11 Steps To Get More Twitter Followers (The proper way)


Want to get more followers on Twitter fast?

Well, this guide will help you gain followers on Twitter in legit ways. You can gain more than 10000 followers over time by following these Twitter growth tips.

We all know, like any other social network, it’s essential to get more followers on Twitter, as this will help your tweets reach out to more people.  However, like every network, there are some unsaid rules, hacks, and tricks which help everyone to grow their social following.

Similarly, Twitter has many unspoken hacks that any Twitter profile can use to start growing its following.

So what are those tricks to get more Twitter followers?

I will share that, but before that.

It’s vital to also learn from those big brands’ Twitter profiles with millions of followers.

You will notice:

  1. Big brands are active most of the time
  2. Tweets to them are replied instantly
  3. Their DM’s are open
  4. There twitter profile bio clearly explains who they are and what to expect from them
  5. They use Hashtag with every tweet
  6. They follow the best time to tweet
  7. Tweet interesting updates and tips from their niche
  8. They use some of the best twitter tools to make their tweeting fun and profitable.
  9. They monitor what other users are talking about them.

Well, these are just some of the must-have for any Twitter profile to grow. Even though it may look daunting for some who are just starting out, as you start using a few of these Twitter follower growth tricks, you will see great results in no time.

So without further delay, let’s learn some of the hacks that help you gain Twitter followers.

11 tips to get more followers on Twitter

These are some simple but effective tips that you can utilize to increase your Twitter followers. As I keep saying, like the quality traffic, you need quality followers everywhere. They should be the people in your niche, use your product(s) or keep a keen interest in stuff you are offering and tweeting about.

Your Avatar & Cover picture

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The word Avatar usually reminds us of a film, but you need to create a nice avatar for your Twitter account. Many of you think that uploading a picture to your Twitter account isn’t that much of a big deal. Believe it when I say that the picture you upload plays a very important role.

So stop yourself from uploading a picture that doesn’t show your face. People on Twitter want to know what you look like, and that is why having a good picture of you can help a lot in making people know what you look like and who you are. If you are working for a brand, use your brand avatar as the Twitter profile picture. This will make your tweets noticeable from the huge cloud of tweets. Make sure your avatar stands out from the long list of other profile avatars.

The Profile Bio (It gives consistency)

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Profile Bio is the first and most important thing to get more followers on Twitter. Your bio talks about who are you and what you talk about on Twitter.

So, unless you are someone very famous,  a good bio is of utmost importance. Be creative and intelligent when you write your bio as it will help people understand who you are. You can also put a beautiful quote. Remember, be creative! You can also insert a link to your ‘About’ page or a landing page, where Twitter users can learn more about you or your brand.

Use Hashtags with every update:

Hashtags are what will help your tweets be seen by millions of other users. Always add relevant hashtags with your updates, and it will make your Tweet reachable to other users interested in similar topic.

What you need to keep in mind is:

  • Add 2-3 relevant hashtags
  • Never spam Hashtag usage

How to find the best hashtags for your Tweets?

Use a free tool like Hashtagify and enter your target hashtag. It would show popular and relevant hashtags that you can pick from.

The right time to Tweet

By tweeting at the time when your followers are most active, will help you to gain maximum engagement. There are tools like Circleboom which scan your followers’ list and based on their actions, it suggests the optimum time to send out a tweet.

For example, I have followers from around the globe but mostly my effective time to send a tweet is between 5-10 PM.

I tested this and increased my twitter engagement by 48%.

If I tweet at an off hours like 2 A.M, my tweet doesn’t perform well, and I miss out on engagement and retweets.

How do I know this?

I applied this technique, and within a month, my Twitter impression increased by 67.6%

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(data by Twitter analytics)

That is why I would recommend you tweet at peak hours based on your followers. Try tweeting when you know your friends or other people would be signed in on Twitter. These peak hours are different for different users, so you’ll need to use the tools listed below to find the best time for your profile. Here are some tools that will help you here:

The @Messages game

Tweet with @mention. When tweeting from a reputable site, you can always use Twitter buttons on the page. This will make sure that tweet will get noticed by the website owner, and in most of the cases, blog owners like to follow people who tweet or retweet them.

If you happen to get a retweet by top influencers, it would mean that the thousands of followers have read your tweet that the top user has, and people will be interested in knowing who you are.

Twitter limits tweet length to 280 characters. You can use these tools to compress lengthy tweets. Images are not counted in 280 characters.

Subscribe on YouTube

Bonus Tip: Always add an image with your tweets. It performs better than the regular text-based tweet.

Ask Questions

Make people interested in retweeting you. Ask questions on your Twitter account and see whether people will try to answer them or if you get a response. Try asking questions about trending topics or hot topic in your niche. If you pick the right question, it can significantly increase the interaction on your profile.

If you are working on being a niche influencer, keep talking about the latest happening in your niche. This will help you to get niche followers. Moreover, users love an active profile which interacts well (reply to all tweets & DM).

Use Polls to increase engagement:

Polls are one of the easiest ways to engage with the Twitter world.

Since it’s easy to pick a choice, you are more likely to get a decent number of engagements.

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Make sure to post polls about the niche/market you are in.

Here is how to post a poll:

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What to Tweet

Keep a decent mix of personal and professional updates. Talk about your brand, what are you doing, share interesting pictures and share links to top articles and from top blogs in your niche.

The idea is to increase interaction with your tweets, and people should not only retweet but quote it. Your tweet should be influential and credible enough so that people retweet it. I use Feedly and content suggestion feature of SocialPilot to keep finding and sharing exciting and hot topic in my niche to keep my Twitter profile updated.

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You can follow any strategy which you are comfortable with. It includes sharing interesting quotes, pictures, talking about a trending topic, etc. Remember, social media is all about interaction and communication.

Stick to your niche

Decide what you want to tweet about so that people can get an idea about what kind of user you are. Yes, tweeting about different things along with hashtag may get you more followers on Twitter. However, it is better you have a specific audience in mind. If you think, you know about cooking, or painting or sports, etc., then start tweeting about that and become one of the leading Twitter users on that subject. Respond to what others ask you, and you will be getting followers on Twitter with ease.

For a business brand, you need to work on a specific strategy and share content which will help you to get a niche audience and also top niche users. You should talk about exciting things related to your niche, for example, if you are an SEO expert or social media maven, you should not only tweet about your brand but also find the top content in your niche and share it.

Repeating yourself

Try tweeting yourself more than once. It can happen that not all people could read your tweets, and so it is a good idea that you tweet interesting stuff again. However, don’t use this strategy too much, as people will not be interested in something which always repeats things he or she has already tweeted about.

Linking your Account

Twitter follow button
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Another way to get more followers on twitter is by linking your Twitter account to your Facebook page, your blog, etc. You have to promote your Twitter account in every way.

Include your Twitter account information in your e-mail signatures. For an email signature, you can use services like Wisestamp and for the blog, you can get official Twitter follow button here. Also, if you are using Official Twitter tweet button on your blog or web pages, you can enter your profile apart from the brand Twitter profile, and the user will get that profile as suggested user to follow. It is something which works most of the time to get more followers to any specific profile.

Brands can use this feature to grow the follower count of CEO or public figures of brand or a company.

Twitter Directories

Listing yourself in Twitter directories, helps other users to find you. You can always your self in any particular category, as I often list myself under #WordPress #SEO and #Blogging category.

This is not the most effective, but still, it works to get targeted people and users. I don’t have a list of directories for now, but you can find one such huge list here.

Follow other top users in your niche

Another tip is to keep an eye on updates from top Twitter users in your list. Follow them and retweet when a tweet makes sense to you. Before you retweet, always edit and add a quote to it to make your share more meaningful.

Like I mentioned above, use Twitter directories, you can use the same to find top people in your niche. Here is an interesting article on three tools to find like-minded people.

People often suggest that you should auto follow other followers, but I would recommend stopping doing such things to get followers on Twitter, instead of just following random people, follow people who tweet meaningful stuff. You will be amazed to see how people will start trusting you by viewing the follow/follower ratio.

Well, these are certainly not the only tips, but for anyone (social media person or an individual Twitter user), these pointers will certainly help you to get more followers in time.

There are many services that will let you buy Twitter followers, such as Fiverr or using Twitter ads.

Just to let you know, it takes time to get thousands of genuine Twitter followers and with a game plan, you can start getting it in no time.  If you find this post useful, do share it on Twitter and join me at @denharsh

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