Why Email Marketing Will Dominate 2024


According to Radicati Research, worldwide email accounts have grown to 4.9 billion in 2017, and worldwide email users to 2.7 billion.

Needless to say, email marketing is still the easiest and most economic channel for reaching out to prospects. Active email users spend more time reading and responding to emails than they do on their breakfast or shower.

When compared to other marketing channels, emails remain in the inbox of subscribers and can be read or clicked repeatedly without additional costs per impression.

Let me tell you why this is important, how you can harness its power, and why email marketing will dominate 2024.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

Tell me honestly:

  • What percentage of your marketing budget do you spend on SEO, social marketing, PPC, and email?
  • Have you given importance to learning and applying improved performance tactics for SEO, social marketing, PPC, and email equally?
  • The way you measure conversions or even attribution metrics from SEO, social marketing, and PPC, have you also measured your returns from email?

Here is a traffic analysis of a very popular blog that receives 3.9M visits per month and generates an average monthly revenue of $32K.

Traffic Analysis
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Traffic Analysis

Now, let’s analyze the traffic sources so as to guess how much is spent on each channel.

SEO generates 2.9 million visits per month, which costs around $7,000 for quality resources and tools. Email, on the other hand, generates 82.2K visits per month from 23K subscribers for $199.

email marketing
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Traffic Sources

Marketing Strategy

Is it unwise increase focus on email marketing, which will not only be cost effective but will provide a captive source of loyal visitors?

SEO visitors cannot be considered “loyal” since they visit your blog when it’s required for them to do so, and only if your content ranks on page 1 of the search engines.

Building a loyal subscriber base is a very smart thing to do. Do not let them get away without passing on their email id.

Not all blogs can get immediate SEO optimization. Some will take years to get on the first few pages. So what can these blogs do to get traffic?

Getting traffic from email marketing is 20 times easier and 30 times cheaper than SEO. Plus, if you use good email automation tools, then your entire marketing can be handled without continuous efforts or resources.

Best Tactics For Email Marketing

Best Tactics For Email Marketing
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What are the challenges that have created a reduced dependency on email marketing? Most marketers get frustrated with low open rates.

Here are some quick pointers for you to check and ensure that you get the most out of your campaign.

  1. Don’t purchase an email list. Marketers are always in a haste when they start email marketing. Creating an opt-in subscriber list takes time while buying one is instant. But do not expect great results by purchasing email lists. These are almost sure to fail because these subscribers are not targeted and do not want to be getting your emails.
  2. Use double opt-in instead of single opt-in. This is another reason you may be losing potential subscribers. Marketers fear a double opt-in may result in a user changing their mind and ultimately not subscribing. But remember that a subscriber who has entered an incorrect email id is never going to receive your email anyway. Why not cross check them with a double opt-in? This will ensure that everyone on your list really wants to be there.
  3. Handle bounces. Many marketers use email marketing systems that do not handle unsubscribes from bounced email. They do not even maintain a suppression list. This can result in continuously sending email blasts to those users that have already bounced. This not only affects the open rates but also affects the domain’s reputation.
  4. Make your emails consistent. Email marketing needs to have a structured and planned approach. Many times, marketers will take to their email campaign with energy, sending 5 emails to recipients in one week and then not sending anything for two weeks. The subscriber will either unsubscribe or will ignore such inconsistent email sending. Emails need to be sent consistently to develop a habit for the subscriber. Around 2-3 emails a week is a good frequency.
  5. Purge inactive users. When your list has subscribers who have never opened your emails or have not opened your emails for quite a long time, it is always preferable to deactivate or purge them from active sending. Don’t get into the trap of thinking that a bigger number of subscribers is better. Your statistics will get messed up and you will lose motivation. Always keep your list active.
  6. Avoid spam traps. A spam trap is an email address that’s not actively used, but is actively monitored. Many organizations like Spamhaus and SURBL, to security companies like TrendMicro and McAfee, to nationwide ISPs and corporate email servers maintain such spam traps to blacklist a sender since their email has never been used to subscribe to any service. Spam traps can really affect your sending domain’s reputation, and in some cases, they have reduced open rates by 20%!
  7. Use a professional delivery server. It is always advisable to use a reputable, professional delivery server as such companies are active players in CANSPAM associations and are given safe passage by Spam Assassins.
  8. Don’t use spam words in email content. This is another common mistake as many marketers are not aware of words that trigger spam filters. Many of these spam words are common and will not strike the sender as objectionable, but will get flagged as spam content.
  9. Make your title attractive. Many email marketers do not give any importance to the email’s subject line. The subject line is as important as a pickup line! If it fails to attract the subscriber’s attention within a single glance, the subscriber will never open the email. Some common unattractive subject lines used while sending newsletters are “Newsletter Issue#33”, “Feb Newsletter”, etc. Learn how to write a great title.
  10. Test your email’s technical capabilities. Marketers may not be aware of the technicality of the email and sending domain, but there are free tools out there to help you test your email on technical grounds like DKIM, SPF, Bounce Domain, HTML format, and other important things. Run a test of your email with such tools.

Check out:

On average, a mailbox receives 12 marketing or promotional emails every day, and 63% of these mails do not provide the content that the recipient is in need of. There are 205 billion messages sent every day, and the normal individual spends more than 20 hours every week on the web with more than two hours of that time spent in a hurry.

How do you ensure that your email is accounted for, read, and acted upon?

Advancement in email marketing
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Personalization is the next advancement in email marketing.

Email personalization does not mean sending automatic email blasts with only the recipient’s {First Name} or {Company Name}. Email personalization means sending real-time emails to recipients with the right content at the right time, when it is still relevant.

This kind of email campaign will make sure that your content is engaging and relevant to a user.

When this happens, your subscriber will be happy to interact with your targeted, highly-engaging content.

Be on the lookout for more advancements in email personalization!

For now, I want to know what you are doing to make sure your list stays active. How much success are you having with your email list? What are you doing to maintain and optimize it? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Nice article! Great information about Email Marketing.These tips are very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article.

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    Thanks for this article Palash,
    Email marketing is the best way to get people that will read your new post. After spending days, hours or week on quality content, you will need to find reader who will read your content. If you have list, you don’t need to distop yourself, just send the short message and include your post url to your list and you will get loads of traffic.

    Email marketing is good and social media cannot replace email marketing because you will get people that will sign up for your email from social media. If you have list it will reduce your advertisement cost and time. The best tool for the new and old blogger is Email marketing

  4. Venkatesh A


    Email marketing is a great tool to use to sell online but will it dominate Social media and SEO in future?

    Because Social media is a place where we can share most of the things and do lot of more activities and Search Engines are basic and common free gate to pass to shop site.

    Even though if we can get leads from personalized emails, most of the time, visitors reviews their needs in Search Engines with appropriate keywords. Then the visitors find the way where he/she satisfies.

    “Most of visitors rush to place where price is low”.

    But I think if anyone in to brand store, definitely email is a blast.

    Anyway but your notes will help me to grow some customers.



    Venkatesh A

  5. Expert Udit

    As i am doing email marketing but i want to increase more traffic information written in this article is quite impressive and tips which are given in this will be followed especially by me.

  6. JuliaMoro

    Great article, Palash! Thank you for sharing. I’d like to add to the point #10 in your list. Besides the authentication records, subject lines, HTML code and other elements of the email, it is important to test email placement across different mailbox providers.

    I found a good spam testing service called GlockApps. It is similar to MailTester, but it also checks whether the email is delivered to the Inbox or spam folder at different ISPs including the most popular ones like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail. This information can be very helpful in determining deliverability issues before they affect ROI.

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    Really interesting article, is there a way one can find out what email marketing platforms global brands are using?

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    Well, this is Why I install many email subscription form in My website like below navbar, In Sidebar above footer and inside the post.
    Email marketing is the best way to make strong connection with your audience and also drives targeted traffic in your blog.

  10. Allen

    Great post. So many people assume that a larger number or subscribers is best, but in my opinion have a loyal following is better. I like having a higher open rate and CTR than anything else.

  11. Pankaj Jangir

    I believe that email marketing can help new or old blogger to increase blog traffic.

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    Great Share about the email marketing importance.
    Email list is always one of the best assets for online entrepreneurs.

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    The article is informative and useful, as I will soon going to buy the email marketing tool for my site. These tips will help me a lot to grow my site.

    Can You please tell me which Email marketing tool is best ie.. Mail Chip or some other?

    1. Palash Bagchi

      Mail chimp is good. But it’s expensive. Apply for retainly.co wait list.

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    After reading this post I am very much clear about email marketing. But sir still I have one important question about email marketing. I have 100-120 subscribers and I am using feedburner media as email marketing, but my subscribers are not getting any emails. Can you tell me which platform is best for sending automatically emails whenever I post in my blog. Feedburner is not working for me. So what strategy or what technique should I use for sending emails?

    1. Palash Bagchi

      Retainly.co is working exactly on your requirements. It is soon going to launch it’s beta. Make sure you are in the waiting list.

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    Hello palash,

    Thanks for writing such a beautiful article. Email marketing is really a great way to promote things online. I am also agree with you that personalized emails will help you to gain trust among your users and it definitely increase your conversions and leads.

    1. Palash Bagchi

      Thank you Vishvajit. Credit also goes to Harsh for such a wonderful platform.

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