A Follow Up Article is Really Great Article for Guest Posting

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As blogger, you should already aware of guest posting’s great power. Guest posting is surely give all tools for your great blog content. Guest posting work as marketing tool for your blog – a really great marketing tool indeed. When your guest posting is posted in great blog (like this blog), your blog will get quality back link, quality traffic, more exposure, reputation, credibility, money, and friends. What benefits from a single article, right? You may do not believe it – but I must suggest you to believe it. It is because all of the benefits that I mention before is base on my own experience. If I am not wrong, I have 6 guest posting that are posted in different great blogs until now.

Always Submit Your Best Article for Guest Posting

Of course, the article must be great to get optimum benefit from our guest posting. I assume all of you already know about that because there are so many bloggers already told you to submit your best article as guest posting. But – as usual, there is no detail about what and how that best article. It is surely a pain to read such suggestion without any further detail to easier our life, isn’t it? I experienced it when I just start my blog. And here I am, to try give more detail about that great article for guest posting so you do not need to go trough for all the pain experience to find what kind of best article for guest posting exactly.

Why Follow up article is The Best Article for Guest Posting?

I learn from my recent guest posting in Famous Blogger that A follow up article is really great as guest post article. A follow up article in here mean that you write a new article as follow up from your old article. Please note, a follow up article may be not really the best article but please believe me and my experience, a follow up article is really working great as guest posting article. There is a magic in it indeed.

The Magic of A Follow Up Article

As you know, a follow up article is normal to have a link which point to article that be followed up by that follow up article. And that’s where the magic work. It seems that my guest posting readers surely will be interested of the be followed up article – the article which create that guest posting article. And guess what? Yes, I get a lot of traffic that come to my blog from my guest posting article in Famous blogger. The traffic even still come until now – it is great to still receive traffic after almost two weeks of guest posting article submitter, isn’t it? I know that Famousblogger is a great blog with high traffic but I doubt I will able to get this great result if I do not submit a follow up article as my guest posting article.

Final Words

Well – this simple hypothesis of guest posting experience surely needs more prove as I only make it base on one follow up guest posting article experience. Therefore, I will work for more follow up guest posting article to prove it. As additional note, I think this guest posting tips will only can work optimum if both of follow up and followed article is a great article, and also the blog in where we submit the guest posting should have a great traffic. Both of great article and high traffic surely will be working great for our blog. As last words, let’s see how this follow up article working in this great blog.

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14 thoughts on “A Follow Up Article is Really Great Article for Guest Posting”

  1. Robert

    Follow up articles are always very handy, I find that by reading me readers comments I can come up with a pretty good follow up post, either with something that I previously missed, or the other side of a discussion I was holding

  2. Fareed khan

    Well, Really True dana, Follow up article makes guest blogging great, Also the Vistors like to Revisit for continue article information..

  3. Paul

    Interesting post Dana. I’m a newbie to blogging and this post is very useful for me. I’ll start Guest Blogging soon here at Shoutmeloud 🙂

  4. Rakesh

    Well it means we have to render our two best article to some one else who is already famous and we are ready to create that blog more famous and content full to get some traffic. Am i right ?

  5. Atul Bansal

    I agree that followup GUest articles work great.
    BUt I didnt thought this till now that we cn build trust and authority with such followup articles approach

  6. Praveen Rajarao

    Hi Dana

    Yes, I would agree with your theory on the Follow Up article. There have been many posts and thoughts written about guest posting, but this was one of a kind. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Karan labra

    Looks like a great way to build up interactivity among readers of different blogs. It can really fire up the reader engagement and help you gain a large portion of readership from a remote blog to yours. All we need to take care of availability of ample amount of quality content so that the one time visitors turn into returning visitors or subscribers!

  8. George Serradinho

    Well, I have open my blog for guest posting and some users have taken it up. Ricky has posted a few which have been follow ups and it works well. Some visitors even ask when the next follow up will be.

  9. Tushar

    your concept of follow up articles is something i have taken note of….sure dude i will be starting this way of guest posting

    1. Dana

      You should mate, It work great.

  10. Hesham

    Interesting idea Dana! Man, I should guest post some time, I am the one who is taking care of the blog so.. no chance, but probably I will do it when I am dome with my new project, it keeps me busy even on weekend!Great read!

    1. Dana

      Thanks Hesham.

      Yes, You should do guest posting some times. It is a fun way to improve our blog.

    2. NpXp

      Well before you start off with guest posting be sure that the blog is full of content (interesting that is). I am yet to guest post on many blogs, been receiving so many invitations lately.

      1. Dana

        Agree with you, full of content usually mean that blog have the readers.

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