6 Pinterest Tools To Make Your Pinterest Account Shine


Pinterest is definitely on a roll! No other social media outlet has gained the traction as compared to Pinterest. The company has quickly out-grown from its ‘another social media’-site to a global leader, and it has achieved it with some aplomb!

The company is now at a staggering $5 Billion valuation, which makes it the fourth most valued social network in the USA, behind Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Pinterest Tools
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A recent study by Pinterest analytics lab – Ahalogy adds that Pinterest has surpassed Twitter in popularity in the USA. The site receives over 53 Million monthly active users.

Although the gender gap between male and female Pinterest users is widening, over 80% of women make up active Pinterest users. A study by RichRelevance has shown that the average spending of a Pinterest is far greater than that of a Facebook user.

Here are useful Pinterest tools that are covered in this mega list:

Pinterest has now become a major platform for online marketers and has convinced business owners to up their game if they are to survive the competition. Pinterest has also been shown to produce quality traffic to blogs, which end up in conversions and is a boon for every marketer.

Finding a voice through images on the web has been nailed down by Pinterest and catching up on this trend before the tide runs out is a must!

This exponential rise of Pinterest has encouraged developers to come up with third-party applications for leveraging their online presence and authority with Pinterest.

There are many tools for making the most of this network, and here we will covering a few of the best ones you ought to know for leaving your mark in the network.

6 Mega Useful Pinterest Tools For Your growing Account


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Tracking your performance is an important step in marketing and TailWind, formerly known as PinLeague is one of the best tracking tools for Pinterest. TailWind is a great tool for advanced Pinterest analytics. It allows monitoring of growth of fans, likes, and actions on your account.

You can also keep track of your most engaging audience on Pinterest and some key trends that lead to more re-pinning of your images.

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You can also optimize your content for being published on the best performing time of the day. Your TailWind account can also be shared with multiple team members for collaboration work. They measure performance regarding Engagement score – Or your total re-pins divided by your total followers. A great tool for assessing and analyzing your Pinterest pages.


Increase Pinterest followers
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This is one unique tool which every Pinterest user with a blog would live. Using Milotree, you can add Pinterest follow button at a place which is guaranteed to increase your followers.

Wondering how?

Head over to Milotree using below link & click on show demo. It’s easy to integrate too.

Check out Milotree demo


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Although not a tool solely designed for Pinterest, PicMonkey is a must have tool for every Pinterest user who isn’t well versed with Photoshop and is not interested in hiring a designer. PicMonkey allows you to create slick images and collage for your website or product promotion.

PicMonkey makes making beautiful images that convert, a child’s play and you can pin them to your account for higher conversions.

This is a feature rich and ‘freemium’ photo editor for working on your images. The images that you pin determine your conversions, and you wouldn’t want to scare away visitors with a drastically designed image! The beauty of the images you pin matter the most on this network, and should be the first thing you should work on!


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Formerly known as PinWoot, ViralWoot is a great tool for every Pinterest, power user. This is a great tool for finding followers for your Pinterest account. Make your account more interesting for letting other users on ViralWoot to discover and follow your pin boards. You can also schedule your pins with ViralWoot, using their bookmarklet.

You can also get alerts for your pins when they get viral on Pinterest. It also lets you promote your pins and handle multiple accounts at a time. ViralWoot is also working on their in-built Pinterest analytics tool shortly. A must have tool for every serious Pinterest user.


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ViralTag is the buffer tool for visual content. It supports almost all the popular social-networking sites, but what interest me most about ViralTag is support for Pinterest. Here you can quickly buffer Pinterest pins for future publishing.

ViralTag’s powerful calendar allows you to schedule your Pins easily by adding images, adding text and overlay quotes beforehand. It also provides a dashboard to track your Pinterest performance and suggest tips for increasing ROI.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics
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Pinterest analytics is a built-in Pinterest tool for businesses. Pinterest recently released their official Analytics tool for keeping track of your content and followers. To use this tool, all you would need is to verify your website or have a page with a website already attached to it. You can keep track of pins, re-pins, impressions, followers, etc. all from their in-house analytics tool!

This is a decent tool for keeping track of your performance on Pinterest, but it doesn’t highlight all of your Pinterest activity. You can keep track of what Pinners like the most and make the most of it to improve the content that you share.

I am told that the Pinterest team is working hard on improving their in-house analytics tool and a few updates are scheduled to make the experience better.

What about you ‘Pinners’? Which are the best Pinterest tools that you find appealing? Shout out your thoughts and experiences below. Don’t forget to pin this article.

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  1. Jaswinder Kaur

    Just I started to learn about Pinterest after getting some traffic from this Social Media since I launched my Blog.

    So now I want to learn more about it and got some points from this article.


  2. TonmoyParves

    Hello Srikanth, Thanks for your guideline. I am using Pinterest. Yes , This is really helpful to drive Traffic. But, to be honest i am getting better results from Twitter than Pinterest. And that’s why now-a-days i am working on Twitter mostly. But i am going to start working with Pinterest again by following you these steps. Will share my report with you


  3. Archana

    Hello Srikanth,
    I am using the Pinterest but as a newbie I was completely unaware from the Pinterest tools. Now I want to try this right now.Thanks for sharing tremendous information.

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    I’ve always been lethargic using Pinterest, though If I am write it drives a lot of quality traffic to our blog. The list seems to be amazing and now its time to start working on Pinterest as well.

    Nice info Srikanth

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    Thanks for sharing these great tools with us, this will surely make Pinterest really interesting.

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    I am new to Pinterest. I recently verified my blog on Pinterest with the help of Harsh’s article “how to verify your Pinterest profile”. Thank you for sharing these great tools. All tools were unknown to me. I will try them out. Thanks again.

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    Still not registered on Pinterest. However tools you’ve presented are indeed helpful. Thanks!

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    I never used Pinterest before. After reading this article I got an idea about what Pinterest is and how to use it efficiently for marketing.

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    Being a not-so-regular Pinterest user, I’m not familiar with these tools. But all of these looks quite useful and can surely enhance our Pinterest experience. Thanks for sharing these tools with us, Srikanth. Really appreciate your sharing 🙂

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    Hey Srikanth,

    These are really great tools for Pinterest. This tools will definitly helps to gain some traffic for blog.
    Thank you for sharing this tools with us buddy… 😉

  11. Kim

    Very impressive collection of tools… Will try few of them. But personally, I think my traffic from Pinterest drastically dropped when they decide to convert their site in SSL. Also, when they decide to change the source link. Before it was the page where was hosted the picture, now, it’s directly the physical emplacement on the picture (which of course have no link back to your site in the end).

    Too bad, I had plenty of traffic from them a year or two ago but now, close to nothing…

  12. Anubhav Gupta

    Hey @srikanth

    Really very helpful article on pinterest traffic. I glad to hear about pinterest analytics.
    Frankly speaking, i haven’t heared about this tool but, now i’m going to try this one.

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    i had a lot of confusion on pinterest before in the matter of tools. I am not a big pinterest user. From today i am going to use pinterest and related tools which is said by you. You are the greatest inspiration to me. Thanks 4 the post.

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