Banned by Google Search: Here Is Why Google Ban Websites from Appearing in Google Search

Google bans Websites
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As a webmaster, we spent enormous time in building the reputation and SEO for our blog.

Right from day one, we do all the outstanding work starting from submitting our site to web directories, Publish feeds to feed directory, Write articles and even blog commenting. After spending huge time on the blog sometimes their website doesn’t even rank for their own web site’s name.

Google search is one of the most popular search engines, and to ensure the quality of search results, sometimes they ban websites to appear in search results.

These websites are usually spamming sites or low-quality sites. In the majority of the cases, such sites are created intentionally, and such incident happens by mistake. For example, if your site is hacked and malicious code is there for long, Google will ban your website from Google search. Though it’s not your mistake, your website is your responsibility, and to ensure the safety of Googlers, Google has to do it.

Here I will outline a few more reasons why any website is usually banned from Google:

What factors may lead to Google search ban for your Website:

1. Hacked website:

This is one of the primary reason Google search might ban a website. A lot of users are usually not aware that their websites are hacked, and hackers have added tons of spammy links which are typically not visible.

Have you noticed any unusual pop-up or links on your website?

Have you noticed any new pages/posts on your website that is not created by you?

If your answer is yes, then you are more likely to be hacked, and you may notice some warnings in Google search console. Just to be sure, It is a good idea to use one of the WordPress security plugins to scan your website for hacked files.

2. Posting Duplicate content /Duplicate site.

Duplicate content is one of the biggest reason why Google will outrank or kill your site completely. Most of newbie bloggers, who are unaware of the real concept of blogging, they usually copy blog posts from other popular blogs and drive traffic. Google bots have become very smart to find such copy paste blogs, and they penalize them or completely kick out from Google search. As a webmaster, if someone is copying your blog posts, you can always report it using Google DMCA tool. If you need more details and insight on duplicate content, I recommend you to read following articles:

3. Don’t use Easy Traffic Tricks.

If you are using some spam scripts or any free traffic exchange method, then be ready to get banned. These sites may pretend that they keep your information safe but actually they don’t and can eventually get you banned from search engines. Never go for Easy. Take a better way out.

4. Keyword spamming or keyword stuffing.

We provide the best car insurance for your new car. If you need car insurance, we can help you in finding best car insurance scheme because we are the best car insurance company

We call this keyword stuffing. If the keyword is used too often, then Google can place a filter to reduce your site ranking or may ban you if the problem is severe. The best way is to rotate your keywords or read this post on detailed usage of keywords in a post:

5. Robots or meta tags

Make sure that robots.txt must exist in your site and is dofollow for all search engines. Until and unless you want to keep it secret.
Wrong content in your robots.txt may prevent Search engine crawlers to stop crawling your website.

6. Backlinks but no badlinks.

If you try to link suspicious sites which has already been penalized. Like sites which is used by spammers to install unwanted malware and spyware to user computers. Also, don’t link out to Warez sites, hacking sites or pornographic sites.

backlinks to avoid-

  • Link-Farms
  • Adult sites
  • Gambling sites
  • White hat method to build backlinks
  • What are backlinks and importance of backlinks?

7. Buying links

Buying links may not ban you but can affect your page rank. Google is getting smart and has been catching such methods which put your website on to the top in a few weeks.  You can learn how paid links affect SEO of your blog.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Google bans a Website from appearing in search results.

My 2 cents: be natural, and use only white-hat SEO techniques for ranking higher. Try to implement all known signals for higher ranking, for ex: Page speed, quality content, authority links and so on. Don’t get in a trap for rank higher in no time, because if you will use any black hat SEO technique, eventually, Google will find it and will ban your website from search.

These are a few tips which I can suggest for you to stop your website from getting banned in search engines. I will love to know more points from you.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

11 thoughts on “Banned by Google Search: Here Is Why Google Ban Websites from Appearing in Google Search”

  1. Ghanshyam B

    Hey harsh,
    My website is appear in Yahoo search but didn’t appearing in google search. I think my website got banned from google, so can you suggest me any method to get unbanned from Google?

    Plz help me. I am suffering huge loss.

  2. Djs Helpline

    The duplicate content penalty only applies to duplicate content within a site. For example if more that one page on a website has exactly the same content. The penalty does NOT apply if there are many sites on different domain names with the same content.
    Am i right ya wrong please tell me friends………?

    1. Samir@Indihow

      Ideally we should expect Google to filter out duplicate content even on different domains, but I can usually find content scraper sites ranking quite high too 🙁

  3. Pavan Somu

    Duplicate content is a major threat. I am the practical example, 2yrs ago when I used blogspot I had copied content from popular tech blogs. Soon I had received a mail from them to remove the content. At that time I don’t know about these points. Good post Ishan.

  4. TechOfWeb

    image is hilarious

    regarding keyword stuffing: playing with keywords on ur site while writing posts is mandatory.

    just make sure u dont use excessive keywords as u have given the example of carInsurance.

    If carInsurance keywrd be used once or twice, it wud be a benefit to u instead of ban from ggl


  5. Techno-Pulse

    I don’t fully agree with your 1st point i.e. duplicate content. It’s a threat but not the biggest threat (as you say) to your blog. I think Google definitely has some mechanism or some smart logic for duplicate content, based on which it will show the search results. Type the keyword “right time to apply for adsense account”. Perhaps you will find 2 websites with duplicate content in the top 6. The original content at ezinearticles is at #1. It has not been ‘penalized’. Here, it seems Google has given priority to PR.

    1. ishanbanga

      Search engines are getting smarter day by day ,With continuous improving algorithms…we can not expect anything to be permanent..

      And regarding your example……
      I search for keyword “right time to apply for adsense account” and what i found is that it has something to do with the date of publishing article..
      For instance If u write an article now and somebody copy ur article say after 10 days…..then ur article was already in google database so the copied content blog will be panalised..
      This is according to my observation and would like to hear your thought on this.

  6. Duia

    Keyword spamming, this is really a serious problem. In my eyes, the original and natural content is the most attractive and obviously, Google’s spiders also like this kind of content.

  7. aatif

    nice article . i agree with duplicate content but keyword stuffing is really new to me . thanks

  8. Shiva@Netchunks

    Pretty nice article Ishan. The one point that is the most important is Duplicate Content. Duplicate Content can surely get one in trouble from Google

    1. ishanbanga

      @Shiva I totally agree with you duplicate content is the biggest threat
      @aatif and Duia
      Keyword spamming is another you may have seen if you try to search for something like “CCNA study material download “you may find number of sites with all the necessary keywords and adsense placed around the text nothing else..
      My own personal experience

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