Keyword Insights Review – Accelerate Your SEO Content Strategy with AI

Keyword Insights - Smart Keyword Tool
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Product Name: Keyword Insights


Keyword Insights - Smart Keyword Tool

Keyword Insights is an AI-driven content research and creation tool for marketers, simplifying keyword research and content brief generation. Its intuitive design and user-friendly resources enhance usability.

Key Features of Keyword Insights:
✓ Keyword Discovery
✓ Keyword Clustering
✓ Search Intent (Context)
✓ Cluster Analysis
✓ Content Briefs

While creating an SEO plan for a website, one of the most important aspects is creating a keyword strategy that boosts the topical authority of the website. Be it a SaaS, Ecom, or even an affiliate-based content website. If your keyword SEO strategy lacks keyword clustering, you will delay the chance of your website’s success from organic growth perspective.

Today, I’m introducing a new tool called Keyword Insights. This tool positions itself as an AI-driven content marketing platform, which offers AI writing as well, but the core of this tool is the Keyword research and clustering part. This is how they started, and now to make life easier for a content marketer, they offer complete solutions from content research to content production.

In this review of Keyword Insights, I will help you discover everything about this tool which is being loved by hundreds if not thousands of SEOs and marketers. This review is based on my personal experience and is not influenced by any external factors.

So if you are excited to discover a new SEO content tool that might become part of your SEO tool set, grab a cup of coffee ☕️ and read on.

Review of Keyword Insights – The Smart Keyword & Content Tool for SEO

What is Keyword Insights?

Keyword insights is a complete content research and creation tool for content marketers. This tool uses AI and ML to help you save time and money when it comes to performing keyword research, making sense of your keyword research, and creating content briefs.

The tool also offers an an AI writing tool (upcoming), depending upon your usage you can use that, or you can simply send the content brief to your writing team for content creation. The design is intuitive, and the founding team has done a good job of educating the users on how to use various features of Keyword Insights.

Watch this product demo to understand more about this tool or read on to learn more.

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The tool is built by well-known marketers Andy Chadwick and Suganthan Mohanadasa who have been in the SEO marketing industry for a really long time.

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Let’s understand how Keyword Insights could help you:

  1. Keyword discovery  – Generate an extensive list of targeted keywords around a given topic for any business.
  2. Keyword clustering – This feature will highlight the pages you need to create and which keywords can be targeted on those pages. As of now, to gain topical authority, keyword clustering has become an essential part of the keyword research process. 
  3. AI-driven content brief generator – Generate content brief with the help of AI in minutes. If you are looking to create content at scale, this is what you would need to save 60-70% of your time from content brief creation. 
  4. Content production – Send the content brief directly from the platform to your writer.  Or, use the upcoming in-built AI writing tool to create content.

How to start using Keyword Insights:

Once you create an account and login to the dashboard, you will be greeted with a screen like this which is self-explanatory.

Keyword Insights Features
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Keyword discovery – Create a list of SEO keywords

This is where all the magic of Keyword Insights starts.

You start by typing your topic and the tool will suggest keywords based on your input keyword. Once the result is populated, you can narrow down your list by inclusion and exclusion words. You can add additional filters such as search volume, CPC, and competition to narrow down your keyword research list further.

You have an option to export the keyword list in .csv format to work further on your keyword list.  This is useful, when you are also importing data from other keyword research platforms like Semrush or Ahrefs, for keyword clustering. 

My suggestion here is to create an extensive list of all keywords related to topic that you wish to dominate. This way, you will not miss out on low-hanging keywords.

Keyword Discovery
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Keyword clustering –

Keyword Insights was initially created to tackle the problem of keyword clustering, and they have evolved quite a lot since then. However, even now keyword clustering feature is one of the reasons why most content marketers and SEOs, love and use Keyword Insights. 

Here you have multiple options –

  • You can use the keyword research data from your Keyword insights (keyword discovery) directly to start clustering
  • Upload keyword research data from Semrush
  • Upload keyword research data from Ahrefs

Interestingly, before you start clustering your keywords, you can add data from multiple sources and let the tool cluster for you.

This not only saves a lot of time, but it helps you get a more accurate picture of clustered keywords and helps you make better decisions.  Example: You can add existing keywords from Google search console which will help in keyword clustering. 

Keyword Clustering
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Note – If you have used any other keyword clustering tools, one of the challenges you might have faced is creating an exported keyword research data file from Semrush or Ahrefs compatible with the keyword cluster tool of your choice. Keyword Insights handles this very intelligently, and when you upload the keyword file, you just need to select the keyword column and volume column, and everything gets easier. I have discussed this in the video below. 

Note 2- The tool also offers an option to detect and delete duplicate rows, which helps you save money when you run the clustering tool. I have discussed the pricing in the later part of this review of Keyword Insights, but what you need to know is they work on the “Pay per-usage” model. 

One of the challenges you might face is to interpret the data that is generated with the help of the Keyword insights clustering tool. To make sense out of it, watch the below video to have a clear understanding of it.

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This video will also help you understand the hub and spoke model which will be useful for your journey as an SEO and content marketer.

Create automated Content brief –

If you have been creating content for a while, I’m sure you are aware of how important it is now to create a content brief based on existing data from Google searches. Keyword insights content brief tool lets you do that in minutes, and helps you save significant time in the process.

And if you are like me who loves to sprinkle the manual work, you will not be disappointed, as you can edit the content brief before you send it over to your writing team for content production.

Note: The team seems to be adding new features, so do expect more features and UI and other changes when you use the Keyword Insights tool.

Additional features of Keyword Insights:

SERP Similarity – 

Keyword Insights SERP Similarity
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SERP similarity is an anti-keyword cannibalization tool that lets you compare two or three keywords to find if SERP sees them as different keywords or part of one page. If you remember, I talked about keyword cannibalization before, and this is a nice addition to the keyword cannibalisation toolset

Keyword Insights Vs. Semrush Vs. Ahrefs

Semrush and Ahrefs are some of the most used SEO tools out there, and it is the de facto standard in the industry. However, both of these tools offer so many features that you may not need, and this is where Keyword Insights is needed.

You will not find features like Rank tracking, and SEO site audit to name a few on the Keyword Insights AI platform because it is designed for content marketing. Whereas tools like Semrush and Ahrefs offers a complete suite of SEO tool which you will need.

However, the biggest differentiator here is the pricing part. With as low as $58/month, you can get started with Keyword Insights.

Keyword Insights Price
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For Semrush and Ahrefs, you need to spend $129/month and $99/month respectively to enjoy the basic features.

Semrush Price
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Again, you should decide which tool to use based on the features you need. If you need more than a content marketing tool, then Semrush offers everything a marketer or an agency could possibly think of. If you need only an SEO tool, then you can consider Ahrefs but it lacks many features such as content brief and a few others.

Note: If you just want to use the Keyword clustering feature of Keyword insights, you have an option to do that. You can opt for pay as you go plan, and import keywords from your existing keyword research tools, and use the clustering feature.

Review Conclusion – Is Keyword Insights worth it?

Having used this tool for my personal projects, I could speak highly of Keyword Insights.

As of writing this review, Keyword Insights is one of the best in the market, and if you are not an agency, you can use this tool for a month or use the pay-as-you-go plan to create a list of keywords to target for the next few months.

The design is intuitive, and even if your SEO game is not top-notch, the tutorial and onboarding video will help you understand the concepts of clustering, hub and spoke model to name a few.

Overall, you should try this tool once and see how it fits in your existing workflow. I look forward to hearing your feedback and review of the Keyword Insights content marketing tool in the comments below.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

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  1. Great review of Keyword Insights! I’ve been looking for a tool that can help me streamline my keyword research and content creation process, and this one sounds like it fits the bill. I’m excited to try it out on my site,, and see how it can help me improve my SEO results.

  2. The real-life examples shared here make the content relatable and easy to understand.

  3. Alverna Cher

    Thanks for such insightful investigation on Keywords Insights. Being an avid reader and an ardent follower by learning from your blog I have implemented the SEO in my website. Thanks once again for the awesome post.

  4. Hi Harsh, this looks a fantastic tool as I’ve been trying to do more with clustering topics and keywords. I like the competition part of the tool as well. Thank you for sharing about this one.

    1. Lisa, before this I tried many tools but this one helped me to achieve what I was looking for in a better way.
      Plus I interacted with Suganthan a few times in my journey, and this guy knows his stuff.
      I look forward to hearing your experience soon.

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