I Purchased Facebook Likes & This is what happened


Gary Busey, world’s renowned actor once said “If you take shortcuts, you get cut short”

and this has been true in most circumstances.

Buy 500 likes for Facebook Business Page for Rs. 500 (8$)”,  you will notice such ads everywhere and many times you will fall for number game and buy Facebook fans from such services. This is a quick solution to grow your number on Facebook business pages and many business owners are making this huge mistake of buying such likes to increase number of fans.

At this moment Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site and despite of being social, it’s a major platform for businesses to grow and amplify their business globally. It’s Facebook business page ( Some of you might be calling it as Fan page) which is the first and most popular way to reach out to your target audience.

If you have a website, you most likely have a Facebook fan page with either handful of fans or thousand to millions of followers. In old days (2 years back) usually when you made an update on your Facebook page, it was reachable to all your fans but a lot has changed in recent time. Facebook have their own algorithm known as Edgerank which governs how and who will see updates made on your business page.

With the algorithm changes done by Facebook, page reach is majorly reduced and your updates reaches 5% to 12% (if you are damn lucky) of your audience. In my observation on my fan page, reach is more with plain text posts followed by uploaded videos and pictures & unfortunately Facebook hates any external links to my blog posts. The reach is hardly 3% of my followers for blog posts.

I was irate by Facebook, I needed to increase likes & blowup website traffic like my blog was the second best thing to Seth Godin’s. I needed thousands and millions of new fans else there was no point of writing epic shit. I decided to buy Facebook likes, as advertising on Facebook was perceived expensive for a blog like mine which don’t sell anything. Yes I know some of you are with me in the same boat, you also tried something creepy to increase Facebook likes.

There are many ways to Buy Facebook Likes – Buy Facebook Likes real Cheap- Get 500 likes for Fan/Brand Page for Rs. 300 (5$)

Few Non-friendly Shortcut ways to Get Facebook likes:

  1. Pay money and Get Likes websites

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  1. Fiverr you can buy likes for 5$

fiver facebook likes
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  1. Like4Likeorg – free service – create account and exchange likes

like4like org
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  1. Auto liker script – Run the script and thousands of Fans

Facebook Auto liker script
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  1. Facebook pages are there for like for like

Facebook group to exchange like
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I was a newbie back then, I did like4like and also bought auto facebook likes for my first Facebook fan page. I contacted a shady fellow who offered 1000 likes for some 200 rupees(3$), I was glad as facebook advertisement would have costed at least Rs. 2000-3000(35$-50$) for achieving the same.  It was a Fan page I have worked for 4 months and got 1000 first genuine fans and then added 1000 non genuine fans.

Though this great idea was from a team member who wanted quick success on page & apparently led to the quick death of page.

Tech News and reviews – first fan page we  killed with Fake fans then we started all fresh again (it was painful)

Facebook like for Technology niche
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Auto-liker script added fans from all over the world and mostly Arab & African countries and in 3 days page reach died as there was ZERO engagement and no comments. With most of the post feed going into the feeds of these non-genuine members doomed the page reach &  it took it’s last breath. Then we tried to delete the fake fans, here is a snapshot from Facebook with people having thousands of fake fans trying to delete it and Mark Zukerburg smiling on their naivety.

This is another page owner asking Facebook team to remove Fake likes but Facebook don’t allow you to choose users and just remove them, best you can do is remove some recent followers:

Deleting Fake likes from Facebook page
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Mark Zuckerberg is a smart business man.  He created an enormous platform and then he strangled the organic reach for businesses and is now making them pay money for ads. Facebook is the largest social media website having 1.32 billion monthly active users, an increase of about 40 million in last 4 months. Facebook in the last quarter earned $2.9 billion in revenue and all this comes from ad revenue which is why Facebook ensures all the above technique fails and super smart people using them realised who big daddy is.

Concluding Thoughts on buying Facebook likes for your business page:

Donald Trump once said “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war”

Now here are 5 Rules which you may try if you want Remarkable results:

  1. Pay Facebook for ads, do 3 types of promotions, website clicks, website impressions, post promotions. They will get you page likes as well.
  2. Utilize Facebook Ads effectively – how to get most likes use insights and timing of people – Check your existing audience age , interests , and days and time when they are active in Page Insights to see the best day to do paid Ads
  3. Experiment more & fail more – My fist Ads were not as successful compared to the results that I get now, it is trial and error to find your mojo don’t rely solely on tips you read on google.
  4. Content is King yes you have heard it before, as Seth Godin said create content which is ” remarkable” audience must say- I am going to make a remark about it, create headlines, share videos which touch heart and emotions & are worth re-sharing, it doesn’t always have to be your content.
  5. Promote your page content from your page to relevant Facebook groups, you will get huge number of likes for me 30% likes came from doing this alone.

Screenshot of My Facebook Page – Check the post reach.

Postreach of my Facebook page
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I tried all this for 4 months, not to mention the gruelling hard work of creating relavant interesting content for my audience and reach on my page now is astounding 5,54,161 users. Super smart shortcuts does not work, genuine efforts do pay.

Thanks for reading it fellow troopers, pardon me for any goof up I am still a rookie learning to march the road.

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16 thoughts on “I Purchased Facebook Likes & This is what happened”

  1. SoldierOfYHVH

    Very good article but I both agree and disagree. It all depends what your selling or promoting. When we released our first commercial project, we had hundred of thousands of people visit the page, but only about 2% of those visitors liked the page. So we decided to buy likes to test our theory which was that the public is programmed, that if they don’t see a high number of likes, they tend to equate that with failure.

    After purchasing the likes, the number of page likes increased by 30%. The post boost we were purchasing from FB were getting thousands of likes and shares. And those were people who liked what we were doing. This time we’ve decided to combine the fake likes with post boost, radio adverting, and internet advertising. Fantastic! Anything in excess isn’t good, and this includes fake FB boost.

  2. ashu

    Hey! Thank you for sharing your experience. I went through the same thing; went from 500 organic followers with real following and engagement, to 5,000 using these services – it destroyed my page, my following, my engagement, etc. Huge mistake.
    At this point, I am not sure if I should literally start from 0 again or delete all the fakes/internationals, and just create great content with boost strategies. Any advice?

  3. Ankurman Handique

    facebook page reach has really dropped much. it is very hard to reach 100 people with a page with 5000 likes.

  4. Freethinker

    I want to purchase ads from FB. But I still confuse about the calculation. Is the ads counted per impression, per click, or per like?

  5. Krishna Ahire

    Thats what I call a perfect research. each and every word written here is true. How I can say that, because I faced this personally. I got many likes (fake likes) within 3 days, I was just surprised, because i neither purchase them nor exchanged anywhere. Then, One of my friend said to me (very Happily) – did your page got any likes? I understood everything. And tell him not to repeat this in future at all. I had just 155 likes (its a new page) and then it goes to above 400 and then came down to even from 155. Now the like stat is like 152 likes (+245 this week). LOL. Does it make any sense. getting 245 new likes this week and still page has only 152 likes.

    take home tip – NEVER EVER use any service to get LIKES or FOLLOWERS.


    A week ago I launched an Facebook ad campaign and for $30 and I got 2406 likes from top countries, now the page is growing alone, have over 4000 likes and great response when I post updates. Pretty cool!

  7. Gulshan Kumar

    I’ve my own Facebook auto like website for getting a tons of Likes. But I’m not using it on my fb profile. Because, I know very well- The taste of real like, and that satisfaction of Social Media Success can never be achieved from millions of Fake Likes.
    Purchasing likes, or exchanging in any manner can never complete the place for real likes. Real likes can only achieved by quality focused content. Then we can aspect some awesome and amazing When People will automatically likes, comment who will genuinely interested in those niche, topic, content, That’s we should keep focus on that.

    Final words- No matter how much you have likes, You can’t bring engagement in real sense from Fake Likes.

  8. Rohit Dwivedula

    While you are right in saying that shortcuts will cut you short, I think we need to get our first 50 followers, as fast as possible, by hook or crook.

    Generally, when Facebook(now I’m on G+) gives me “suggestions” on pages I might like, I first look at the number of followers the page has. If the page has at least a few hundred followers, I follow it if I like its content. People recognize it as a reputed page if it has a few followers.

    So, I think it’s okay to buy our first 100 followers, after that, maybe we can get real followers?

  9. Parampreet Chanana

    I am not in favor to buy Likes or some. better ,we purchase it from Facebook.. When Advertised Page, get Targeted Likes + We get Each like for near 3-4 Rupees. That is Cheap, I think.. And can even more cheap. Main thing is we get Targeted Likes! 🙂

    Now ,its depend on Investor!

  10. Jey Ganesh

    A quite good article. This is very helpful for newbie bloggers. If we would like to increase Facebook like, only using Facebook Ads for right Facebook Fans

  11. Neha Mehra

    Buying Facebook ads is a great option, yes you get a lot of visitors for a time being but if your content is really strong, you can get real visitors as well. Facebook LIKES are not all fake, there are genuine people out there and meeting them is important.Great article

  12. Danish Wadhwa

    Well explained, it is more important to how many people your post reached than you page likes on fan page. Tons of page fake page likes never solved a purpose for anyone, as shortcuts are penalised always on internet.

    We have less 2k page likes on our fan page but our post reaches more people which is even good to setup a healthy relation with the audience. We use HootSuite premium version for managing social profiles and we have added related groups, so any thing posted on the page it gets posted to related group as well.

    So as explained by Kanuj, never go for shortcuts try to do more intelligent work possible. And get your Facebook post reach number of people.

  13. Rohit Singh

    Yes buying fake likes is like jumping straight from air ballon and killing yourself, Even my blog has facebook fanpage but I never opted and tried to buy likes from cheap services or by using any autoscripts I am taking the path to get genuine likes by writing and promoting good and helpful content and by sharing it on facebook

    Rohit Singh

  14. I. C. Daniel

    A week ago I launched an Facebook ad campaign and for $30 and I got 2406 likes from top countries, now the page is growing alone, have over 4000 likes and great response when I post updates. Pretty cool!

    I recommend buying likes from Facebook.

  15. Saket Saurabh

    Hi Harsh, Nice post
    Actually I was thinking about buying some FB likes for my newly born blog, but your post is an eye opener and money saver too. Now, I am not going to do this. Fake likes can never substitute real likes.


  16. Amresh Kumar

    Very Good And Knowledgeable article. You have shared so many things about facebook fake fan page like and you are right content is the kind in seo world. Thanks again.

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