6 Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know


Facebook being one of the most popular social networking site, comes with various Facebook tips and tricks. Here I have compiled a list of FB tricks that you would like to try on your Facebook profile. These below mentioned Facebook tips are evergreen and we will keep updating this Facebook tips and tricks post, as soon as we get out hands on more such FB tricks.

Facebook, widely known as FB, is one of the most popular social networking sites people of all ages are addicted to these days. It has millions of subscribers to date. Unfortunately, not all of them really know how to navigate and make use of all the cool apps that Facebook offers. What a waste! If you’re one of these FB-newbies, you need not worry anymore.  This post will help you to make most out of your Facebook profile. There are not some Facebook secret tips but most of these Facebook hacks and tips are unknown to many Fb users.

Are you ready to have your FB profile be the subject of your friends envy? Just follow these simple Facebook tips and tricks and your Fb profile will become hip and cool in a zap.

Useful Fb tricks for Enhanced Facebook experience:

1. Appear Online Only to Selected Friends:

Facebook chat is one of the coolest and most useful features in FB. My dilemma, however, was how to limit the number of people I chat with every time I log in. I certainly can’t accommodate them all but I don’t want them to feel like I’m rejecting them when I don’t send them a reply. I didn’t know back then that it is possible to appear online only to a few selected friends. A friend of mine actually gave me this idea which I’m sure would be of use to you, too.

Here’s how to do it: 

Go to Chat found at the lower right side of the page and then, click on gear icon and click on advanced settings. A window would pop-up, now in the field which says “Turn on chat for all friends, except..” start adding your friends name, for whom you don’t want to appear online. With this, you now appear completely invisible to them. Try it now.

Facebook turn off chat for selected person
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2. Turn off Auto-play of Facebook Videos:

Facebook auto plays videos when ever you are checking the timeline. If you wish to disable the auto-play of videos, you can do that by following these steps.

  • Go to Facebook Settings > Videos
  • Turn off the auto play of Facebook videos.

Disable facebook video Auto play
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And if you are from a country with slow internet speed, you can also change the default quality to SD from HD.

3. Cool Magic Circles on Facebook:

This is really simple, though I admit I didn’t get this the first time. This cool magic circles appearing on your page is just one of the many secret tricks you’ll find in Facebook. You might want to give this a try.

Here’s how: Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter key then press up & down.

Now, just in case it doesn’t work on your first try, try reloading your page again by pressing F5 and repeat the process.

4. Use Facebook search like a pro:

Have you experienced looking for someone in Facebook with such difficulty? If yes, then perhaps you might want to try using the Search Box. This is a powerful tool that can help you find your old friends, celebrities, organizations, or your favorite band with no difficulty. Go ahead and be like a pro – click here to learn how.

5. Facebook flip status updates:

Are you in the mood to have a little fun? Try flipping your FB status upside down. I’m sure your friends will be tilting their heads too trying to read your message. Ain’t that funny? It sure is! 🙂 Go ahead and flip your Facebook status now. Click here.

6 : Changing fonts on Facebook status:

Change Facebook status font
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And I’m saving the best for the last. By default, your status update has only one font, but you can always use 3rd party service to change the font of your status update. Here is a cool website that you can use to change the font for your Facebook status updates.

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I hope you have enjoyed all Fb tricks mentioned above. We will keep sharing more cool Facebook tips in the future, don’t forget to join us on Facebook.

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21 thoughts on “6 Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know”

  1. Terry

    I don’t want my last name to show by comments I make on sites where I use Facebook to log in, will adding my first name as a nickname accomplish that?

  2. salek ahmed

    I’m a Facebook addicted people this post will help me better facebook experience. Thanks for this awesome post

  3. Rajinder Sanwal

    Thanks! for sharing such information. Eespecially how to show yourself online only to selected friends. This saves a lot of precious time being wasted on chatting. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Arjun Singh

    Awesome tricks but i am impress with the short cuts which Admin mention in the above text. Overall Nice tricks, they all help me out and surely save a lot of time. Thanks for sharing keep it up

  5. Indra

    Wow, Nice finding, My favorites are Cool Magic Circles and Accessing Facebook with outlook.

    You are trying out some new things, In my case, others can not view the posts from my facebook page, except myself(page admin), I did not get any answer from facebook community also.

    I hope that i will get the answer here., harsh or any shouters can help me out here.

  6. puneet

    the tips are really nice and unique and i was really looking for a technique though which we could go online to only a few frnds thanks alot for sharing brother

  7. ankit

    Thx for sharing such a intersting facts with us…. 🙂

  8. Priyank Pandey

    You wrote amazing Baby BrownFox,
    Your article’s two parts are really mind blowing…
    1. Appear Online Only to Selected Friends
    2. Facebook Toolbar
    Now there is no need to be always online just install the toolbar and enjoy Facebook.
    Great article….

  9. Tushar Agrawal

    Nice, i dint know we could upload photos to facebook using the mobile version too, the up, down, up, down part seems a bit is tricky.

  10. Hussein

    Is that picture taken from your own Facebook profile? I wonder why there’s a word “barkada” in it. It’s a Filipino word meaning circle of friends. Just curious why there’s word like knowing that you are an indian. 🙂

  11. Robin

    These days facebook is one of the great tool used to spread the post and article for the bloggers and it become a common part in normal user’s life too.
    For both the peoples these tips are useful.
    Thanks for the good post. 🙂

  12. Karan batra

    Very apprciable tips eespecially the chat offline tip
    I’ve been using this for a while but could never think of it in this manner but the manner is too good… so finally facebook is doing something to improve its chat feature

  13. Prisqua

    That FBlook sounds cool, I had never heard of it before and downloading it now, thanks for the tip.

  14. Baby BrownFox

    @Himanshu, that’s weird. I was able to get it about 2 weeks ago.. Why would they disabled this?

  15. Baby BrownFox

    @Social Tool – definitely handy for someone like you and me… 🙂
    Have a nice day!!!

  16. Himanshu

    Konami code or magical circles are disabled by Facebook long time ago.

  17. Baby BrownFox

    Hmmm.. That’s strange. Try to disable a few add on..

  18. Social Tool

    Thanks for the invincibility tips for FB accounts. It always unnerves me when someone spontaneously pings me, when in truth, I was just merely checking messages and such. It will definitely come in handy!

  19. Mani Viswanathan

    The Magic circles tricks did’nt work, I tried 4 times 🙁

    1. varun

      This is not working for me too.

      Is there any way to know whose viewing my profile?

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