How To Build Targeted Email List For Online Business

Email marketing is a vital part of Inbound marketing and we have been looking into few aspect of Email marketing in the past. 

One thing which we majorly forget as Blogger is it’s never about quantity of Email subscriber but it’s all about getting targeted Email list. Even if you have an Email list of 1000

As you know that email marketing could bring us a lot of benefits while we are doing online business. We can keep in touch with our clients and customers and they can receive all of information that we updates immediately.

But to get a big and targeted mailing list, we should concentrate about what our customers need and offer them what they want. More over just building a list doesn’t help in long run, better idea is to have targeted mailing list.

For example, if you have a blog like ShoutMeLoud where we talk about Blogging, SEO and webmaster related stuff, what’s the point of getting subscriber which are interested in tech stuff or gaming stuff.

Build Targeted Email List For Online Business
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Targeted mailing list means people who are interested in your stuff and works on same or similar niche.

Creating a Free Targeted Email list for maximum Profit:

If you have fallen in the marketing gimmick of bulk Email list and those ads like buy thousands of Email list, you should rethink and analyze your strategy.

Such investment is bad investment and instead of getting quality and targeted people in your Email list, you will end up sending Emails to people who are not so interested in your list.

Best of the Email list is created only when you are getting interested people to subscribe to your Email newsletter.

From business point of view, you can always create the same by using blogs and offering high quality content or offer a free eBook in return of subscription options.

Anyhow, we will dive into the world of creating most beneficial targeted Email list below:

Autoresponder System

I usually use Autoresponder system to build my own list. This is the most effective way I have ever use. The key of this system is when your customers fill in their email to our opt-in code, they will receive a special and free offers which they really need.

There are many autoresponder systems like Aweber, out there but I prefer Convertkit because it offers asdvance features like segmentation & automation. Trust me, with this amount of this subscribers you can be successful with any product or service you promote.

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Prepare A Special Offers

You should get or make your own special offers that you give to your customers. If they like it, they will subscribe to your list naturally. I always create a free report or give them something useful. Then you need to show them the download link of your special offers in the thank you page of Mailchimp system.

More over you can use your creativity to make sure people opt for your Email newsletter. You can create free E-books, Guide or contest giveaway to grow your list.

Giving away Ebook or guide is more profitable and effective than contests, as you will be getting targeted readers, but with contests, anyone can opt for Email list for the freebies and you might miss out the essential key of successful email marketing and i.e. targeted Emailing list.

Create An attractive Squeeze Page

Do not send people the direct link to our opt-in page because it doesn’t bring any nice information and has a bad interface.We need to create a squeeze page which has some good information and images of course.

This page is only HTML so you can use any HTML editor to create it. I always use free squeeze page template to make it fast and easy but very nice looking.Then embed your opt-in code into your squeeze page and wait for subscribers coming. You can use your email marketing service in-built form builder or you can use LeadPages to create unlimited landing & Squeeze page.

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Drive Targeted Traffic To Squeeze Page

This is the most important part.If your customers are targeted you will get the full benefits.I have two best effective way to get those traffic to my squeeze page.

One is using PPC network like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. It’s very easy and effective way but we need to spend some money on it. But I prefer the second one that use forum marketing.

You should find some big and high page rank forums which are related to your niche and start post some good thread on those forums. Then fill in your profile with your page URL.

Do not forget to put your page URL at your signature.It’s a very good way to get quality traffic to your page and also increase subscribers

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Repeat step 4 everyday then you will get a quality and targeted mailing list. I’m currently have around 1000+ subscribers in just 1 month by using this.

Do share what tips are you using to grow your Email list and more over do you take care of targeted users subscribing to your Email list?

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5 thoughts on “How To Build Targeted Email List For Online Business”

  1. Sanjib Saha

    I think this is the hardest thing to do and is really very time taking also. But a blogger must have email subscribers if he wants to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing. And to succeed here, your tips can be of great help. Thanks for sharing.

  2. asus90

    If you have a big and old blog, getting subscribers will much more easier.But if you don’t have any blog, so this is the fast way to gain a lot of subscribers.Just target and offer them a special gift and you could have a big mailing list

  3. shyam jos

    i don’t like irritating readers with nag screens that shows “signup for our newsletter” or something like that.
    if you have great contents ,reader will follow you!

  4. Rison Simon

    The method is good. But most bloggers like me don’t have the money to buy ads from Google or Facebook. Another thing to note is that there are a lot of competition you’ll have to face with this method and nowadays, most of the people are aware of little tricks internet marketers do. So experienced people will stay clear of such sites.

  5. Rahul Ghosh

    1000 subscribers in 1 month.WOW! i have only 10 subscribers and i use feedburner. Ne particular suggestion with my website. listed above

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