3 Best Tools to Tweet Lengthy Messages on Twitter

How To Tweet Lengthy Messages
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We all know that Twitter is microblogging but how can we limit ourselves to use only 280 characters?

At least for a blogger it becomes very tough. Bloggers are very expressive and always ready to share updates and information. If you too face problems and get frustrated when you want to tweet more than 280 characters then here are few tools which will help you to make your tweet short and post them on Twitter.

I actually found myself in this situation many times, when I’m replying to someone, and I feel more space for characters. One simple way is to add contd.. and then write a new tweet. But, again it distracts reading. So, it’s better to use any of these 3rd party sites, which will let you send tweets in more than 140 character limit. Also, if you add a link to your Tweet, your tweet character limit will reduce down to 120.

Websites to let you send Long Tweets on Twitter

Storm It (Smartphone app)

Storm it Twitter app
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This is a relatively new app which is launched in August 2016. Storm it is available for Android & iOS device. Storm it! Makes tweeting long messages fun & interesting. All you need to do is, write your tweet & click on Storm it. It automatically adds the count to your tweetstorm – 1/N or 1/

Check out Storm IT


Twitlonger is easy to use tool to share long messages on Twitter. You just need to write the text on Twitlonger website, and they will post the link to Twitter. It’s useful when you don’t want to write any post on your blog and just want to share any important information on Twitter.

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[ Link ]

You  might find these Twitter tools useful too:


TweetCompressor is a bit different than above mentioned tool. TweetCompressor helps you shrink the tweet you want to send rather than providing the URL and then post it to your Twitter profile.

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[ Link ]

Hope you find these tools useful to shorten your long tweets and make it easy to share with your tweeps. If you are aware of any such tool, do share with us.

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31 thoughts on “3 Best Tools to Tweet Lengthy Messages on Twitter”

    1. I also highly recommend – Tweet It In. It automatically adds in shorthand abbreviations, contractions, removes vowels from long words, performs unicode replacement, and shortens links ( all in Real Time). You can even connect it to your Twitter account to Tweet without having to copy + paste.

      Check it out: http://tweetitin.com

  1. Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    Great tools.

    It would have been appreciate if you had provided actual examples of tweets.


    1. It would be a too lengthy article …but I will surely come up with something soon. Anyways, I have tried all these tools and I can assure you that these are very easy to use.

  2. Mani Viswanathan

    TweetCompressor is an awesome tool. Just tried tht on out

    Thanks ruchi for sharing particularly tht one 😛

  3. Writing more the 140 characters is always good for promotion. As you will be able to describe your service, product, blog or website in more details.

    1. Agree Tech Maish, it’s really useful when you have a to brand a product or services online and Twitter is best way to do that.

  4. Shanker Bakshi

    Well no point for guessing that all these sites are violating twitter term of use by extending tweets from limited 140 words with heck or software. ( Even first site mentioned here TwitLonger accept it that its a violation of term of use)

    Probably guys at twitter will soon make changes in API to disable these sites functioning.

    These sites ultimately beating the purpose for which twitter was created and designed.

    1. I don’t think so Shanker, these tools just give the URL to your long messages or short the messages in SMS language. I guess there is no harm, I would rather say that its the way to use Twitter effectively. 🙂
      Do you agree with me?

  5. WoW ! Never heard of them ! Yes, 160 are less characters to tweet eespecially when we tweet links. 🙂

  6. This is the first time i heard about the tools except tiny paste,Probably Tweet compressor is efficient wen compared to others.

  7. Some awesome tools you have listed here. I still wish that someone would hack twitter so that you could no fuss display more text. Would be so funny logging into twitter and seeing a huge wall of text for one tweet. xD

    1. Nice suggestion :D, but I guess people will start spamming a lot and we will find lots of clutter on Twiiter.

  8. Jens P. Berget

    I haven’t really had the need to use more than 140 characters for my tweets, but this list can be a good resource. To me, Twitter is 140 characters, if I need to say anything by using more than 140 characters, then I ‘ll write a blog post about it (and finally tweet the blog post).

    1. Yeah Jens, thats the best way to do. If you have more to share better to write a post on your blog so that all your readers and read it.

  9. I don’t know why people would want to post long tweets, isn’t the whole idea to get what you want to say out quickly and get right to the point?

    I have never clicked on a tweet that was submitted using one of those longer tweet applications. Maybe I am in the minority though.

  10. Quite sometimes back i heard about tweet more than 140 chars, but this is awesome list of most possible tools,Thanks ruchi!…

  11. Also you can write long Tweets without entering any other website. Tvit.Me website makes use of auto link shortening feature of twitter. So you can write your long text as a URL and Tvit.Me will decode it when someone clicks on it. Here you can get detailed information: http://www.tvit.me/manual.php

  12. These apps/extensions are for someone like me! I DO my writing in detailed sentences however I don’t believe that I know a good best great Blog site to try any suggestions Please let me know.
    Also can anyone Or ALL tell me which is the best of the 3 Apps I should get? I think I like the STORM IT BEST. Yet I agree with the ppl on here who said that is losing the integrity of Twitter and it’s purpose
    CHOICE 2.) I DO LIKE ALSO the app that is able to compress your tweets but the e.g. Underneath was the exact same as the top original so not really understanding the compression as I didn’t see any word AT ALL COMPRESSED! Another thing I liked was the ‘SAVE to CLIPBOARD’ however, I DO not have CLIPBOARD On my iPhone where I have had it on my android . So I have to interpret this as this app TWEET COMPRESSOR is strictly for android phones and not iPhones
    3rd) option was the TWIT MORE & YES That sounds like the best option as your tweet will be posted as a URL / Link . Now the question would be… who really wants to constantly click on a link of what the Twitter user is trying to say?!? I personally would find that an extra step, although, as easy as it is to simply click and you get the persons tweet…YET AS I SAID ALWAYS going to a persons page is or would be somewhat annoying BECAUSE you DO have to Always click on a link just to see what they’ve tweeted out each and every time ! I would think for having this option you probably wouldn’t go to the linked tweets as often and vice versa as you normally would by quickly reading 140 characters. It just seems like an awful lot of work for Twitter ! Anyway as you can see I wrote a lot ! lol I did do this on purpose to prove a point , and who finds this annoying for twitter usage ?
    But in all seriousness which is the best app do you all think? I am gearing towards still the TWIT IT . PLEASE give your opinions to me and pls don’t say it’s a personal preference ! Thanks All 🙂

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