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Are you blogging on platform and wondering how you can make money from it? If yes, this is a detailed guide for you to look at various options to monetize your blog. Those who are new to blogging and just started with a blog, you ought to know about different varieties of WordPress.

WordPress offers two ways to create your blog:

  • : Free platform which is easy for anyone to start a blog instantly. It’s a good platform to start your first blog but I wouldn’t recommend to stick to it for long, as there are many limitations of this platform. I will talk about that in a minute, let’s have a look at other variation.
  • : This is also known as self hosted platform where you host your blog on your own server. It requires a bit of technical knowledge (Though not much) and the advantage here is; there is no limitations here.

You should check out this guide on Vs. to learn everything about both the platform and understand the limitations and advantage of both the platform.

Now, if you are done understanding about both the platform and ready to monetize your existing blog, read on…

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Different ways to make money from Free blog:

Before I share all the available options, you should know that you can’t use AdSense on your blog. Google AdSense is the popular ad program for hobby and professional bloggers. You can learn about AdSense here, and now let’s look at other options which are permitted and being used by others to monetize their blog.

Note: If you are enterprise of VIP user, you can run your own ads including AdSense ads.

1. Premium content and paid newsletter:

This is the newest addition by team, where you can lock your content behind a paywall, which can be unlocked by paying a monthly fee. Premium Content memberships fees are something that has been long offered by Medium, and now has brought to their platform. To use this feature, you need to have a Stripe account.

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Moreover, using this feature is easy, and all you need to do is; add the premium content block to a content that you want to be locked. Your membership payments are processed by a feature called Recurring Payments, which powers seamless credit and debit card processing for the Premium Content block.

2. WordAds:

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WordAds is the advertising solution for It’s available for every user but you need to apply for it to get accepted for WordAds. I believe every user should apply for WordAds, otherwise WordPress already shows ads at times to cover the cost of hosting your free blog. By using WordAds, you will be showing ads and earning money from your blog. It’s simple and easy. You can request an invitation from here. (Make sure you are logged into your account). Here are two articles which I found on the internet which talks in detail about their experience with WordAds.

Important points about WordAds:

  • You can check your WordAds earning from Settings -> WordAds in your Dashboard.
  • WordAds pays you for impression and not for click. So more traffic you will get, you will earn more.
  • WordAds would work better for bloggers who have traffic from U.S or European countries.
  • You need to earn minimum of $100 to get paid and payment mode is PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal Id, create one for free here. Also don’t get disappointed if it takes time to reach $100 threshold. Remember something is better than nothing.
  • Getting WordAds approval depends on monthly traffic your blog is getting and what kind of blog (Topic) you are running.
  • You need to have custom domain name for your blog to use WordAds. (Why not get a self hosted blog instead?)
  • Useful link: WordAds themes. These are theme which are officially recommended for blog running WordAds.

So this was about WordAds which you can apply for now and once approved, it will start earning money for you without doing and leg work.

3. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Cycle
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This might be surprising for you, but let you use Affiliate links. The only thing is, you need to be using Affiliate links for reputable stored and legit stores. You cannot link to sources like pornography, gambling sites, get rich schemes, multi-level marketing and any other sites which can’t be called legit.

You can use Affiliate links within your article using hyperlinks (Image with an affiliate link is not allowed). Affiliate marketing can do wonder for you, as it’s the best method to earn huge in short-time. Below are resources which will guide you to get started with Affiliate marketing and earn your first few dollars:

4. Sponsored posts:

Sponsored post
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This is another method which you can use on your to earn money. This will work better if you have an established blog and there are advertisers who would love to pay you for writing a sponsored story.

Though either you need to get in touch with advertisers who are willing to sponsor a blog post on your blog or you can simply create a page call advertisement and mention that you are accepting the sponsored post.

You should check out ShoutMeLoud advertisement page to get an idea of what your advertisement page should look like. have certain restrictions on Sponsored posts which you can find here. Here are few resources for learning more about sponsored post:

Things to know:

  • WordPress official recommends users to use self-hosted WordPress platform if you want to run a 3rd party advertising program (Ex: AdSense, Monetag).
  • If you are violating advertising guidelines by using 3rd party ads or linking out to illegal sites, your blog will be suspended.

Conclusion: Think beyond simple ads monetization

If you have a high traffic free blog, you should add a custom domain and apply for WordAds to show an advertisement on your blog. At any point, if you wish to take your blog to the next level, you should migrate your blog to self-hosted WordPress blog .

Take advantage of affiliate marketing to earn passive income from your blog. None the less, focus on driving targeted traffic to your blog to increase your earning. None the less, sponsored posts can be a great resource for you to earn money from your blog. Learn a bit about Native advertising and sponsored articles, and this could be your gold-mine to earn enough from your blog.

Are you monetising your free WordPress blog? What methods you are using and how’s your experience with it so far?

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