5 Things to Do When You Want to Quit Blogging

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Recently I wanted to quit blogging. I sat down and took my personal diary and started writing how it would be if I quit. After writing it I decided to re-introspect my blogging journey. I’ve read & implemented few tactics to again fall in love with blogging which I wanted to share with you here.

Are you feeling the same?

Do you want to quit blogging? Of course every one will come across that phase at least once in their blogging career. Have a look at the following things when you want to quit blogging.

First off, anyone will want to quit blogging because of the following reasons..

  • when you don’t have enough time
  • when you don’t notice any results (even after working hard)
  • when you’ve something else to do (job, higher studies etc)

Try the following things when you want to quit blogging

Use the “1 month – zero output tactic”

When you’re decided to quit blogging, then why not try this tactic??

Ignore the stats, income and output – just focus on delivering the content that stands for something.

Do this.. one month.

I’m sure you’ll either find inspiration or you love enjoying the blogging again. The primary reason for anyone to quit blogging is this: they expect the results. Although there’s nothing in wrong in expecting the results, but when you’re expecting the results within a limited time or considering blogging as a get-rich-quick-scheme is not gonna help you. So make sure to try 1 month – zero output tactic when you want to quit blogging.

In short, expect nothing in that 1 month and focus only on providing value to the readers.

Take the advice from established bloggers

I did this when I wanted to quit blogging. I emailed all the professional bloggers and influencers in my niche asking the suggestions about quitting blogging. Most of them are kind enough to respond back to me and majority of the bloggers said – try ONE more time. Give one more shot, so did I.

Follow the same rule when you want to quit blogging, email the established bloggers and state the problems which you’re facing currently in blogging, most of them will be kind enough to reply you back within 5 to 7 days. They can certainly help you because they’re already came across all that phases, troubles and hurdles. So their suggestions will be really helpful for you to decide whether or not to continue in blogging.

Re-introspect yourself

Remember the beginning days when you first started blogging? How did you feel when you were a newbie? Everything was amazing for you, right?

Ask yourself these questions when you want to quit blogging..

  • Who inspired you to blog?
  • What did you want to achieve from blogging?
  • Where did you find the inspiration when you’re actively blogging?
  • When was the last time you felt so happy for blogging?
  • How did you help others with your blog?
  • What are your reasons for saying this?
  • Where did this shit happen?
  • What about this situation affected you the most?

This will surely help you when you want to quit blogging.

Spend time on other blogs instead of yours!

Do you know the ONE biggest mistakes most of the bloggers (especially the newbies) are making?

It is.. spending more time on their OWN blogs.

Yes.. when you spend more time on creating content or responding to the comments on your own blog, how can others find your blog?? Okay let me share a simple tactic with you all. Spend quality time on other blogs!

I’m sure you’ll be shocked with the response and the results that you’ll get. Because you’re allowing yourself to connect with others, to build a healthy network around your blog, thus it automatically builds a thriving audience in no time.

So how can you spend time on other blogs to improve your own blog?

Here I’d suggest 3 actionable tips that you can implement right away to improve your own blog.

  1. Blog commenting
  2. Guest blogging
  3. Advising the new bloggers

1. Blog commenting: This is no brainer, commenting is the quick way to build relationships with other blogs. When you’re leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs, no doubt, within no time other bloggers will be interested in checking out your blog. When they find your content interesting, they’ll surely consider subscribing or becoming loyal to your blog.

2. Guest posting: One of the most effective ways to build a brand for your blog is guest posting on already reputed blogs. But make sure you’re delivering the high quality contents even for your guest  posts, because most of the bloggers I know are publishing the great stuff for their own blogs and writing mediocre content for the guest posts. If you’re doing the same, I’d suggest you to change your perspectives about guest blogging. You’ll get quality audience for your blog when you’re producing high quality guest posts.

3. Advising the new bloggers: Do you like sharing your blogging secrets with others? Share your thoughts and expertise with others for free. This is the best way to get rid of quit blogging thoughts!

Take a long break

If nothing works from the above list, then try this one – take a long break. Stay away from blogging for 2 to 3 months. This may result in two distinguish results – either you may lose total interest in blogging or you may feel refreshing towards blogging. I’m sure both helps.. how? Because you did everything to quit blogging, even after working on the above tasks, you feel like quitting blogging then quit it without giving another shot! But keep in mind that, it should be your least and last priority.

What other things you do when you are bored of Blogging or planning to quit it? Do you reinvent yourself for Blogging or you just let it die


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20 thoughts on “5 Things to Do When You Want to Quit Blogging”

  1. IT is really hard to find good guest posts these days because every second person now writes guest post only to get backlinks

  2. Very nice post, you correctly pointed out that most of us reach a point where we see no fruitful end and want to quite. These feelings are often associated with “quick rich” aspirations and as we know there is nothing like that, there is frustration and desperation. As a result, we get this feeling.
    As you mentioned, staying away for a while and spending time on other’s blog can be helpful in rejuvenating.

    Thanks Rahul for sharing this.

    1. Yep taking a break from blogging can certainly improve the efficiency.

      I hope you find this post useful. Thanks for stopping by Akhilendra.. keep in touch πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Rahul Agree with your all Points Specailly with Last one… I always take a long break when i feel like this . . And Its really awesome way to refresh yourself.
    Nice Share Mate.

    1. Hi Amit,

      That’s really a good strategy indeed! It’ll be so overwhelming if you don’t have a vacation or break from the rituals πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the comment

  4. i am not making any money from my blog ,but still working…….in the hope that one day i get what i want from blogging…….spending time on other blogs is awesome point…..

  5. Well yes, before making a decision to quit blogging, contacting the professional bloggers and influencers of same niche for their suggestions is really a great idea. And yes, spending time on other blogs does helps to improve the own blog and as mentioned, some of the best ways are guest blogging, blog commenting etc. Thanks Rahul for sharing this wonderful post πŸ™‚

  6. I thought the same thing to quit blogging when I felt there is no benefit out of it. But after realizing the fact that the real blogging success comes with greater patience and hard work, I am into serious blogging now. We never quit. Need to find and do something new.

    1. Hello Deljo,

      That’s really good for you! I wish you all the success for your blogging journey pal. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’ve any more queries.

  7. Blogger Malaysia

    Sometimes, i want to quit blogging also. But think about my traffic, domain. friends, make me alive again in blogging.

  8. The best way to motivate yourself when the thought came in of quitting is to read the journey of succesfull blogger the problem they faced and the achievments they had taken

  9. Great piece Rahul, i often read LBT and i am a lot impressed by your posts
    Thanks for contributing your work to shout me loud. really a motivational read

  10. Hi Rahul, Agreed with all your points. As per me taking the advice from established bloggers and taking a long break from blogging will surely help us. Thanks for Sharing such a nice points bro πŸ™‚

  11. Hi, i am very much inspired by your post. I had also face this situation which leads to sell my blog, Now again i have started my blogging carrier. When i feel i should leave blogging i will remember your such a nice post.


  12. As per me taking the advice from established bloggers and taking a long break from blogging will surely help us.

  13. Hi Rahul!!!! I just wanted to know the advantages and puposes of getting more e-mail subscribers??

    P.S – I’m really new to this blog thing

  14. Nice post Rahul.
    It is obvious when anyone is not getting expected results from his efforts, he might lose his interest and think to quit it. This might happen to Top Bloggers also.
    Suggested ways are quite interesting, I will definitely try when next time I feel so! πŸ™‚

  15. Rahul Krishnan

    Very well said bro.
    I also felt one time to quit blogging. Being a college student, it is almost impossible to deal with. Anyhow I am going with it. Writing is a passion for, not yet the profession.
    Thank you so much for your awesome post.

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