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I remember the time when I started Blogging and one of the tough tasks was to select a WordPress theme.

My requirement was simple, as all I wanted was a good-looking theme that doesn’t require any kind of coding and let me add advertisements (mostly AdSense & later Setupad) at the places I want.

In short, I wanted an ad-ready and SEO-optimized WordPress theme. I opted for many free WordPress themes, but due to lack of support and limitations, I ended up changing my theme every week and it hurt my brand more than anything. I’m sure this must have happened to you as well at one point.

Later on, I landed with the Thesis theme which is certainly not the cheapest option when it comes to WordPress premium themes and maybe not a theme for everyone, who doesn’t want to spend money on further customization.

Here I will share a quick overview and Elegant theme review, which is one of the most reputed and cheapest WordPress theme clubs out there. Along with many free themes, Elegant theme club has launched a variety of plug-and-play niche themes for WordPress, which will gear up any niche blog within no time.

Elegant WordPress themes Review
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It’s not only able to provide you with beautiful themes; it’s also able to offer a lot of features that set it apart from the rest. Let’s go over the features offered by ElegantThemes and see why it’s one of the best when it comes to irresistible WordPress theme clubs.

One of the reasons, I’m featuring the Elegant themes here at ShoutMeLoud is because of affordable price and with one package, you can get many beautiful themes for your WordPress blog.

Why join the Elegant Premium WordPress theme Club?

WordPress Themes by Elegant Themes
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It’s Affordable (Suits your budget)

One of the best things about it is that it’s affordable. The deal it offers is quite cost-efficient. Most other sites charge between $70 to $200, for just one theme, and not only that, you won’t be able to use the said theme on more than one website. With Elegant Themes, you have to pay $69 annually for 87 Premium WordPress themes if you go for the Personal Package.

The Developer Package will cost you $89 annually, which also comes with the availability of Photoshop PSD files.

A lot of new Themes

You get a lot of variety, and this gives you the surety that you will find the desired layout. New themes are introduced each month.

These new additions help in attracting more customers. More over, once you buy yearly package of elegant themes, all newly added premium themes are free for you.

Elegant theme features:

ePanel Elegant Premium theme
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  • The EPanel: This is a special themes option that can be manually changed. The features offered are a bit different with regards to where the custom logo can be added and where the color scheme can be changed. These things lead to a better style. You can also edit the homepage, and you can add categories or take them out.
  • Ad Management: As I mentioned above, one of the biggest challange for me as a beginner blogger is adding ads to my blog. With sleek ad management panel of Elegant theme, you can quickly add adsense or any other ads easily.  You can place a 468×60 advertisement at the bottom of your posts as well as in the side bars by using the correct widget.
  • Navigation: This allows you to decide the look of your navigation menus. You can select the links which are to appear as well as the order they appear in.
  • Colorization: You have a lot of options when it comes to color customization. The jQuery color selector is available to make things easier.
  • Integration: You can integrate third-party scripts into the theme through this tab.
  • WordPress Shortcodes: You will be offered shortcodes in different colors for providing information, downloads, warning and more. Each shortcode is represented by different icons.
  • SEO: You also get the option to use SEO plugin. This theme has an inbuilt SEO option for the post and pages. Meta elements can be added for SEO purposes.
  • The Support :With ElegantThemes, you provide yourself with unlimited support as well as updates. This provides you with the surety that your theme will remain updated, and it will be compatible with the new browser versions as well as the new WordPress versions. You can also contact the support theme, and they will answer the questions you might have.  The support forum is where you can get all the help related to any theme. The moderators and other community members respond quickly. You can see a complete list of features here.

In short, if you are one of those who hates playing with codes and need a Premium WordPress theme at an affordable price,

Elegant theme is one of the best picks from the available WordPress premium theme marketplace.

You will pay almost 0.50$ for every theme and especially if you are a company or WordPress developer, you can buy a developer package of elegant themes and use it on your client site for quick WordPress setup and installation.

Check out Elegant WordPress theme

Do let me know if you are an existing user of the Elegant WordPress theme club? How’s your experience so far and how likely you are going to recommend it to others?

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13 thoughts on “Elegant Theme Review: Most Affordable WordPress Theme Club”

  1. JJ_the affordable_man

    hey harsh

    thanks for the great info ..even i have been using elegant themes now ..thanks for providing the detailed information and review …Even i recommend it now

    thanks ‘

  2. Andrew K

    I feel like although Elegant Themes does offer a wide variety of themes for a very affordable price, overall their low price is reflected in the quality of those themes.

    If you are looking for a very good for your money set of WordPress themes, look no further than Elegant Themes. However, if you are looking for a bit higher quality and variety in your themes you may be better off looking elsewhere.

  3. Ashu

    totally agree with you, i am also using Elegant Theme and is best WordPress theme i have ever used.

  4. Yogesh

    At present I am impressed by theme-junkie themes. What say??

  5. Sam

    elegant themes seem to be one of the better ones for blogging and the templates themselves are very cheap aswell

  6. Kevin

    i have just used elegant theme for my new word press website it looks slick and very professional.

  7. Ehsan Ullah

    Yeah, Elegant theme are good option for anyone who just started a blog, but I like the features and themes of Theme Junkie more than Elegant themes.

  8. Guppu Boss

    elegent theme looks cheap but it is costly than other because you have to pay them every year while on other themes site you have to pay only one time. which i think is more affordable for newbiew like me

  9. palvinder singh

    nice collection of themes…………!
    but can u tell me about the any theme related to sports website ….!

  10. Alex

    Thanks for sharing it is really a good collection for affordable elegant and good theme but buddy if you wanna something astonishing theme then we have to pay more..

  11. Ramkumar

    I have been using elegant themes in 3 of my websites. Quite affordable membership and the themes are good too, eespecially some of their responsive themes such as Aggregate. They have stopped modifying their old themes (except for few tweaks).

    There is one more thing which was not mentioned, along with the themes, you will also get their mobile theme – handheld , which is by far better than any other mobile designs I have seen. For the money you spent elegant themes are quite worthy to buy.

  12. Sandip Bhagat

    Elegant themes are really great. With very low price , we get many features. Best of all they fit any blog niche with the availability of so many beautiful themes to choose from.

  13. akhilendra

    You correctly pointed out that elegant themes are the best pick for those who are looking for affordable themes and also, not sure about their design so they can join this club and play with all the themes so that they can pick their favorite.

    In case of thesis, it will require lot of customization and though , it will become easy from thesis 2.0, i don’t think it worth putting so much of money into that if there are other good themes available in the market like Genesis and Woothemes which are not only economical but also as good as thesis.

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