How to Get Website Traffic From your Facebook Fan Pages

Get Website Traffic From Facebook Fan Page
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Facebook is the largest growing social networking site in the world. It has more than 1 million unique visitors per month (estimated). So it is also the fastest growing site which can give your blog a lot of traffic. In this guide, you will learn about getting more website traffic from your Facebook page.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways for Bloggers to get high-quality traffic and Facebook being one of the most popular Social sites globally, it’s the first network that you should be targeting.

These days every blog should have a Facebook fan page. This is a great way to promote the blog as well as getting good traffic. I think you know how to make a Facebook fan page. Once you have your Facebook page and build a healthy community, you can direct them to your website.

Some excellent ways to get more website traffic from Facebook page

If you already have a Facebook page then follow these instructions which will lead you to have good traffic for your blog. And if you don’t have a page, make one and start the optimization:

1. Use Messenger bots:

Use Messenger bots
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Facebook messenger bots are the newest and highly converting method to drive traffic to your website. As Facebook organic reach is declining, you can simply use messenger bots to let your visitors subscribe to your brand on Facebook. Think of this as email marketing for Facebook.

Once a user subscribes, you can send updates (News, articles, offers, deals, actionable content) to your users and drive traffic or revenue directly. A lot of news agencies and e-commerce websites are using Facebook bots.

Facebook bots
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Getting started is easy and some of them offer free plan up to 1000 subscribers, which will help you to test it out. Here are a few recommended platforms to built messenger bots:

2. Make your info tab more effective

After making a fan page don’t leave the respective fields blank in the about section. Your ‘about’ or information section must be optimized for viewers. The appropriate fields should be filled with keyword rich contents. Find the best keywords for your introduction. Add good, sensible and catchy description.

More over, Make sure you grab a custom user name for your Fan page, as it will help you to preserve your brand on Facebook. Before you start using your Fan page for traffic, make sure you make it ready for promotion by filling out all necessary details. If you are a business site, enter all details like Address, City, Zip to ensure visibility in local searches.

3. Make a custom Landing tab

When somebody visits your Facebook page they come to your wall. Imagine a page having welcome messages with a decorative piece of work! This special Welcome tab can also offer the promotion of your current works. If this kind of welcome tabs or custom tabs are available in the page then surely you will get more visitors which in terms increase your blogs traffic.

See this link for making custom page tabs. Pages with custom landing definitely have much more conversations.

4. Don’t forget to add your blog’s URL in the about section

I already told about filling the respective fields in your page. So in the about section put your url perfectly.

Website URL Facebook
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A catchy description of your page will definitely lead your fans to click on your blog’s URL.

5. Make a short video for promotion

Well, videos are great for promoting your page. Now, Facebook page let you add a video as your Facebook cover.  You can create a video up to 12 seconds and use it to showcase your brand and let users know about your website. Keep the video short and attractive. Briefly describe your page’s effectiveness.

The recommended dimension is: 820 x 462 pixels

Here are a few tools you can use to create a cover video for your Facebook page:

6. Try to post links in updates

Actually, people will find your page’s contents in their news feed. Most of the people are reluctant to pay visit to any particular pages because there are a lot of pages they have already liked. So try to publish stories with compelling headlines along with excerpts and certainly your site’s links. Give good heading to your updates.

I recommend you to keep a good combination of text and images. I have seen images getting more user engagement on Fan pages.

7. Build your network

In Facebook fan pages your major capital is the network. Invite your friends, partners, and acquaintances to join your page. Have patience this will give you a good fan following and drag traffic to your blog. But remember, don’t be pushy! Don’t spam and always try to add people who have interests similar to yours.

8. Be active and keep your page running

Keep posting on your blog and update them on your page. Remain active. Try to make an interactive page. Facebook gives you enough flexibility to arrange your pages accordingly so use these opportunities.

Takeaway: Driving Traffic via Facebook Pages

Just creating a Fan page doesn’t ensure that you will be able to drive traffic from Fan pages. You need to keep all Social media Etiquettes and need to work on Engagement on your fan page. Facebook is a Social site and you need to keep that in your mind to go Viral. There are apps like Postplanner which will let you auto publish blog post on Facebook.

You can also take help of Facebook advertising to get targeted fans or run a contest to grow your fans, once you get targeted followers on Fan page, driving traffic from Facebook page would be easier.

I hope you will be benefited from the article and earn a lot of traffic to your blog through your Facebook page.

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  2. Julian Ray

    google, facebook etc. all are maths but they expect a human behavior. so there is no point to do things mechanical and the best way to do things is not keeping an intention to promote but a genuine effort to spread your thoughts, products, info, services etc. Many people just post links, expecting people to click on facebook, it is not in that way, sometimes other interesting links, comments and interactions attract people to like the page.

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