8 Facebook Status Ideas that will Always get Likes


Facebook Status Updates are one of the best ways to keep in touch with your friends and get people excited about what you have to say.

A fact: No one likes to read boring and sad status updates. Here I’m sharing some awesome Facebook status ideas that will help you to get more likes and more comments.

These are ideas for status updates, and you can modify it and innovate your own Facebook status ideas based on below-mentioned tips.

And if you are using Facebook as a marketing tool, writing killer Facebook status update will increase your social media reach and provide you more exposure.

Facebook Status ideas
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If you are one of those who publishes funny Facebook statuses or likable Facebook status update, then you should set the privacy for such funny status as public. This way, your status update ideas will reach to mass and you will be getting more likes, shares and comments.

Top Facebook status ideas:

When we talk about cool Facebook status ideas, it doesn’t mean it has to be text only. Images always gets more CTR and more attention. If you are planning to make a series of such cool status updates on your Fb wall, try to mix it with Text, image and video updates.

`. Use Status Tagging to Tag a Page, Group, or Person

Status tagging is a feature Available only to those who access Facebook via a computer. This feature allows you to tag a Page, Group, or Person by typing the @ symbol and then the name of what you are trying to tag. By tagging in you updates you call attention to your status and help build the rand of the thing you are tagging.  This can be a great strategy for getting people to like your page if you tag your pave in an update.  Especially, if you have a busy life on Facebook, its better to use Facebook status tagging, as it will send a notification to tagged person.

1. Post a Picture

A picture says a thousand words.  Post a cool picture and there is a good chance that people will like it. If you have an iPhone you can download the free Instagram app to your phone add an Effect to your picture and easily share your content to Facebook and other social networks. Funny and interesting pictures as status updates are always liked by Fb users, so try to publish some cool fb status in the form of image.

3. Post a Quote

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Quotes are a great way to share some awesome sayings with your group. There is no shortage of quotes websites on the Internet simply do a search for the topic you are looking for best quotes and you will find several sites with quotes from a variety of topics. Find a few quotes you like and share them every once in a while with your friends.

4. Flip your Text

The website fliptext.org allows you to take any text and flip it in its head. Feel free to get creative with this, tell people you are standing on your head or something, and you are bound to get some people interested in your update.

5. Post AscII Art as Fb status update:

Use this style of update if you want to past Facebook status art and really stand out from the crowd. There is a very good chance people have not seen this style of update before.

6. Change your relationship Status

Fb relationship change
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Love related updates status and relationship related fb updates always get great attention from your peer group. Change your Facebook relationship status and see tons of comments and likes coming your way.  For whatever reason people love to comment on relationship statuses. Recently Facebook changed the options available for relationship statuses.  Changing your relationship status to Single will likely still stand out the most but now you also have the option for a “domestic partnership” and a few other new options as well.

7. Schedule your Facebook Status Updates

By scheduling your Facebook status updates, you can make sure that your Facebook wall never goes empty. You can compile a list of Funny Facebook statuses or make your own collection of cool status for Facebook. Using tools Hootsuite you can schedule updates to your profile and/or up to five pages you manage.

Another update scheduling service is Laterbro, which only enables you to schedule updates for your profile, but has the added benefit of setting recurring updates every day, week, month or even year!

8. Share a Link to a cool Article

People like reading interesting stuff. If you come across an article like this which gives crazy Facebook status ideas, make sure you share such articles. People, love to learn new stuff and on Facebook, any news or tip related to Facebook is always welcome. So, you can start by sharing this article on your FB wall.

Do you have more ideas to spice up Facebook status ideas that will get more likes and comments? Do share with us via comments. For more cool Facebook tricks and hacks.

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12 thoughts on “8 Facebook Status Ideas that will Always get Likes”

  1. Varghese mathew

    Wonderful post, I noticed many times if someone posted really stupid stuffs on their wall that post have more likes and comments.

    Ofcourse famous, inspiring quotes, funny pictures will get more comments and likes..

  2. Laxmi


    These are really great tips. I never tried such tips thanks I will try them out, especially the ASCII Art 🙂

  3. Ayush Gupta

    I rarely update my status. I will lookout for Asc II Art

  4. sreekumar sukumaran

    There are plenty of ideas coming up like what you have explained. They are educative and very useful for optimum utilization of Facebook. Look forward to more such useful articles.

  5. Carissa

    Great info – very original and out of the box ideas!

  6. Irfan

    I remember when i used fliptext lastly, people were asking how did you have written your status upside down and i was answering ‘magic’. 🙂

      1. Irfan

        Still they didn’t have any idea about how i have written that status. 😉

  7. HowToWebinar

    Thanks for this Garin. I didn’t realise how powerful using the @ symbol for tagging people and groupd in facebook was until reading this.

    1. garin

      You are welcome. It is true using the @ symbol is a great way to throw down a link without seeming spammy. More links to a Facebook page = more fans, from my experience.



  8. Devesh

    Hey Garin,

    These are awesome tips man. I like the idea of Post AscII Art. I never thought of doing AscII Art. Will going to try it out.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great post.


    1. garin

      Hi Dev,

      Glad you liked the post! 🙂

      I posted AscII art once and it got a bunch of likes.



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