17 Proven Ways To Get More Followers on Pinterest in 2023

Get Followers On Pinterest
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We have talked about Pinterest in recent time and if you have missed it, you should check out: Pinterest marketing tips for Bloggers.

Now, the major question of Pinterest is how we can get followers on Pinterest, as even if you are using for company or for personal use, being active on this site means you need to have more views, more repins and more likes.

Which will only be achieved when your uploads and shares are reachable to more audience.

Get Followers on Pinterest
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For those of you who might not know, Pinterest can be defined as a pin-board styled social website, which allows you to create and manage image collections that have a theme to it and share it with your friends and other people on the internet.

These image collections can be of different events, hobbies; interests, etc. and you can put all the relevant images in a single place and share them over the internet with different Pinterest users.

You can also visit other pinboards and you can ‘re-pin’ images to your own collection and ‘like’ other images that you see.

According to the developers, Pinterest’s mission is to connect everyone through the things they find interesting, all over the world.

Pinterest is also affiliated with both Facebook and Twitter. This allows people to expand their reach to a broader social community and interact with more people.

Effective Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest:

As Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networking site, many people are attracted to it in order to share their interests with other people, in the form of images and videos.

Pinterest can be used by normal people as well as companies that are trying to promote themselves on this social network. In order to expand your reach to the world, you need to get more followers on Pinterest.

I have categorized these tips for normal users and for brands and companies. As, both of them will have slightly different strategies to gain more Pinterest followers.

1. Use Milotree:

Increase Pinterest followers
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I got to know about Milotree in May 2016 & became instant fan of this tool.

Wondering why?

Milotree lets you add slide-in Pinterest follow button which is guaranteed to help any blogger getting more Pinterest followers. The pricing is pretty reasonable as one can start for free if he/she doesn’t mind showing Milotree branding or with $6/month you can remove the branding too.

Milotree features
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Apart from Pinterest, it also supports Instagram & Facebook button.

Create free Milotree account

2.For not so heavy Pinterest users (Easy one)

If you are a normal Pinterest user or a social media active guy, these tips are for you. One thing which I highly recommend it to stop doing what others are doing. Bring your personality on Pinterest.

Don’t just blindly upload attractive images but also add something from your personal lifestyle. That could be exotic drinks you are having, your choice of clothing or small things which define your personality.

This way, other users are more likely to connect with you on a personal level and followers which you will get in this process are users like you and me.

3. Being an Active User (no brainer here)

Be it any social media site, one of the key points to get followers is by being active. More time you are spending, it means you are adding more to your profile. Adding more images, commenting more and adding more likes.

Though, if you are an individual brand influencer, don’t spend countless time on any of these social sites. Keep a different slot of 10-20 time slots, 3-4 times a day and upload images and do other activities on Pinterest.

Add Pinterst to Facebook timeline
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As mentioned earlier, Pinterest is associated with Twitter and Facebook, and you should link your account with these sites. You can even invite your friends to your Pinterest account through the Gmail Invite button.

Moreover, always share your awesome uploads on Pinterest with Facebook and Twitter.  Also, Under Pinterest setting, you will see an option to “Add Pinterest to Timeline”. This feature will give a prominent space to your Pinterest profile on Fb profile.

5. Follow users: ( Be social dude!)

Follow Pinterest Users
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Find interesting Pinterest users and top followed Pinterest profile and start following them. Also find people who shares the same interest as you. You can use Pinterest search to find users and their boards.

Something, very useful to find new information on Pinterest and make a new connection. And if your profile boards add value to the community, you will instantly start getting more followers. You can also start by following my profile directly using this button.

Follow Me on Pinterest
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6. Repin images

You should also repin photos of different users and this way they will also follow you. Though, don’t use this feature blindly. Repin only those images which interest you.

7. Use Hashtag on Pinterest:

Try to use hashing when you pin an image and also use captions in order to attract more followers. For example: #funny images or #nice images, #SEO, #Blogging. Also when you add a new pin, add a description and use proper hashtag. This will make your content reachable to more people and especially to those people, who are using Pinterest search feature. Also maximum character for description is 500, why not make most out of it.

8. Pin Good Quality Images

A good way to increase Pinterest followers is to find good and high-quality images and then pinning them to your board in order to attract more people. Remember maximum horizontal width for any image on Pinterest is 554Px, so if you are creating images just for Pinterest, keep that in mind. Though there is no limit on vertical size limit, but don’t make it too lengthy.

If you are a person who owns a website or has a blog, then it will be very helpful for you to add your Pinterest profile link in the sidebar or in the footer section. This will increase your chances of getting more traffic to your Pinterest profile when people will visit the website or the blog that you have. You can quickly grab code for Pinterest follow button here.

How to Increase Follower count for Company Pinterest Profile:

As the internet allows people to connect to millions of users around the world, companies have also started to use different social websites in order to promote their products or services. This also applies to bloggers who are on Pinterest with their blog profile.

Specially, niche like Fashion, health, creative images, humor, Facebook, Social media are quite popular on Pinterest. So, if you are in one of this niche, and not been using Pinterest, you are actually one step behind from your competitor. So, let’s learn some easy to implement and do tips for brands and blogs to get followers on Pinterest:

10. Brand name & Brand image on your profile:

This is the most important step. You need to tell people about the company, and that’s why your Pinterest username should be the same as your company name. You should also use the same name for your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This is in fact one of the basic roles of branding. Use the Same Gravatar/Profile picture and the same username here. For example, you can find my name @denharsh on Twitter, FB, Pinterest and everywhere. I have not created any Pinterest profile for ShoutMeLoud yet, as I manage it via my profile. But, for any serious company or branding company, it’s important that you leave your foot-print there.

12. Pinterest Profile Bio

Pinterest About me
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The ‘About Profile’ is very important as it will tell people about your company and what it does. Also remember to link your official company website with your Pinterest account and add some important information about the company you run. Complete your profile and link to other Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and add your location.

12. Other Social Networking Sites

You need to form a link between your Pinterest account and all of your accounts on different social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as this will help in gaining traffic and to get more followers via your brand profile on other social networking sites. Don’t forget to add the link to your official website in your Pinterest account.

13. Interesting Board names

You need to attract people and make them follow you. A good way to do this is by creating interesting boards and pin a lot of images on it in order to maximize your exposure.

People love good images and having such images on your boards and making them interesting will make people follow you. For any company, instead of creating random boards, lay down a strategy.

Categorize your audience and then name your boards. For example, if I have to create a Pinterest profile for my blog brand, my Board will be named as “WordPress”, “SEO”, “Blogging”, “Social media” and so on. You can see an example of this on my personal Pinterest profile.

14. Tagging other Pinterest users

Pinterest tagging
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You are trying to promote a company and a good way to do this is by tagging other users by using “@username” in the descriptions that you write. You can promote your company by linking with other companies and professionals in order to expand your reach and build your reputation.

15. Leave Comments

A good way to tell that you are an active user is by commenting on other user’s pins. This will help you in forming a bond with other users.

Moreover, new people will get to know about your brand and if you have followed the above part like completing your profile and added interesting boards, getting new followers on Pinterest won’t be that tough.

16. Pin Interesting Images & Videos

This is one tip that goes without saying. You have to work on adding interesting images and videos on your profile. You can upload all those videos which explain your brand and this will help to create brand awareness.

Also, have a dedicated board for your company uploads like event pictures, achievement and so on. Don’t only limit your profile for personal promotion but become a niche expert. Share exclusive content from the web in your niche. This will add more variation to your uploads and will increase the quality of your brand profile on Pinterest.

You can use Pinmarklet bookmark button or install extensions for quick sharing of content.

Pin videos which relate to the work your company does, on your board and share it with others.

Follow other companies, professionals or brands that are related to the work that you do. This will make them follow you as well. Needless to say, ignore your competitors.

Also, add Pinterest follow button on your company profile page and let your reader/Customer know about your presence on Pinterest.  If you are running a blog with your company website, don’t forget to add the Pinterest button on your pages, so that users can easily share your content on Pinterest.

There are many new services that have come into picture which are selling Pinterest followers and I can’t recommend any of them now, as it’s hard to judge the quality of those followers.

If there are any other method which you can think of and will help others to get followers on Pinterest, do let us know via comment.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

21 thoughts on “17 Proven Ways To Get More Followers on Pinterest in 2023”

  1. Hey Harsh,

    What an informative post. There’s a lot of information in your article that can be used to make a successful Pinterest strategy. I appreciate the way you categorized gaining followers from different perspectives. Gaining followers on Pinterest has always been a great challenge for me. Your article is good and helped me explore more options. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  2. Utsav Srinet

    This is such a great and informative post! I am not using most of the above listed while posting on Pinterest. I had no idea that you could schedule pins. Great Article 🙂


    I have new niche website and I want to increase my followers. I try follow unfollow method and I try to open new boards and add new pins.

    Thanks for information!

  4. Abhilash PS

    Really Informative and very Creative Post, I have around 600 followers in Pinterest, account just started a month ago, I used to pin alot for getting followeres but initially it didn’t go well. Then I got the idea about Group boards in Pinterest, so I changed my boards to group boards by inviting collaborators. Enabled a permission that collaborators can add people bought me more followers. I’m little late to see this article. Anyway. Thank You for sharing

  5. Chris

    Very nice post. If you follow all the interesting tips and tricks in this article you can become a rockstar on pinterest…
    But the reality is not so good to you. If you have 24/7 time to be on pinterest, yes, you can make it, but within the last years it got harder and harder to do so. I think the most important rule is to be authentic…


    1. Harsh Agrawal

      A little strategy is what we all need. If we have a good strategy, automation tools, I think it would be easier to nail Pinterest.

  6. Jesse

    Pinterest is also affiliated with both Facebook and Twitter. This allows people to expand their reach to a broader social community and interact with more people.

  7. Shawn

    ViralWoot works on seed (point) basis. You get free points when you join and you earn more seeds when you like, repin or follow another Pinterest users.

  8. Nirmala

    Hi Harsh,

    You’ve shared nice Pinterest tips to get more followers. I totally agree with you and following some of the strategies which you’ve mentioned here. Pinterest is an exciting social platform and I’m loving it very much. I have been there from long and hence driving constant traffic to my blog.

    Pins have long life when compared to Facebook posts and businesses can reach wide audience for their product/service. I use PinAlerts to thank the people who pinned and liked my posts. I’ll try to follow your useful tips too. Thanks for sharing these incredible stuffs for us 🙂

  9. sivani

    Great information! Very helpful! I started using Pinterest for the pure fun of it, but now i ‘m promoting my blog and the business in pinterest.Pinterest is my target market, so I am trying to capitalize on it!

  10. Gareth

    I’ve just started out on pinterest, I think your right in connecting your social profiles and blog This is absolutely key. I think it can become hard to manage multiple social media profiles if you don’t have some degree of automation.


  11. Jeroen

    It seems that Pinterest allows a maximum of 351 boards in your account. How to solve this? It’s impossible to get in contact with Pinterest helpdesk to get this solved.

    Best regards,


  12. Adil

    Thanks a lot for a valuable post Harsh.

    I think the Pinterest game is somewhat similar to facebook and twitter, you have to share good content (photo, tweet, status), follow the famous members (boards, page, twitter a/c) and link your profile.

    However the major advantage of Pinterest is because the photos are more attractive and probably every photo is seen by other (unlike tweets/FB status that some people read and some don’t) therefore people tend to follow you if they like your single photo.

  13. David Hunn

    Hi, Harsh
    Very good tips though but unlike Twitter not everyone follow you back in Pinterest. I noticed majority of the people do not follow back.

  14. David

    I recently signed up with Pinterest and I am exploring its usage. Getting followers is definitely a challenge, eespecially if you want relevant followers for your area/topic/business. Thanks for your useful information.

  15. Annie

    Nice article but nothing I didn’t know before.I think you just have to do it right.The site is designed to create interest based community around the web.So share things you really care and passionate about,things you are interested in.Visually attractive images and diverse boards help too.
    You can checkout my account…

  16. Jugmendra

    I always appreciate the growth of Pinterest. However i do not pin on regular basis but i like to pin for my brands which really draws traffic in bulk.

  17. pippa

    I do try and keep up with pinterest, but it’s not something I do every day, I find it easy finding things already on there to repin, but finding new pictures to pin is my downfall. There are just so many “must do” social networks I find it hard to keep up with them all.


  18. Avinash Mangipudi

    hi Harsh,

    this article is good. i will follow the steps and see if any increase in traffic will be there..
    there are some things to improve in my board, for example: “stop doing what others are doing. Bring your personality on Pinterest”



  19. Debarup Mukherjee

    Really cool tips Harsh… pinterest nice platform for bloggers and I will try to follow above these….

  20. Gwengoat

    Thanks for your tips, I’ll try them out soon. I just start with Pintested not long ago. To me, Pintested is to pictures what Youtube is to videos, a must but better designed for the first one 😉

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