A Beginner Guide To Promote Website on Facebook

Promote Blog on Facebook
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When ever we talk about promoting blog on various network, one of the wisest advice you would get is “Promote Website on Facebook“. A Social-networking site with 900+ million active users, it’s one of the easiest way to promote your website viral for free or for minimum cost.  Blogging isn’t just about blogging any more. It’s about making lasting, sincere connections with people. While the blog is still the main platform, it’s not as easy as it once was to build an audience on a blog alone. People are discovering sites in many ways now, including social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook. The only question left is of how to promote website on Facebook.

Promote Website on Facebook
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Each social networking site requires different actions. We’ll focus on just one today, Facebook. It’s the biggest, and presents the greatest opportunity for blogs to gain a larger following.

Tips to Promote Website on Facebook :

Fan Pages

Facebook Fan Page
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Talking about Website promotion on Facebook, very first step is to start with Facebook Fan page. These are easily created, and link right to the owner’s personal account. That means just one Facebook Login gives users access to both their personal account and their website Facebook fan page. This is the very first step to put your website on Facebook.

Fb fan pages are pretty simple. They’re essentially pages that contain walls and little more. That’s fine, because it allows the perfect level of interaction with users. That is, it’s small scale enough that you can send out small messages, point to posts, upload photos, and do other things that will bring readers back for more. But just creating a fan page is not enough. You need to work on promoting Facebook fan page to get more users and more visibility on Facebook. A Fan page on Facebook works like a Fan websites on Facebook. You can smartly utilize it as a discussion point and a way to interact with your Websites readers.


Publishing RSS feeds to Facebook:

One of the very easy ways to start promoting websites on Facebook is by informing your Fb fans about blog updates. That’s can be easily done with useful fb apps for bloggers. You can start with SocialPilot which is used to publish updates from RSS feed on the Fan page, personal profile and on your Facebook groups.. This is a simple program that shares all posts from your blog to your Facebook feed. Users can then read a snippet of the post, see the attached image, and make comments right on the Facebook wall. While this might work for some sites, it is rarely the best strategy.

People can get an RSS feed anywhere. They can subscribe via RSS, or they can merely visit the site. That is, adding an RSS feed to the Facebook page doesn’t help a number of readers. What should blog owners do, then? There is a rule of thumb when re-posting content on Facebook: if it isn’t worth doing manually, it’s not worth doing at all. That is, if you want to share content with users, do it manually. Doing it automatically simply wastes everyone’s time.

Multimedia and links

Facebook is a great place to share multimedia content that might not fit on your blog. That is, a great picture or video might not work in terms of your content, but it still might be of interest to your readers. This is where you can provide extra value to them. Facebook makes it easy to upload videos and photos. Users can then view and comment on them, as they can with all content.

Another excellent use of Facebook is the sharing of links. People always appreciate when you point them towards content they enjoy. Instead of doing a daily link around, it might be best to post those links on Facebook. That can get conversations started. Readers will appreciate you for it. You don’t have to deal with self-promotion all the time. Share a useful site or page on your Facebook fan page wall, add more value to your credibility.

Website-Facebook Cross promotion

It isn’t enough to just have a fan page. In order to grow it, you have to promote it on your blog. This is something of a cycle. Users come from the blog and become a fan on Facebook. As the fan page gains more users, it becomes more visible to the Facebook community. That is, more people share items from your Facebook fan page. That leads to more followers on the fan page, which leads to more readers. More readers leads to more people becoming a fan on Facebook, and on and on. You can place fan page widget right around your blog post at a prominent place, which will help your readers to connect with your Facebook page directly from your Website.

Facebook offers various different buttons which you can use to promote website on Facebook. My personal favorite is Facebook like button, which enable users to quickly like and recommend and interesting story on Facebook. If you want to go more viral on Facebook, you can enable Facebook connect, Facebook comments and so on. Remember, Facebook is a community of 800+ million users and the amount of traffic you can tap from Facebook is limitless. If you right ever green and killer content only, you should try placing Facebook send button which will be useful for Fb users to share your articles to other Facebook friends or Facebook list.

Interact with Facebook followers:

The final major part of a Facebook strategy is interaction. This isn’t always easy. It takes time and effort to maintain a Facebook page, and it takes even more time to interact with the people who use it. Yet it’s an essential strategy for growing a Facebook fan page. If it’s just sitting there and the owners don’t pay attention, few other people are going to pay attention.

Manually posting your content is a good start. It shows users that you’re not just letting the Facebook page run its own course. Responding to comments is another great way to interact with users and indirectly you will promote a website on Facebook with the help of more comments and will be helpful in the branding of your Website. This goes doubly for when someone else posts on your wall. If they take that much effort, it’s best to respond to them in any way possible.

I’m sure many of you might be using Facebook as one of the biggest blog promotion tools, but if you just started with Website & Facebook, above mentioned promotion tips will help you to promote your Website on Facebook.

Blogs benefit greatly by having fan pages on Facebook, but maintaining the fan page is definitely work. But with just a few hours a week, you can turn your Facebook fan page into a lasting source of traffic. It’s a great way to grow your audience.

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Joe Pawlikowski is the editor of BBGeeks.com, a site that helps BlackBerry users get the most out of their devices. He uses his BlackBerry Facebook app to keep up.

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  1. Faith Biete

    I have been blogging quite a while (1.3 years) I have never promote my blog on Facebook or Twitter because I never have enough followers and this makes me think that it’s useless to promote it on social network. But upon reading this post, I came to realized that it’s worth doing it. Let me give it a try.

  2. Anuj Sharma

    I gues you missed a few points like adding more pictures on facebook fan page, they attract more views, put a relevant cover picture and logo, that resonates with your blog/website’s content. Keep on posting events as they can be shared to a much more larger audience!

  3. Paul

    Nice post. I’ll start promoting my blog on Facebook following these steps. Very useful article. Keep it up. Thanks.

  4. Karan labra

    If I were to choose the best one out, it would be interaction. Letting people know that there are real people at the other side of the computer too is something that really helps in building up trust.

  5. Robert

    Thank you for this post. I have a new site that I’m trying to find ways to promote. This should be very helpful.

  6. Kunal Sharma

    Facebook is the best source to promote your web online. And if a fan page has high number of likes then a webmaster gets daily high traffic without even advertising. It’s the regular mean of driving traffic. So making an attractive page is the most important part of fb page.

  7. Abhi

    Thanks joe for the sharing, keep up the good work It Just the information I’ve been looking for.
    thanks again

  8. Anil Singh

    Yes Joe nice post facebook is best source to promote your blog free and get more likes by promoting post on facebook thanks

  9. Ashish

    Earlier people used to talk about posting videos on youtube now the trend has shifted and i can assure time is not far when we will do eveyrthing to entertain mobile user..

  10. Eugene Harris

    This is great! One, I am a newbie. Two, I am very much open into promoting my business on areas that I am familiar with ( still researching on SEO). It is nice to see that your post addresses this criteria. Great work! I will let you know what happened.

  11. Zeeshan

    Facebook fan page plays an important role to gain traffic for newbies…
    Nice Article

  12. jayaar

    Thanks a lot for this article and I was really looking forward to this topic!
    I had my doubts about FB account for the blog and I was confused about what is accepted and what is not.
    Thanks again!

  13. Sam

    Great work. I love facebook promotion. Fb traffic vital as like Google. After google Facebook is most loyal traffic source.

  14. Eddie Gear

    Good One Joe, Like your writing style its a bit different. Even though there are some points here that I dis agree with, there are quite a few good ideas you have given here. Interact with Facebook followers is very important in Facebook Marketing.

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