How to Make a Facebook Page Popular – Guide For An Entrepreneur


Social media marketing is getting hotter with every passing day, and every online business is changing their strategy to be more active on social-media platform. Apart from branding benefits, you get targeted users who convert into sales better. Think of your Facebook page or other Social-media platform as first point of contact where you build the trust factor and later on sale happens on your website or via your referral link. I run ShoutMeLoud Facebook page, which has more than 58,000 fans and here I’m sharing many of my strategies which helped me to reach that level, and most important it’s not the number but the level of engagement.

If you are using Facebook as your marketing tool, this article will help you to supercharge your effort and make your page more popular and engaging. One thing which you should know about Facebook for business is, now the number of fans on your page doesn’t matter until unless your fans are engaging with your updates. Facebook fan page is like a community/Forum, and like any other forum you need to take care of it very well to have an active community.

Make a Facebook Page Popular
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Creating a fan page is easy and I have shared a complete How to guide here. Now, once the page is set up there are many ongoing things, which you need to take care on daily basis to make sure your page will get more viral and popular. Remember, engagement and more real likes is the key here and we will be talking in brief about all the tips, which are actionable and you can implement easily.

Tips to make Popular Facebook Fan page

Now, almost all popular brands like Coco-Cola, Nike are on Facebook via Fan pages, and they are using it to engage with customers and for brand reputation. Think about this, Coco-cola is not selling coke

Fan pages, will help your readers and customers to reach you easily and for business, it’s a great way to get direct feedback, suggestions and talk to their readers. Depending upon who you are; Blogger or a start-up entrepreneur or a small business going online, you should set your strategy accordingly.

One of the most important thing is to have a clear goal. Set a goal for your page and most important identify your target audience demographic. For example, on my Facebook page I target male/female from age bracket of 18-40 and audience location is global. For you, it depends upon your business model.

Ex: One of my friend is a small-startup who do drop shipping and he is using Facebook for branding, and actual sale is happening on other E-commerce platform not owned by him. Since he deal with fashion wear, he targets age bracket of 16-30 and location is India only. Further he realised that most of his sales is happening on the southern state of the country, so he made changing on his Facebook marketing effort to make his Facebook page more popular on southern state.

It’s time now to learn few things which will help you grow your Facebook outreach and establish yourself as a brand and a popular hangout place on Facebook.

Brand avatar and Timeline cover:

Facebook Profile Cover image Timeline
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New Facebook timeline style will not only let you add a profile image but also let you add a cover image. I suggest you to use profile image as your brand logo/Avatar/Gravatar and use timeline cover image to talk about what your brand is all about. You can see on such example on ShoutMeLoud fan page here. You can hire a freelancer from sites like Fiverr which will cost $5 for such cover image or you can use any of these Facebook cover maker sites to create or download one of your own.

Facebook Vanity URL:

Another role of branding is use the same brand name (Username) everywhere. Facebook let you add custom vanity URL’s to your fan page, for example, ShoutMeLoud fan page URL is Which is not only easy to remember and type, but also adds a brand value. You can refer to this below guide to set your fan page custom name:

Doing this will also help you promote your Facebook page on your business cards or anywhere with your advertising campaign. For example, I can simply add a small Facebook icon on my business card and add @shoutmeloud which clearly means we are on Facebook with the name ShoutMeLoud. Use your brand name, and ensure that it’s memorable and people can easily write it down. If your business or brand name is too long, you might like to strip it to something small. For example, my friend business name is “Luckymojo Corporation” and he opted for name “Luckymojocorp” on Facebook. So, use your creative side and pick an ideal name. Don’t rush if you are not sure, as changing Facebook page name at later stage would be tough.

Get more Likes:

Now, another thumb rule of a successful fan page is number of fans. You need to get lots of likes for your fan page and one easy way is to use Facebook advertising. You can also hire a social media company, to set your advertisement goals and help you get targeted liked. I have tried their advertising many times and it worked great, as you can define the demographics and targeting is very useful.
If you have a Website or blog, you can use Facebook fan page box to embed like box on your site. If you are admin, you can start with inviting all your friends to join your page and for this, use Facebook invite all chrome extensions. I highly recommend you to not buy fans from 3rd party unreliable services which sales fans as 10000 fans for $5 and so on. As, those people will be non-targeted and will make your engagement score low.

Note: 100 targeted fans are better than 10000 non-targeted fans. If are wondering why, you should read this article. And I’m also sharing links of few articles which will give you deep-insight on how you can get more fans on your fan page:

Engage with readers:

Having a fan page with thousands of fans won’t help until you engage with them. If you know about Edge rank in Fb, you will know that when you push an update on your fan page, it will not be seen by every fan but depending upon your edge rank, it will be visible to some %age of your fan. And that percentage is determined by previous engagement between your fans and your updates. For example, if I have liked a page and I usually like, share or comment on that page, I’m more likely to see more updates from particular page on my Facebook timeline. This is also useful from user perspective as this will make my Facebook time line more targeted and I will see things which I engage with.

One easy way to make your post visible to more fans is by engaging with them and constantly updating your page.  Try to engage readers and ask them some questions which they will love to answer instantly. Ask general questions, trivia questions which will engage them. Particularly, I have noticed images/motivation quotes goes more viral on Fan pages. You can use Facebook fan page admin roles feature to add new content developer and moderator, which will help you in managing your page and making it more viral. If you are using Facebook as your biggest marketing effort, you should consider hiring an in-house social-media manager or hire a social-media agency.

Use Right set of Facebook tools to attain automation:

Now, for any busy person like you and me it will be impossible to stay on Facebook all the time and keep updating it. There are many social-media marketing tool that you should consider using, and that will make things easier for you. I usually use 3 tools to manage my page, and you can pick one of them which fits your need. I’m sharing all those two tools that I use :

Hootsuite Facebook
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  • Hootsuite: This is one complete social-media management tool, and it works with Facebook pages, Twitter, Google plus and few other social-media platform, You can schedule the updates and with couple of hours of work, you can manage all your social-media platform. This is a freemium tool, and with one free account you can manage up to 5 pages. You can read the complete review of hoot suite here.
  • Postplanner: If you are looking for Facebook only specific tool, you should consider using Postplanner. This is one of the most popular and easy to use Facebook marketing tool. I have shared a detailed review of Postplanner over here, which will teach you on how to use it, and what all you can do with this amazing tool.

These two tools will let you schedule lots of updates on your Facebook page at one go, and your page will be on auto-pilot mode. Just a piece of advice; don’t leave your page on complete automation. Keep a proper balance between automated and manual marketing. After all, social media is all about being social; is int it?

Use Photos and Tagging features:

Facebook Photo Tagging
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Facebook gives you an option to upload images and tag your friends. Since my official Facebook profile has around 2k+ friends and most of them are bloggers. I uploaded the picture taken at various Bloggers meet which I have attended and tagged them. This resulted in additional 50+ new fans joining Shoutmeloud Facebook page. None the less, when you are sharing images which are thought provoking or add value, people like to tag their friends on them. So, utilise this feature to make most out of your photo uploads on Facebook. You can see an example on Shouters fan page photo album. Do remember, you need to enable photo-tagging on your page, and here is a guide which teaches you on how to do it.

You should also keep an eye on latest development on Facebook marketing news, which will give you an idea about what new things you can do to make your page more viral and popular. Do remember, making anything popular doesn’t happen overnight and you need to start now to reach there. The process is slow, but this is indeed beneficial for you in longer run. There are many more techniques and ideas that you could implement, but for now you can start with these, it will help you to grow bigger with every day.

What to read next?

Do let us know what tips are you implementing to Make a Facebook Page Popular and viral. If you are using any apps or tools which works, do let us know via comment. For now, if you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and join Shoutmeloud Facebook fan page for more such ideas.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

16 thoughts on “How to Make a Facebook Page Popular – Guide For An Entrepreneur”

  1. Danny

    Thanks for sharing, Harsh. I have been testing out on how to grow fans organically on a new page and so far so good. What you need is a good optimization for your landing page and i’ve also realized a call to action does wonders when placed in the cover photo.

  2. Ganesh Narayan Gupta

    Hello Harsh bro,

    For being popular Facebook likes are necessary key and regular attractive posts and Facebook advertisement are working great for me. The more content will be liked, it will be more visible to others like friends of the person who like your page and hence there are chances of getting more likes and readers. Thanks for this great share bro.

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  3. uday ghulaxe

    really usefull artical harsh sir. Espacially the tools you have mentioned here are just amazing.And the google chrome extension is one more great thing you have mentioned here.
    This post really helped me a lot

  4. Akshay Jain

    Keeping your page active by posting the memes, funny pics and some niche related Pics always grow the page faster then Facebook Ads also.

    Reason: These kind of posts goes viral very fast.

    Thanks for the information 🙂

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I agree..Creative and targeted images helps a lot.

  5. Ashley

    Great stuff. It is not easy to get proper engagement on Facebook these days, eespecially with the recent change to reduce the exposure of a fan page post. These ideas to increase edge rank and people’s awareness of your page are very useful. I also got some likes for a page I run via advertising and that worked really well for me. Eespecially when you are starting out from zero, it helps get your first customers and fans!

  6. Gaurav

    Excellent Tips Harsh bro. Though I have created fan page but i don’t know how landing page and also don’t know how to drive traffic from Facebook. Now i try my best.

  7. Chadrack

    Been considering creating a fan page for my blog but have been able since I really do not know how to go about it. These indeed are good tips I’ll be working with very soon. Thanks for sharing.

  8. vijay

    Just apart from making friends in Facebook,This article brings more clear ideas about to get more loyal friends and fans.Thanks for a wonderful share…

  9. Shabnam Sultan

    Fan Pages are a great way to promote blogs in FB. I haven’t yet created a fan page for my blog.I will go through these points to have one.Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Shabnam if you have not created one yet, you are missing one great source of traffic and branding. I would suggest you to do it as soon as possible 🙂

  10. Tech Maish

    Customize Profile URL is very important. You must also use all the rules described in Relationship Marketing in order to make your facebook fan page popular.
    Thanks for the useful tips Harsh.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      That’s true Bilal… Relationship marketing and management comes into picture if you trying to build a community around. Specially in case of Blogging and fb Fan page 🙂

  11. Tinh

    Excellent tips, username seems a must for verified personal branding on Facebook as it requires phone verification. I have tried most of them just tagging. I will have a look at this sooner

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment and I recently tried photo tagging and within 2 days Shoutmeloud no. of fans increased by 30+. Though I uploaded pictures from various Blogging event which I have attended 🙂

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