How To Create AdSense For Search Ads & Show Results Within Site

Google Adsense is one of the best way to monetize your blog. For any bloggers, one can quickly add Text ads, link ads and AdSense for search. Adsense for search helps to boost your earning and at the top of it, it helps your readers to find content on your blog. Even if you are not using Adsense for search, you should have a search box on your blog to make sure that your readers can find content within your blog. Moreover showing search results within your blog will help to lower down bounce rate.

When we configure Adsense for search, we have two options to show search results:

  • Within Blog page
  • On Google page

In order to retain the visitor on your blog and lower down the bounce rate, it’s a good advice to show the search result within your blog. In this tutorial, I will be sharing how you can create Adsense for search and show the results within your blog page.

You can earn money with Google Adsense for Search then why not Migrate to it? Want to migrate? Huh! Read this tutorial! I know, most you will know about Google Adsense for search but it’s not bad to let people know who don’t know that they are losing a handsome amount of money from their search results.

In this tutorial, I will be using New Adsense interface as an example and if you still using old Adsense interface, you can click on “Try the new Adsense interface” top right to get into new Adsense dashboard.

1) Open your Adsense account, click on “My Ads”, select “Search” from left, click on “Custom Search Engines” and Click “New Custom Search Engine”.

New Adsense Custom search
  • Save

2) Fill your name, keywords and all the other data.

3) In “What to Search”, select “Only Sites I select” and write the complete URLs (Including HTTP://) of the sites you want to search. You may only add your site to show results from your blog/site.

4) In “Search Results and Ad location”, scroll to “Search Results” and select “On my website using an iframe”.

5) Now login to WordPress dashboard and create a new WordPress page. This page will be the place where the search results would be shown. It’s better to create a page name with “Search” and don’t forget to use no index tag for that page. So let’s assume your page name is

6) So in above image, in URL Field, you will be adding Replacing domain name with your actual domain name.

7) Click on “Save and get the code”. You will get two codes. The 1st code is for displaying the search box, and the 2nd one is to be added in the page where you will like to show the search results i.e., the page you create in 5th step.

8 ) Open your WordPress Dashboard and open HTML editor of the page you created in 5th step. Paste the 2nd Adsense you got in the previous step.

9) Create a text widget and paste the 1st Adsense code.

10) All is well! You are done, Start earning from Search results.

[*] If your search box is looking big, find “size=in the 1st Adsense code and set its value to a lesser amount.

Many Adsense publishers claimed that search box helps them to generate a good revenue. You can always configure ad placement for search while setting the ad or edit the already created channel from dashboard.

Do let us know if you are using Adsense for search and are you showing search result on your blog page, or you letting your readers move away from your blog?

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54 thoughts on “How To Create AdSense For Search Ads & Show Results Within Site”

  1. It’s not worked now, Open your Adsense account, click on “My Ads”, select “Search” from left, click on “Custom Search Engines” and Click “New Custom Search Engine”.

    In Google Adsense, Custom Search Engine Tab is not present yet.

    1. If it does not shows you there, then go to your google adsense and then go to other products and select custom search option from there. Now go to your my ads option you will see the custom search option

  2. Thanks. This worked for me and i did it very easily with your help. You are awesome. Thank you once again.

  3. This procedure has kinda changed now. It now gives you 3 codes requiring some j query stuffs. Mind updating that? I spent time wondering what to do next

  4. Hi Harsh,
    thank you for your detail tutorial. In my Adsense, Custom Search Engine Tab is not showing in “my ads”
    In “my ads” column “ad style” comes after “content” . SEARCH option is not available ….. so, please show how to get the option of SEARCH –> “custom search engine” in my adsense.
    Is this available for whole world or selective country?
    plz rply, I am feeling serious tensed moment for all this!!

    1. Hi Amit,

      Did you try checking ‘Other Products’ under ‘My Ads’ ? From there you will have to create ‘New Custom Search’ then you will be able to see ‘Search’ in your ‘My Ads’. Let me know if it works for you.

  5. Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing this Tutorial on google custom search;..How to use this search box in Blogger (Blogspot) ?

  6. Thanks Harsh Sir, I have created my search engine on my wordpress site. It will definitely generate some revenues for me.

  7. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was the most helpful one I could find! I am new at this and my site is brand new. It isn’t easy trying to figure out how to navigate and add these features, even with their step by step. You really made it easy. Thanks again!

  8. I have no Advance account till and have just add Google Custom search in my blog with plugin and add the search engines ID from login Google cse there, also work fine. Is it OK or need to change as mentioned above with code and page.

  9. Already iam using adsense ads (side bar ads 3) can i use again adsense for search box. kindly help me out from this.

  10. Thanks for sharing this best tutorial.I had seen this AdSense ad format on lots of websites but don’t know how to implement.After googled,now I am here.

  11. hi harsh thanq very much for given information good news for me today we got approval from adsense blog

  12. Hi, I’m not able to do find html editor in word press dashboard mentioned in 8th step. could you please elaborate ?

    1. Hi Vicky,
      On each page or blog there are two tabs on top right of the area where you write content. By default “visual” tab is selected where you write blog and just right of it you will see another tab – “html”. After clicking on “html” tab you can paste any html code in content area. I hope it helps.

  13. suprakash mishra

    Hello harsh i using genesis theme can i implent the custom search engine on genesis theme search bar because no one wants two search boxes in one theme

  14. Again Shoutmeloud has helped in a serious issue. Thanks Harsh Sir for providing here helpful information and specially with search box setup guide. All at one Place 🙂

  15. I guess this post is old. This 2017 I’ve tried to create this search but Adsense has a new appearance (anyways I’m new to it) so I can’t find the proper links.

  16. Hello Harsh I tried this tutorial steps to integrate adsense’s google custom search into my wordpress blog.But i miserably failed many times to do the same. Finally I integrate Google custom search to my wordpress using a plugin named WP Google search with custom search engine’s code . Will i get adsense income through this custom search ? Pls reply.

  17. Stéphane - Sport Chez Soi

    Hi Harsh,

    I really enjoy your articles and your clear explanations even if I’m French 😉
    I’ve got some incomes from Adsense, not huge but quite interesting and progressing every month. I’m going to give a try to the search ad. But I haven’t noticed any Adsense ad on this blog. Any reason for that? Or maybe I’m blind…

    1. Hey Stephane,

      Thank you so much. The reason we don’t run Adsense ads is that we have targeted traffic. We prefer direct ads and affiliate marketing. They give better returns.

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