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There are many social media and social bookmarking sites and very few of them stand out among big list of Social bookmarking sites. Reddit is one of those social bookmarking website, which is completely driven by it’s user. It’s a user contributed social network and it’s not only for bookmarking and sharing useful links, but you can use it to get people opinion on any topic, something similar to quora.

I am sure not everyone is familiar with Reddit, so, I will just explain what Reddit is all about. Reddit is another social site which is meant for registered users to submit whatever content that is suitable for that site either as a linkable content or in text form.

Now that you have gotten an insight of what Reddit is all about, it is now time you understand what it entails and what you are meant to do in order to market on such site. There are ways to go about marketing and it is best you do the right thing or you get kicked out and have nothing in return.

How to use Reddit?

To begin with Reddit, create an account using the right email address and make sure to verify Email because there will be comments and you are expected to make it show where you stand in the community. Also make sure, when you select your username, keep it unique and if you are a Blogger or use a common handle for social media branding, make sure to use that only, as you wont be able to change your username later.

One thing which is amazing about reddit is, it has something for everybody. They have wide range of submission categories. The posting of articles or contents on Reddit vary because it is being specific about the kinds of articles that are to be posted on it and some of these articles are to be unique, interesting, detailed, having quality and also funny. The articles are also ranged based on comments, and the number of visitors acquired.

How to use Reddit Guide
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To maintain a good profile on Reddit, you should start submitting quality articles. Also, make sure to take advantage of Images and video category, as you can get more exposure to your profile. Whatever quality thing that is posted will definitely attract comments and you also ought to comment when necessary.

Reddit profile has Link karma system: which is voted by community. It increases when other user upvote your submitted post or comment and it goes down when other user downvote your comment or post. Also, submission in self reddit is not counted in Link karma. If you don’t want search engine to index your Reddit profile, you can go to preference > Privacy options > and put a tick on box saying “don’t allow search engines to index my user profile”.

Sub-Reddit: Makes Browsing niche topics easy

There is something called sub-reddit which helps in fixing your own topic to the list of relevant ones. There are three different categories for submitting and they are listed below;

  1. /r/todayilearned – this category is where articles which are interesting and motivating are to be placed. They can be in form of news or just tidbits that are informative; so, it is best you read what you want to be seen before fixing them into these categories.
  2. /r/askreddit – this is another category that gives you room to ask Reddit its ideas on almost anything and just be sure you are comfortable with the answers given and if you are not, you’ll have to look deeper and you shall find.
  3. /r/IAMA – this category is for those who are interested in submitting stuff ranging from paleontology to pushcart levels. If you feel you are up to the task, I gladly give you the green card and I advice you make me proud.

Now, when you create a reddit profile and go to any Sub-reddit, you can subscribe to it. Also, make sure to read sub-reddits FAQ and rules before you start posting. There is a category for almost every niche, so you can start following those sub-reddits on your area of interest. Also, I suggest you to try this addon call RedditEnhancementSuite, which will help you to enhance your reddit experience. Here is a

Here is a video explaining, how to use Reddit enhancement suite.

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Also check out Redditlist, it will help you to find sub-reddits based on ranking & popularity.
Who do you think Reddit is meant for?

  1. Photography: actually, it is not only meant for photographers but people who are into artistic things.
  2. Politics: well, you are bound to get information regarding the political area of life and maybe get ideas on what to input in this present world.
  3. Technology: this is another thing that is now in control of the entire world and as the clock ticks, so does technology take another dimension and you definitely need to tag along.
  4. Music: as my friend will say, the world is controlled by music and you are meant to go with the flow.
  5. Personally-related stories: such stories can either be sad, challenging, heartwarming, or of you facing so many terrible things in life and also letting people know the rights and wrongs so they will not fall into that same ditch.
  6. Educational stories: they can either be in form of usual stories or unusual ones in the sense that most people think it weird but it’s true. They can either be historical facts, health facts, and other important facts you can think of.

To market on Reddit, your content must be in a unique state and they must be pleasant to the eyes and also sugar-coated. Once your content is seen in this form, you might be lucky to get the front page of Reddit which will be a very honorable place to be achieved. You will also be rewarded with enough traffic and you will be at peace with yourself.

reddit infographic
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Above is a cool Reddit infographic from Dailyinfographic, which shows complete reddit history and stats. If you are using Chrome, you can install their Chrome addon, which will help you to quickly add links to reddit.  Bloggers and webmasters can use Reddit buttons (Code here) on their web page and this will help redditers to quickly add their vote on your blog post. I’m not sure about how much social signals reddit carries, but it definitely helps in getting quality traffic.

Here are some more articles from web, which will give you more insight on reddit and how to use reddit for marketing:

So, with these interesting facts on how to market on social sites, eespecially Reddit, you just need to be a part of community by engaging via comments and by submitting useful post. After all, its all about being social!

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  1. iaan

    I LOVED that infographic, eespecially the part about procrastinating on Reddit instead of working on the graphic! Good stuff!

  2. nitya jana

    Thanks bro this is amazing guide to drive traffic from Reddit 🙂

  3. Ahmed Raza

    Thanks Dude ! I have drive 20k visitors in just 24 hours from reddit

  4. Mike M

    Dude that’s an amazing infographic, good job, I mean really! I can so relate to the procrastination part, I do it ALL the time!! It’s just so easy to ‘accidentally’ stumble upon the website and watch a video or two..

    I’ve been using Reddit as means of marketing for a year now and I’ve had some great success, several of my posts reached over 100,000 visitors, and that was just in 24 hours! Crazy to think what you can achieve with Reddit.

  5. Kim

    I LOVED that infographic, eespecially the part about procrastinating on Reddit instead of working on the graphic! Good stuff!

  6. Avi

    I’ve been using Reddit from last 3 months and I’m loving it. I think the best thing about Reddit is the “voting feature”. Users can vote up the important things and vote down the unimportant.

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