6 Proven Ways to Increase AdSense CPC With Simple Tweaks


Increase AdSense CPC
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Want to increase AdSense CPC and make more money?

AdSense optimization is the solution for this. You can either use a free tool like Ezoic to run your ads or can also do manual work by following my tips before.

When we talk about Adsense optimization, there are many things, but the primary target is to get high eCPM and get more cost per click. Else, despite of good AdSense CTR, you might not be making good money. This is something familiar about the non-English blog.

If you fall in the category of those AdSense publishers, who are getting huge traffic but Adsense earning is still low, it’s time to understand points which are mentioned below, and this will surely help to increase Adsense CPC and overall revenue.

What is AdSense CPC

Let’s start by answering the basic question first and then we will move to some working tips to increase AdSense CPC. CPC stands for cost per click, in short money which you make/click is what CPC.

Now, you might have noticed Adsense publisher talking more about CTR and less about CPC. If you are really serious about your Adsense revenue, work more on CPC than CTR.

Getting thousands impressions on your ad won’t be of much help, but a blog with good CPC with decent CTR can create an enormous difference.

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CPC has nothing to do directly with your traffic. If you would realize and notice micro-niche blogs, you might have realized despite of less traffic, such sites make more money from Adsense.

The reason is simple, and that is eCPM for such blogs is so high that you get paid really well for CPC and then there are other factors like Ad competition, keywords, and many more.

How To Increase AdSense CPC:

1. Niche

First thing first, choosing the right niche for your blog or website is of utmost importance.

Cost Per Click or CPC of an ad directly depends upon the topic on which you’re writing your blog.

Well! Let me clarify one thing here that you’re going to choose niche however there are niches that can pay you high CPC.


Here is the list of niches that can give you high return, I have arranged them in decreasing order of CPC.

  • Domains – Blogs on Internet Domains Like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. It pays highest CPC.
  • Gadgets – Tech Gadgets like Apple products
  • Google – Google Products
  • Microsoft – MS Office
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Banking
  • Automobile
  • Health
  • Real Estate
  • Home Loans
  • Jobs
  • Dating & Romance – It pays the lowest CPC.


2. Content

The second thing is the content, you must write content that should answer readers queries.

So before writing blogs try to find what your readers are searching on the Internet and then try to present them with solutions.

Remember, you should always directly engage with your readers.

Your content must be tailored according to your niche so that more and more readers can read your blogs.

Hence good content will certainly ensure higher Adsense CPC rates. Moreover, high quality content is what search engine loves, hence more click and more revenue if your ad is highly targeted and your traffic is from the countries like U.S.A, U.K.

When you do a keyword research, make sure to use the Approximate CPC column.

3. Block low CPC Ad categories

In Google AdSense, you will find Allow block ads. You can go there and see yourself how much each ad category is paying you.

This will show you different ads categories that are shown on your website.

If you find that any ad category is not paying much, then block those categories.

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Try to block those categories which are completely irrelevant to the content or niche of your blog. Suppose blog is about technology then block the ad categories for dating, politics, religion, etc. This might help in increasing your AdSense CPC.

4. Target Country

One of the most important factors that can increase CPC is the country you are targeting.

For example, a click on an ad from the USA can pay you up to $2 to $3, and click on the same ad from India can end up paying only 20 to 30 cents.

Hence, always tailor your blog and its content to audiences in English-speaking countries.

5. Ad Placement

Never neglect the placement of your ads on the web page as it is directly proportional to your Adsense revenue.

So where to place ads for maximum CPC?

Answer is simple.

Place 2 ads inside your blog post and 1 outside the post. As far as placing inside goes then place one 336 X 280 rectangle ad on the top of the blog just below the title and place the second 468 X 60 ad in between the blog post. Remaining one ad you can place on your right side that is outside your post.

However, in 2022, you can use artificial technology to determine the best ad placement. You can use this AdSense companion tool called “Ezoic” to automate AdSense ad placement for maximum revenue.

Ezoic AdSense CPC
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Though it should be your choice and depending upon your reason for blogging. For example, if you are a professional blogger and dependent on Adsense, you should not miss a chance to optimize ads and use maximum ad units on a single page. Though if you are a hobby blogger or blogging on a personal blog, your first target should give quality content and fewer ads, as readers hate advertisement which distract them from reading.

6. Keep Experimenting

Always keep trying something new. Experimenting can really pay you high dividends. You can try out for different niches, choose different ad placements, and finally take as much advice from Google Adsense center. Never bogged down into one style, always try something new.

Conclusion: Increase AdSense CPC to reach your blog’s financial goals

In conclusion, I would only say if you follow and implement these 6 tips, then you can surely increase your AdSense revenue from 30% to 40%. It is a completely legal and genuine way to increase your earning in a short time. You can also search for the highest CPC AdSense Keywords and compile one-two posts around it.

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Let me know what’s one trick which worked for you to increase Adsense CPC? Do you believe niche and traffic from certain countries creates an enormous difference in Adsense earning?

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  1. Arun rana

    hi i am getting only .03$ cpc from indian traffic ,can you review my blog and tell me how to increase it .

  2. Sriram Raj

    I always know that GOogle adsense optimization is very important to earn from blogging. But it is very risky to use 336*280 at the top of blog post because it distracts reader attraction. So I always keep 468*60 at the top.

    Anyways thanks for the share

  3. zahed

    Thanks Pritam for valuable tips. Best way to increase Adsense revenue is to write articles on high CPC keywords but such articles will not appear in organic search because of high competition. Can we drive traffic through low competition keywords to blog and include high paying keywords link within article? (of course low and high CPC keywords from same niche) So that visitors would click on high paying keywords link and redirect to high CPC article within blog.

    I would appreciate if someone give inputs on above .

  4. ratnaveera

    Great article with useful tips to get more adsense earning. You have also added links to learn more about adsense tactics. Thanks a lot for this wonderful job! Pritam Nagrale.

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    Adsense Optimization is quite fascinating for me. If we focus on conversion rate optimization along with SEO, I think in less time we can enhance revenue generating potential of our web-marketing efforts. This article has compelled me to re-think over my monetization strategy.
    Thanks for sharing such a useful information.

  6. Karan Labra

    For me it’s just experimenting with ad placements and fiddling with font size and color to blend in with the content that works…I have tried “making my ads stand out thing” but blending in my ads has increased my ctr from 2% to 5-7%

  7. Amir Nasir

    what about link ads? should we use them or not? and we should use them then to which extent?

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