How To Enable Direct Bank Transfer for AdSense Payment in India


Earlier when I shared about how Google AdSense pays in India, I talked about AdSense is planning to enable EFT payment for Indian AdSense users. EFT (Electronic fund transfer) payment will ensure your AdSense earning will directly deposit into your bank account, and most important you don’t need to wait for receiving the check and check clearance time.  As an AdSense publisher, this feature is beneficial and making our work paperless. In this tutorial, I will explain everything you need to for enabling EFT payment for your AdSense account.

How to Configure Wire transfer for Indian AdSense publishers

This whole setup process will not take more than 15 minutes, and I highly recommend you to do that to save time for future payment. Follow the steps mentioned below and keep your mobile phone handy, as you might need to call your bank customer care to get the IFSC and Swift code. Along with Direct bank deposit feature, now you can also specify the payment threshold and hold your payment for up-to one year. So, let’s get on with our quick guide for enabling EFT payment for your AdSense account.

  • Log in to your AdSense account and Click on the gear box and select payments.
  • Click on Payment settings under payment page.
  • Click on add a new form of payment.

On the next screen, you need to enter your bank account details. There are two details which you need to get from your bank. (IFSC code and Swift BIC code). To get the IFSC code and Swift code for your account, simply call your bank customer care and ask for it. In my case, I’m using ICICI bank Saving bank account, and I have used following Swift code to receive payment: ICICINBBNRI. If you are calling ICICI bank, they will provide you with two swift code CHASUS33XXX for USD and ICICINBBNRI for INR. You need to enter the Swift code for INR and conversion will be taken care by your bank. This may change if you are using any other bank account, so I suggest you re-confirm it from your bank customer care. For ICICI Bank current account, you need to use ICICINBBCTS

AdSense Wire transfer to Bank
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Click on save payment, and that’s it. Now you will receive money directly from your bank account and here are few more details which you need to know about updated AdSense Payment policy:

  • You can update your payment method until 20th of any month.
  • You can now use any AdSense payment threshold greater than minimum ($100) payment.
  • You can hold your payment until any specific date; maximum up to 1 year. (Though I discourage you to use this feature, as you might face issue if AdSense decide to ban your account).

Adsense Payment threshold
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Over all, direct bank deposit feature is already making the life of many Indian AdSense publishers easy, and if you have not updated your Payment option, it’s time to log into your AdSense account and update payment settings.

FAQ about AdSense EFT Payment:

  • Q. What is the minimum payment threshold for EFT payment?
  • A. Minimum payment threshold is $100
  • Q. Is Pin verification mandatory after AdSense introduced EFT payment?
  • A. Pin verification is mandatory process from AdSense to verify your address, so yes; it is!


In case if you are using any other bank like Axis, SBI, HDFC and you know which Swift code you are using, do share with us via comment. This will be helpful for other shouters. Don’t forget to share this useful tutorial with other AdSense publishers in India. Here are few more posts which you should not miss:

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134 thoughts on “How To Enable Direct Bank Transfer for AdSense Payment in India”

  1. Arif

    Hi Harsh, When I saved my account details, I also checked it to be primary payment method. It was written that this account needs to be verified. How does this work?

  2. Nitin

    I have a doubt plz tell me that i need to open current account in bank or savings account? for getting paid through adsence??

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hello Nitin,

      Any account would do. The only criteria is your bank account should have the same name as your adsense account name. If you have opened adsense account in your name, then use account which has your name.

  3. Arun

    Hi Dear sir
    im from Shimoga, Karnataka
    i have an account in corporation bank . but this bank does not hv SWIFT OR BIC Code
    Now what can i do and How can i transfer my money from Adsense account.
    If i enter other branch SWIFT CODE like banglore of Banglore branch SWIFT code is any problem . please help me

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Arun,

      You can enter the SWIFT code of your nearest branch which has the code. Contact your customer care and know about your nearest branch.

  4. Kartik

    Hey.. really good guidance.. i have a question regarding SWIFT CODE that some banks did not have SWIFT CODE. Suppose i am from Amrtisar having Bank of India Account, Can i provide SWIFT CODE of Pathankot Bank Branch as they have SWIFT CODE ??

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      yes, you can provide the swift code of the branch which is nearest to you.

  5. Shashank Tiwari

    Hello, Harsh,
    Very informative article. I have just crossed earning threshold and I want to transfer money from AdSense to my ICICI bank. When I was filling add payment method form, I saw few fields which are not mentioned here in this article. So I just wanted to know, are those fields are mandatory to fill?

    I am listing down those fields below. However, I can ignore optional field here but what about other fields?

    1. Intermediary bank (ask your bank)
    2. Intermediary bank name (optional)
    3. Intermediary SWIFT-BIC (optional)
    4. FFC or FBO (ask your bank)
    5. For further credit / For benefit of (optional).

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Shashank,

      You can skip 1. and 4. option. It is not compulsory to fill. Fill account holder name, bank name, IFSC code, SWIft-BIC code and account number.

      1. Shashank Tiwari

        Thanks for the prompt response.

  6. Bhavin Bhavsar

    Is dena bank is allowed to transfer Adsense money ?

    And how I am transfer my full revenue from Adsense account in any Indian bank without deduct any amount?

  7. sujeet

    What time of updating payment method
    Intermediary, FFC or FBO must be entered
    Can not receive receipt without intermediary, FFC or FBO, in your bank account, please tell me

  8. shailesh shakya

    Hi Harsh Sir,
    This article is very helpful.

    But I have an issue- Can I change my payee name from India? I am asking this because I enable to see an edit option in setting > payment > manage > name and address. (Mistakenly I entered wrong payee name which is different from bank account)

    please do reply….

  9. Sajatna

    I have Sbi account in a branch.. But this branch has no swift code.. Can I use other SBI bank swift code in adsence EFT …

  10. Ashish Patil

    I had only one question. Did Adsence send payment in HDFC Bank Current accounts?

  11. Sahul

    I have adsense with different name and bank a/c with father’s name. Can adsense send payment?

  12. ARUN K.S


    I need you suggestion ASAP ,i have been associated with google adsense for couple of years and i use SBI for receiving payment because of the high exchange rate they provided me all these years, they only deduct a fee of 150Rs on each transaction . But since past two months( march& april 2017)my earning are reaching bank after deduction on 20$ and then an usual 150Rs charged by SBI. I enquired about it in my branch and they said it not them deducting the money but the intermediary bank(City bank),So in past two months i am receiving 20$ less on my earnings . I have no idea what happened suddenly. are you facing any such issue, can you suggest any solution?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I believe that’s coz of currency conversion. (USD to INR conversion). Most of the company use their preferred rate rather than what shows in exchanges to convert one currency into another & that’s why in this case, when you receive dollars in your account in INR form, the amount is less.

  13. Manish

    Hello sir
    First time I crossed threshold limit of 100$
    So when I updating my payment method I.e. wire transfer the page says..
    Bank account must be located in india and in us dollar currency.
    As far as my knowledge it is not possible for a resident to open a us dollar a/c.
    Please provide assistance

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Most of the bank account would accept payment coming in USD. So you can keep the currency as USD & enter all other information as it is.

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