Four Social Media Techniques from Alexander The Great

Stumbles,Diggs, Google+, Facebook likes and Tweets will only give you a rented audience. Its like living in a house, paying the rent and knowing in your heart that you will never own the house.

Twittering away in twitterverse will not get you your audience. A very famous philosophical question  comes to the mind – “if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound“. This is exactly happening when you tweet or stumble or when you socially speak online. While social media is becoming increasingly tough to understand and manipulate, there is always hope for the beginners. Also, especially when Google started considering Social signal as one of the ranking factor, it’s become essential for us to optimize our site for Social media presence. Though, things to keep in mind is: Just adding social media buttons doesn’t mean you will get hundreds of Retweets and share, but you need to do more.

A recent study on twitter showed that no one really heard what you tweeted about. A lot of us bloggers at some stage have already experienced the ineffectiveness or inability to attract an audience via social media. A lot of observation is required to spot the correct trends before you will start thinking like a true social media enthusiast.Let’s talk about how we can relate Alexander’s infinite courage and will to bond with his countrymen teach us a thing or two about social media.

Easy to understand & Follow Social Media Techniques

1) Mount that Horse

Alexander's Horse

Alexander’s Horse

When Alexander was ten years old, a horse rider bought a horse that refused to be mounted. While the king himself asked the horse to be taken back, Alexander observed the horse’s fear for it’s own shadow. He asked to tame the horse and was successful in doing so.

Tip : Observation yields great power. If you cannot observe what everyone is failing to see, your scope to success in social media is limited. If you observe something different and you do not have the courage to ask for a chance, you will fail as a marketer and as a social expert.

2) Married Roxana

Alexander’s marriage to Roxana may have been out of love but according to source it was also to establish a strategic relationship in the Bactrian region. It was to show his people , his soldiers that a great king like him did not put royal people above the ordinary.

Tip : If you cannot collaborate or befriend other social media experts the chance of social success are very few. A revolution is the most effective when a group of people bolster its strength through regular impact. Social mediums may require you to create strategic relationship (Like Alexander married Roxana) to continue your victory march.

If you have been tweeting alone, sharing articles on Facebook without likes or engagement, you should rework on strategy. Collaborate with other bloggers, Internet marketers, Social media experts, who shares  the same insight as you and work closely. Work mutually for each other benefit, and always remember a pile of wood is always stronger than a single piece of wood.

3) Revolt of the army


When finally the great army of Alexander, revolted against him ; he ordered everyone to be taken back home. Alexander first tried to speak to his army and motivate them to march forward in his ambitious plan. However the circumstance urged him that it was best to let his army return, lest they revolt against his leadership.

Tip : One of the best Social media technique which I can give here is, engage with your readers, customers and followers. Make sure you listen to your followers. If the circumstance demand , you need to step back and rethink. Continuously tweeting or stumbling a certain subject may not be in the best interest of your audience and may spark a unfollow revolt. Also, keep a variation on your social media share. Promoting yourself on Social media is good but your target is to establish yourself as a niche expert. So, sharing article from other related niche blog, will add more into your authority. I also suggest you to sign up for free Klout account and work on improving your Klout score. This will give you an idea on, how your social media profile is improving every day.

4) Crush your competetion

It is extraordinary that when Alexander was sixteen, in absence of his father, he crushed a Maedi insurgence and colonised that territory with greeks thus founding Alexandropolis. Such a feat at a very your age set him up to be the heir apparent when his father died four years later.

Tip : “Keep your friends close, enemies closer” comes to mind. make sure you see what your competition is doing via social medium. Social media and winning at is nothing short of a battle. If you find an opportunity to crush your competition do it. Do not belittle yourself in war of words, but paint an effective returns for your user. Either you have two way to go about it, you can take help of controversial marketing (if you are a beginner), or you can have a very active and useful social media engagement around your profile. If you are a company, you an hire a social media agency for keeping your profile updated every day, or you can use tools like Bufferapp, Hootsuite to keep all your profile updated. Even Facebook fan pages now have Schedule feature, you can use the same for scheduling future posts and keeping your profile updated.

If you are complete new to Social media, I suggest you to start creating your profile on Twitter, Create Facebook fan page, Pinterest profile, Create Google+ page for business and start engaging with your readers. Here are some articles from past, which will help you to get more followers on these networks:

So, thats it for now and I hope this article have helped you to learn some of the Social media techniques, that you can integrate into day-to-day life. Always remember, success in Social media comes when you are doing something out of the box and new, but the technique and basics will hold the same. So, start working on your strategy and get viral on Social sites.

So there we go Forum.  What are your thoughts, concerns , feedback ?

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  1. Zenil Shroff says

    I really loved the way that you used to explain your points. However, all the tips that were included are basics of social media marketing, but i am really impressed by the way which you expressed it.

  2. Avi says

    Awesome article and what it makes great is Alexander the great. He is such a person who can teach us many things about life. Ajay, The points you mentioned by linking his works were really good. Only tweeting or posting status will never help the bloggers. We have to increase relations and have to increase interaction in order to make it large. I appreciate your hard work. :)

  3. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    that’s very creative , talented and how you’re mixed history with all that !!! loved the comparisons . and how it makes it better!!!!!! Legendary ! !

  4. Rakesh says

    Nice linking, the concepts of history do tell us how to win today if we are concerned to look and then try!

  5. Tech Maish says

    Alexender was a great worrier and also a good communicator. When he was a child and the horse that was not handled by any one, he handle it in the age of 10 years. That is because of a strategy, that is a long story, but the thing is that always follow a rocking strategy in any field to become a winner.