How to Embed Aweber Subscription form Into Facebook Fan page

Facebook is leader of social networking and so is Aweber for Email marketing. Using Facebook to grow your Email subscribers is indeed one thing which you would not like to miss. It doesn’t matter if you use Aweber or any of Aweber alternatives, but you can always find a way to embed the Email subscription form on your FB fan page. Aweber offers an app which will make your work easier to start with embedding the form on your Fan page.

If you have not yet sign up for Aweber, learn here how you can Get Aweber discount coupon and you should read on how to create Aweber list as it’s an essential part for this tutorial.

So I assume, you already have an Aweber account and a Facebook fan page. If you still don’t have a Facebook page, read: How to create a Facebook fan page.

So now, we are ready with all the accounts and essential requirement here, so lets start with Aweber app.

Aweber Facebook app:

Very first thing which you need to do is, add Aweber app to your Facebook fan page. This process is quite easy, and all you need to do is go to this link and click on “Add to my page”.

  • Save

Once you click on “Add to my Page” you will see a list of your fan pages and click on “Add to page” in front of fan page where you want to add the Aweber sign up form.

  • Save

Now go to your Fan page and click on edit info and go to apps:

  • Save

You will see a list of all the apps which are added into your Fb fan page, click on “Go to App” under Aweber Email marketing.

  • Save

It might ask you for permission, which you can quickly permit by clicking on allow and then you will be taken to login page. Simply enter your Aweber login and then select your list. See the screenshots:

  • Save

Once you have given access to Aweber and logged in, you will taken to this page and will be ask to select the list which you want to add. For example I would select ShoutMeLoud1 from the list and click on save changes. If you have not created any Email list, you can do so by following this post: How to create Aweber email list. If you have created different Aweber email form, you can select the one from the list or you can create custom one for Facebook fan page.

  • Save

Click on Save changes and your Aweber sign up form is successfully added to your Facebook fan page. You can see the same on ShoutMeLoud fan page or see the direct app page link. Though right now, I’m using the default design and you can always change it and create custom design for your sign up form.

Specially if you are using Facebook fan page to increase exposure and branding, this is something which I highly recommend to you. Getting targeted Email subscriber is an essential part of a successful email list and with giving an option to your Fb fans to subscribe to your blog, you would be adding another way to grow your Email list and also giving another option to your followers to subscribe to your blog.

Do let us know if you have integrated Aweber or any other subscription options to your Fan page??

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6 thoughts on “How to Embed Aweber Subscription form Into Facebook Fan page”

  1. Janel

    Hello, I tried using this method to add my Aweber form to my FB fanpage, but I could not get it to work. I had to end up using a FBML app instead.

  2. jayaar

    Hello Mr. Harsh Agrawal,
    Thanks for the detailed tutorial. Not being a techie, I really need something like this to proceed further.

  3. Vivek Parmar

    Thanks for the detailed tutorial. It works best when you have large number of fans on fb page. Really helps a lot in increasing sales..

  4. Deepak Singh

    Adding a Email Subscription option to FB Fan Pages is seems to be a good Idea. And no doubt this Aweber App is the best option for creating Email List for FB Fan Pages. Thanks 4 Sharing.

  5. Isha Singh

    Thats quite easy btw i need a tutorial to embed in mailchimp form in facebook!!

  6. sureshpeters

    This is a smart move 🙂 you can Add youtube videos also in fan pages . Harsh let me know the results of this trick.

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