsense says I’m not qualified.
    Hope this helps someone!!

  4. chandan

    Hello Sir,

    My adsense account is banned due to invalid clicks. I being an inexperienced beginner user created this disaster for myself. Few times I clicked on ads by proxy site, some times I clicked on ads from computer I used to logon my same gmail account.

    But after getting it banned I am regretting for all those experiments. I am more concerned about losing my Youtube monetization, which is disabled because my adsense is permanently banned.

    I appealed using their standard form, but no luck. Can you please guide me in this situation?


  5. Nikhil

    hey gaurav plz guide me about this youtube partner program. and after how many weeks u got aproved for youtube program and tell me how much we can earn after gets added in youtube partner. and also tell do we must need an website to start this all, plz guide how can open my new website. plz reply on my email

  6. vaibhav singh

    Hi Everyone,

    I monetized my youtube channel 2 weeks ago and that time i had only 100 susbcribers and 3 videos.

    Here are few things which i have done before applying for monitization.
    1. I went through all my youtube settings and added my mobile number, websites and other verification things, i don’t remember exactly.

    2. All of my videos has youtube provided free music as background music….you can get it from your youtube channel> creation tool. Do not use any other music unless you have permission to use that or you are owner of that.

    3. Added channel trailer to my channel and also changed my channel URL, i am not sure if this is require or not.

    Like any other i also don’t understand google and youtube but if you try these things, i hope you’d also get adsense for your channel.

    Have a nice day

  7. Ankit Saini

    My friend uploaded his genuine work videos to Youtube but he doesn’t have adsense account. Please tell me, Can he able to apply for Youtube partner programme.


  8. Gaurav

    I got approved one month ago when i had only 9 subscribers in my channel and about less than 3000 views of all my videos
    I dont know how youtube approved me as youtube partners
    Because all says that to become a youtube partner
    you should have millions of video views
    But in my case it’s totally different

  9. Harsh

    I got it last month. It was a complete surprise for me as I have 1 yr old youtube channel but there are just 10 videos. One fine day (last month) I got invitation to join adsense network (mail as : Invitation to earn revenue from your YouTube videos). I hv now adsense with youtube + I can use it for publishing too. Yet to generate revenue from it but it shows me adsense dashboard!

  10. Gowtham

    As i am an Indian blogger ,I will give it a try too.
    So many indians have got approval from youtube considering the above comments.
    I thinks every one must give it a try:-)

  11. Gustavo @ GizmosHub

    I was thinking on advertising my site using youtube. But with this feature I think I may be able to earn more money and will also promoting my website.

  12. Seenu

    This is useful article. I don’t know about youtube partnership feature

  13. Michael Aulia

    I wonder how much money do people make from YouTube videos.. I barely click on AdSense ads on the videos as I find them really annoying (I mostly close the ad as quickly as I can)

    1. Nihar

      Thanks for this. I am new to this. Never heard about this.

      @Michael, We don’t click because we are into this business and know what are ads. We make out first what is ad and what is content. But those who are not into this may click just as if it is a link not as ad.

    2. drvikram008

      You earn better in video blogging, because no body want to read articles, every one want to see, that’s why videos are more popular, YouTube Pays you smartly, even I am getting very good traffic on my videos.

  14. Radu Tyrsina

    You should be from an English speaking country – UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia…

    you can’t get into this if you are from other countries

    1. Amit

      Nopes, I don’t think so. No country restrictions as such to become a YouTube partner. Or is it ?

      1. Harsh Agrawal

        Currently, the YouTube Partner Program is only available to users in India, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States. <via>

        1. Saket Jajodia

          So how Amit Agarwal (labnol) got it, he is from India…

          1. drvikram008

            Cheers!!! Indians are getting approval from Youtube.

          2. Harsh Agrawal

            I believe being a Premium adsense publisher or may be his influence and contribution. 🙂

          3. drvikram008

            Every Indian is getting approval from YouTube only after when your account has been upgraded for video uploads greater than 15 minutes. Recently I was also approved.

          4. Amit

            Oh….I didn’t knew that. I took Mr Agarwal as an example.

            But it is nowhere mentioned that You should have an Adsense account (mandatory) to be able to become a YouTube partner. I guess Using Adsense is purely on the wish of the YouTube a/c holder.

            Maybe that’s an exceptional case, as you said.

        2. drvikram008

          Now Indian’s Accounts are also being approved for YouTube Partnership Program, first they enable you for uploads more than 15 minutes after that you can submit your application to join as partner, they take 1-2 months to review your application and decides whether to give approval or not.

          1. Saket Jajodia

            2-3 months back one of my friends got a mail from YouTube to monetize one of his uploaded video… He use my AdSense a/c for the same…

          2. Harsh Agrawal

            He must be getting some good traffic for his videos.. Also do let us know how’s income via adsense for youtube videos??

  15. Saugat

    This might be the great inspiration for those who are involve on video blogging. As I have created few tutorials in my youtube channel by myself. I still thing that I am not ready for this. I will surely apply when the days come.

  16. Siddharth

    yes, i do went through this a week back and heard like the account should have quality uploads and many such things to enjoy all the benefits, as you said 🙂
    Thanks for the share !

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