How I got Google AdSense Account with a Month Old Domain?

Get Google Adsense Account

Every newbie bloggers have a dream to get Google AdSense approved as quickly as possible but most time it doesn’t get approved. I got AdSense approval in only 27 days and in one try. I have registered my domain on 13 January and setup my website DOHACK.ORG on 24 January with WordPress and I got approval today i.e. 10 February. Here I am sharing some simple tips to get quick AdSense approval eespecially for Indian bloggers.

Before you apply for Adsense, read AdSense new approval process, as it will answer most of your queries related to steps requires for getting approved account. Make sure your blog is a self hosted blog, and you have added all the original content.

Your blog design will play a major role in getting approval, as AdSense now approved accounts manually, and if your site design is cluttered or un-organized, it may lead to straight away disapproval.

Steps require to get an approved account from AdSense

1. Custom domain:

Use top level domain (TLD) i.e. not

2. Wait and improve your website:

Wait for at least 20 days after setup of website, so as to get good traffic.

3. Originality of content is the key:

Try writing as much good and original content as you can.

4. Apply with real-name:

Use Real Names and NOT Fake name.

5. Application should be submitted with utter care:

You have to write your address correctly, use Real Address and in proper format.

6. Keep domain information open:

Use same personal information which you have used during domain registration as Google team verifies it.

7.      If Rejected, re-apply :

There are chances that you might not get approval for the first time, and reason of rejection could be different. You should consider removing the error and reapply for AdSense. Most of people don’t bother re-trying, and later on they regret it. It will hardly take 1-2 hour to fix the reason for rejection, and once you re-apply it will be easier to get approved. ShoutMeLoud blog also got AdSense approval after 3-4 retry.

8.       Have good content both on quality and quantity.

9. Blog traffic:

There is not anything like minimum traffic requirement, but a good idea is to have little traffic before you apply for AdSense. Even 50 hits/day is a good number to start with. You can read our earlier guide on how to promote your blog, and how to drive traffic which will help you to get initial traffic to your website.

10.  Professional Website is what you need:

AdSense relies on publisher and advertisers, and think of them as a company who like to get more publisher. At the same tim, AdSense is very strict about quality of publishers, and that’s the reason they are number one Advertisement platform for bloggers. You need to work hard on making your blog professional, and making it look attractive. Now, when I say attractive, it doesn’t mean you will add endless widgets on sidebar, even a minimalist approach is good at times.

11.   Use Google webmaster and analytics to optimize your website content and to get most out of the Search Engines.

12.  Your Webhosting:

Most of new bloggers try to use free Webhosting companies, and that’s one reason they face rejection. No, its not because Google hate free Webhosting companies, but most of the time (2nd step), your Website goes down, and AdSense rejects you. If you ever heard of the term, money makes money, spend a little on buying the hosting, and you will never face any such problem. My recommendation is Bluehost, where you can buy hosting for as low as $4.95/month along with 1 free domain.

13.   Don’t make you site for AdSense or affiliate.

At last if you get AdSense approved don’t click your own ads. Do read: How to apply for Adsense account

Also check out this bonus video before you apply for your AdSense account:

I know how it feels when you applications are getting rejected, but as I mentioned AdSense wants more publisher, but with quality. So work on improving your blog quality, and getting an Approved Adsense account will not be tough.

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Hello Friend! My name is Ankit and I am one of the Internet junkies. I'm 18 year old young blogger from Mumbai,India have worked in the fields of Web Development and Web/Graphics Designing.


COMMENTs ( 48 )

  1. Sushil says

    Can me posting affiliate links with my content on my blog turnout as a reason for disapproval from AdSense ?

  2. Hrithik says

    Hi! I started my blog on blogger around 2 months back. I am OK to wait for 4 months more ( as Indian users have to wait for 6 months for Adsense ) but also, I got to know about a web developer who will design a very good website for me with hosting and stuff. But, now do I again need to wait for 6 months more. To get Adsense on my WordPress blog? Or is there a way to show Google that my blog is 6 months old, I’ve just changed from blogger to WordPress. Thanks a ton!

  3. Juan Feju says

    Hai Harsh, I’m in the GA second review. It has been more than 2 months, but Google doesn’t give any reply yes or no. My location is in Indonesia. Do you have any idea why that is?

    • says

      That’s a pretty long for review. I think you should contact AdSense team or check your email including spam for any mail from them. If nothing works, then try applying again & let me know what happens.

      • says

        Usually account review should not take more than a week. To answer your question, you can’t reapply with same email. May be you can try reapplying with new email address.

  4. says

    I’m interested with your statement “50 hits/day” do you think it has to be organic traffic? Or referral traffic from social media good enough? How many days of 50 hits/day do we need?

  5. says

    @ Harsh , I m using Image from google Image on my blog but with proper image credit.
    Can google adsense disapprove my application??

  6. says

    Hi Ankit Kumar,

    Definitely a very useful post for all blogger.
    Yes, we need to create high quality content in our site for getting adsense approve. I see many blogger get approve their adsense with 20 post and some are not able to get approve with 100 post.

    Even i got adsense with 13 post but that was high quality content over 1000+ words.

    ANyway, thanks for sharing this useful article with us, Keep it up.


  7. says

    I got my ad-sense account approved for my 15 days old site, i think there is lot of pessimism around this. I had only 7 posts when I applied and got approved.

  8. Droid Ash says

    I agree with “If Rejected, re-apply”.
    But, I just want to be sure that is there any time limit or restriction for another submission?

    • says

      I would suggest to take a break of atleast one month before submitting again and check for what went wrong with your previous submission. Also before submitting again, post some more articles to make sure your site is regularly updated.

  9. says

    I have been disapproved 3 times already. I have no idea what Google really wants because my blog looks professional and has original and quality contents.

    For those in the same boat, try Yahoo Bing’s I just applied for one and waiting for their response. Don’t even compare other contextual ad networks like infolinks and chitika, they are not even close to Google Adsense. is the only contender here IMO.

  10. kuldeep says

    i have google adsense and on google adsnese my name is registered as “kuldeep singh” but in my bank account i have only first name “kuldeep” … question is will they still send my payment ???

  11. Nitya says

    hello harsh,
    i have almost read all the articles related to blogging and all set to make a blog. just one query which i have regarding writing a blog is, is it okay to write about various computer courses i.e tally, photoshop , corel. Do you think it is a worth writing blog ? will it get traffic? will it be able to attract viewers?

  12. Akshay Hallur says

    It is also worth to note that Google approves Adsense accounts associated with YouTube.
    So for faster approval first get approved for YouTube Adsense which is bit easy. Then add your domain in the same Adsense account to monetize.
    Happy blogging..

  13. Vishwajeet Kumar says

    Hi, Guys I have a hosted Adsense account. Recently I tried to upgrade my account and place the code. but Google denied the upgrade request by telling site does not comply with policies. I have not copy paste the article. can anybody help me. my blog is

  14. Rohit Kumar says

    I rejected twice. My blog is 8 months old and still not got adsense. Never Mind :) I think i am facing disapproval because i write articles with “download” word. Now i got adsense from Youtube. I want to implement ads on my blog. my application is submitted and waiting for reply. Now my question is that again same disapproval reason will occur?? or adsense approval for blog? Please reply, i damm need it.

    • says

      Till the time you are not offering any legit stuff in spammy way (Download cracked/nulled), download word should not be a reason for your AdSense disapproval. In simple word, your website/blog should reflect quality. If you are offering quality and your application is rejected, I suggest you to reapply, and it should work.

  15. raj says

    i can’t get the google adsense approval,.,.,.i’ll try 4 times, bet every time it says insuficient content..,.,. i can’t understad exact problem.,.,.

    plzzzzzzz once see my website nd tell about our exact problem.,…,..

  16. Naeem says

    Hi Ankit,

    I checked your blog just now. Do you still have AdSense on it. I reckon it was revoked; or you yourself opted out of AdSense?

  17. Ozovehe says

    I just used a self hosted wordpress blog of one month old to apply two days ago. I have pasted the ad code on my site. Am waiting for the final approval. I hope I will be approve by Gods grace. Please someone should help me to review my site. It’s

  18. The asker says

    I am getting 170+ pageviews per day and sometimes it even crosses 230+ pageviews. I am having all articles written genuinely and in proper articles of maximum 1500 words and even much more length there. It is an year old blog on blogspot, while I started contributing seriously from past few months only.

    When should I apply for AdSense? Is a blog having 170 pageviews per day with briefly written articles eligible to be approved for AdSense?

    Please do me a ‘reply’ if you know or want to share anything related to that.

    Me :)

  19. Megan says

    I approved once then during ad code i got disapproved :) I dont know what went wrong but, I would like to ask if still i have a chance to re apply ?

  20. Ronu says

    I have a ibps jobs blog on blogger. 60-70 daily unique visitors, 10000 pageviews/month, it’s 6 months old. Is there any chance to get google adsense? please reply

  21. Geekonik says

    I’m Getting this error plz. help

    Page type: Your website is a type of website that we do not currently
    accept into our program. Such websites include, but are not limited to,
    chat sites, sites that drive traffic through cybersquatting, and sites
    that use excessive keywords in the content or code of their page

  22. anuj@webtricksblog says

    I heard this recently, that it have become very difficult to get approved for AdSense account. I guess because most of the Webmasters have become lazy, spaming or working against TOS of Adsense. I have never had any problem registering account for me or for my customers. Ethic SEO is the key to success with Adsense.

  23. Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging says

    Kudos that you got Approved. I had every bit of the points you’ve mentioned. Disapproved 2 times. Then in Nov’10 I tried using Indyarocks & got approved. So that proves a point that Google moderators sometimes don’t approve or miss some sites during the approval process.

  24. Hemanth says

    Hi Ankit, I think good content on site and traffic to site/blog plays major role in getting google adsense approved. Thanks for sharing your first experience with google adsense with all readers and also some one who likes to listen interesting things about google adense.

  25. Gomes says

    If you think you can get rich by google adsense ,you need a mature site and a lot of visitors from search engine, As google does not count your links if you get your visitors from facebook ,twitter ,you can get only pennies

  26. Drsni says

    I got approved in 7 hours. I applied and went out to meet some friends. When i came back, i found the approval email.

  27. Manikandan says

    Hi I am having a Doubt in Account name @ Google Adsense. For Example – My name in Bank Acc is K.ManiKandan
    My Domain registration name is K.Manikandan
    Hosting acc is also same.

    But when applying for Adsense, Google ask me to put my name as – Manikandan Kannaiyan. Let assume that I got Adsense account :) After that, If I am getting the Cheque as “Manikandan Kannaiyan”. Is the Bank will approve my check with this name. Please if any of our friends knew about this, I request them to come with a POST regarding this. So that most of us will get clear. Thanks for sharing the tips. Cheers :)

  28. Kunal @ TechHogger says

    I’m not criticizing your post. But I’m not in favor with many of your points. That’s your conclusion you made it by the way.
    On your point no.7 you’ve written “only apply once”. After I post this comment many must agree with me that their Adsense a/c got approved after many re-submission. Mine got approved on 3rd re-submission.

    Their is no point anywhere google has mentioned that they want atleast 50 visits per day. For Google what matters most is genuineness not the traffic.

    What google wants is neat and clean looking well designed website which doesnot look spam. Google rejects your request many times if they’re not impressed with your webpage.

    There are much more points to look after before you apply, but I would suggest that you keep on applying and on the other hand keep on fixing the issues google mail you for not approving account.

    All the best! :-)

    • Renji says

      Agree with you here.. I guess what they are mainly looking for is a well designed site, good content and genuine informations.

  29. Anoop says

    Great Tips!
    I got mine approved after 40 days of buying TLD. :)
    But strange that Buysell is still not approving..

  30. anwar says

    i submitted my adsense application several times, at last they approved it when i apply through a google apps email id

    • karan says

      You don’t have to Pumama.

      To earn from adsense you have to build up strong traffic and most of it from search engines.
      I guess you can look forward to the following ways to earn :

      1) Services – I know you’re good at something and thats what your’re blogging about. Why no provide services.

      2) Affiliate – If there are a lot of products in your niche that solves common public’s problems then this could work like charm.

      3) Banner ad sales – Buysell ads ftw. But you will need some good traffic to enjoy it.(Still better than adsense)

      I hope I helped.

  31. Saket Jajodia says

    I got my AdSense in without any proper content and with 1-2 page views in a day… :p
    I am still shocked how I got approved, I hear people tell its the hardest thing to get AdSense a/c and I think it the easiest thing to get approve… Just you need 6 months old blog or website…

    • Bony says

      Goood to know that you got your adsense approved in such a situation… I am just building up my blog and needs to know how to do it the best…
      may i know your blog address ?!

  32. Satyajit Pai says

    Same thing with me here… :( Its been over 2 years since I applied.. Tried everything.. :/ Still it ain’t got approved :(

  33. Usman@FirstHosting says

    I like the point that domain info and registration info must be same, this will increase the chance of approval.