“Google AdSense Ad Serving Has Been Disabled to Your Site”: Here’s the Fix


Whenever we talk about blog monetization methods, AdSense is discussed as one of the favorite methods because it offers us recurring income and it is currently one of the highest paying ad networks.

These days Google AdSense strongly considers the quality of pages where ads are displayed, and they take this very seriously.

An email which no blogger or webmaster wants to receive from Google AdSense is one with the following subject line: “Google AdSense Ad Serving has been Disabled to Your Site“. A few days ago I joined the club of unfortunate recipients of this email. Following is the email which I received from the AdSense team in its entirety:


During a recent review of your account we found that you are currently
displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our program


Please note that this URL is an example and that the same violations may
exist on other pages of this website or other sites in your network.


COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL: As stated in our program policies, AdSense
publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on sites involved in the
distribution of copyrighted materials. This includes hosting copyrighted
files on your site, as well as providing links for or driving traffic to
sites that contain copyrighted material. More information about this
policy can be found in our help center (

ACTION TAKEN: We have disabled ad serving to your site.

Your AdSense account remains active. However, please note that our team
reserves the right to disable your account at any time. As such, we
encourage you to become familiar with our program policies and monitor
your network accordingly.
Issue ID# xxxxxxx

Problem with AdSense disabling my account and how I fixed it:

I have written in the past about how to avoid violating AdSense policies, and I have taken the utmost care to avoid any such violations myself. However, while I was aware of the fact that the AdSense team does not allow us to host copyrighted content, I did not realize that if we are linking to sites that share copyrighted material illegally, this is considered a policy violation. Amit Banerjee, has given a detailed insight on this subject which is worth reading.

In short, if your blog has external links which link to pages or websites that are distributing copyrighted content, your AdSense account might be in danger. I must say, however, that this is certainly a grey area, as many sites that are famous for free file hosting such as RapidShare and many others including torrent sites might fall into the same category.

Let’s assume your AdSense Ad serving has been disabled for a particular site, but your account is still active.  Here are the steps you can take to re-initiate your AdSense serving on that particular site:

  • Delete all posts which violate AdSense policies
  • Disable AdSense on all such posts (this might not be considered the best option)
  • Change the domain, remove the content and re-apply for AdSense (a “last resort” option, which is least recommended)

May 2016 Update:

Once you have made all these changes, log in to your AdSense account & head over to policy violations page (Direct access here). Depending upon your violation, you would see your site listed on either one of the violation tab.

Resolve Adsense account Violation
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Click on mark as resolved.

Deleted adsense unsafe content
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In my case, I removed that content upon receipt of the email noting the violation. I had been linking to some free movie watching sites, and this was apparently a policy violation, and I thought I had corrected it. However, seven days after taking this action, I received this email from AdSense:

Google AdSense Ad Serving has been Disabled to Your Site
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Obviously I was very surprised to receive this email, and I immediately connected with the AdSense team and asked them to look into the issue directly, as I had removed the content violating their policies.

Steps to re-initiate your Adsense account:

Should you find yourself in this situation, this is the page which you will want to refer to closely. In addition, use this contact form to contact the AdSense team to tell them when you have made the necessary changes correcting the stated violation. When you reach out to contact the AdSense team, make sure you are logged into the same Gmail account with which your AdSense account is enabled.

As a reference, here is the email I sent to the AdSense team:

Hey AdSense Team,

I have been an AdSense publisher for the past three years, and it has been one of the main monetization methods for my blog network. I make sure to follow all of the quality guidelines and best practices mentioned for AdSense. A couple of days back, I got an email stating that some of my content is violating AdSense TOS, and I removed the content immediately. A week later I got another email stating that the AdSense ads were disabled for that particular site.

I believe this is a mistake, as I have made all necessary changes as requested. I would like to have a second review of my issue, ID=#####, and I am willing to work closely with you to make any changes necessary to offer more value. Looking forward to your response.


Harsh Agrawal

I sent my email using the contact form linked to above, along with all necessary details such as publisher’s ID, issue ID and the URL of the affected site. Within three days I received this email from the AdSense team:

Thank you for making the requested changes to your site in order to comply with our policies. After thoroughly reviewing shoutmetech.com, we have now re-enabled ad serving to this site. Because ad serving to your site was temporarily disabled, you many notice a delay of up to 48 hours or more before ads begin appearing on your site again. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

So, if you face any such issues with AdSense banning a particular site of yours’, you know what steps you need to take to correct the issue, and how to get AdSense re-enabled.

I suggest that you take care to maintain the quality of your blog, do not copy and paste, and do not place ads on domains which contain auto-curated content. Indeed, if you are using any other method to automate your site, it is time to rethink your strategy, as the AdSense team is getting more and more strict about their policies.

Have you faced any such issues recently? Is your account renabled now? What corrective actions did you take and what channels did you use to contact the AdSense team?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

68 thoughts on ““Google AdSense Ad Serving Has Been Disabled to Your Site”: Here’s the Fix”

  1. SaM

    I am newbie in blogging. and I have 2 blogs, few days back my adsense was disabled because of one of my website’s policy violation. and (I couldn’t take action when I got their first mail) I just delete my blog. then appeal to adsense.
    they reject my appeal. I want to monetize my other blog and YouTube. is there any solution. ..?

  2. Govind Kashyap

    Dear Harsh Sir,

    After Appeal i got this mail “Hello,

    We received your appeal request but we noticed that the URL submitted in the form leads to a page that doesn’t have any AdSense ad code on it. Before we can consider your appeal, you’ll need to make sure to include the URL of a page with ad code, even if ad serving to your site theamplenews.com is temporarily disabled.

    Once you’ve re-added AdSense ad code, submit a second appeal by visiting our Help Center. When you submit the appeal, enter the URL of the page with ad code into the “Affected Site URL” field.

    Alternatively, if you permanently removed all ad code from the non-compliant page then please provide an example of a compliant page in your site with ad code in the appeal form. Lastly, if you all delete AdSense ad code from your entire site and you no longer intend to use AdSense on the site in the future, then you don’t need to submit an appeal.

    You can find more detailed information in our help center regarding AdSense program policies.


    The Google AdSense Team”

    How to resolve this problem.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Govind,

      All you need to do is add Adsense code to your blog. It will show as blank ads. and then appeal again.

  3. Anna

    It is very useful guide. You have solved my same problem. Thank you so much Mr.Harsh.

  4. Jhone

    I have got same mail and thank you very much harsh because of your post i have resolved that issue.

  5. Arvind Kumar

    My adsense is disabled becuase google recognised invalid click by me to get revenue. This is not true. I had gone through stats, I got about 600 views in just 1 sec. That was spam, how could i stop such kind of spamming from my blog, so that no body can do this to me again.

  6. Dominic

    This is very scary. Am having a similar problem.

    Here is the message I received.

    Publishers may not implement Google ads in a manner that disguises the ads
    in any way. In order to maintain a good user experience, it is important
    for publishers to clearly distinguish Google ads from site content. This
    includes, but is not limited to: site layouts in which the ads push content
    below the fold on mobile devices; placing
    300×250 or larger ad units above
    the fold on a mobile optimized site.

    I reviewed my site and removed all the contents that went against Google policy. I then appealed. This morning, Google replied, but they said some that some of the contents of my site are still in violation, of the same issue above.

    But the scariest thing this time is that, the website or blog which they pointed out was not even mine. It’s another blog which I haven’t heard of.

    Please help me.

  7. Suman Singh

    Yeah earlier adsense was GOD for all the bloggers, as this was the main source of income offering high CPM. But for me now it is a joke, which i don’t care. With some ideas, tricks and knowledge, i guarantee Bloggers can now earn more then adsense (i.e by affiliates and direct ads).

  8. Mahendra

    Hi Harsh,

    After appeal We got 2 mail from adsense, 1st says “we’ve noticed that your account has not been disabled for invalid activity”, 2nd says “we have found that your AdSense account is currently active.” but adsense check sites showing my site is ban. I forgot that adsense email ids and ID. I tried to apply for adword, got message about malware problem, we scanned complete site and install plugins for malware and re-applied, we got message now you can use our service. but problem with adsense.

    Can you help us?


  9. Rohit

    Dear Harsh

    Really Thanks to you because you are helpful to these guys who are initial stage in blogging adsense nature…My Problem is also , My adsense account was disable due to invalid activity but i have no single visitor so how to invalid click counted by google.. just one day before i insert code in my website, and after few hours received email

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Rohit,

      Did you click on your own ads?

  10. rohit

    Hello harsh Sir
    I want know about how to prevent self click incident on google ads from publisher ip .is it any option to disabling publisher ip clicks count

  11. Lego

    Last nigh I check my adsense everything is fine, i did’nt open my sites all day.
    Suddenly in the morning i got message said, “My account suspended because invalid click”, and also they found “one or more users clicking repeatedly”. How come this happen?, i also never click my own sites.
    Do you think this can happen google make mistake?. Really I don’t click my own ads on my sites.

    – If really repeating click means someone try to bomb click my site. I heard about this, I would like to know if you know how to prevent this? ( I heard that people can put something like script that for 1 IP only can see ads for 1 time, I would like to have that script, but is this legal for Adsense?). can you suggest plugin for prevent this bomb click activity?, and if the script or something like that legal, could you suggest or give link for this so i can put on omy blogspot??

    – Where I can send message to Google Adsense Team?


  12. Nidhin GP

    Well explained Harsh.
    I am having problem with my blog which have created as sub domain for the main site. Main site is displaying my wedding photography work with less content on it. The sub domain is with the blogs. seems I cannot have sub domain to have the google ads ?

  13. Shubham

    Hello Harsh,
    Thanx for this post but i can’t able to find my problem in it. My adsense was disabled due to invalid activity then i added my frnds ad on my blog but no ad was displaying. Now what to do it is on Blogspot
    Waiting for your reply

    Shubham Mewal

  14. Adesanmi Adedotun

    Surprisingly, this morning I got the same message (second part) notifying me of the same video download post that was said to have violated AdSense policy and I immediately removed the post totally from the site, and now, am of the opinion that is it the only post I have to deal with or chances are that for another post violating their policy?

  15. shreyansh jain

    Dear harsh,
    My account has been disabled for invalid click activity.
    Now I use my brother account to display ads on my website, but ads are not displayed on my website. My account was disabled not my website, then what happened?
    Please reply

      1. Didu

        Hello sir,
        I got disabled from AdSense due to invalid activity! I provide all the report to AdSense that last few weeks I got many bot visitors (As wordfence notification). I provide that I get more than 400 times attack using password recovery. But Adsense disapproved all…

        I want to know how to stop this type of bot visitors? How I permanently block them? My email subscribers is around 75 most of them is fake mail.
        Please help me to get out of this.
        Thank You for your awesome post. I will reapply again after few months.

  16. Ganesh

    Hi Harsh ,
    Yesterday I’ve Received A mail stating “This is a warning message to alert you that there is action required to bring your AdSense account into compliance with our AdSense program policies. We’ve provided additional details below, along with the actions to be taken on your part.”

    I’ve Removed All Adsense code From That affected website….with in 2 hrs of email Received
    then , I tried to mark the issue as “Removed ads” in STATUS menu in adsense dashboard

    *Then the url with


    Did anyone face this issue…?

  17. Pankaj Jangir

    My adsense account is disabled, now how do I will get the publisher ID?

  18. Fadhly

    Same problem. -.- i hope my GA active again.

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