How to Create Stunning Infographics for Your Blog Post


As someone said, “A picture is worth more than 1000 words.” In the present scenario, a picture is a very good way to share and summarize your blog content. You can use chart, Information and text together to create an Infographic. Infographics are quite popular on Social-media sites & readers love it as it convey the message in an easy to understand format.

Most of the bloggers think that you need to be a highly skilled designer to create an infographic, which is not entirely true. These days there are many online Infographic maker sites are there to help users like you & me to create Infographics for our blog post. This is your handy guide to learn everything about designing Infographics for your blog even if you have not done it before.

First thing first: Let’s see what is Infographic?

Infographic is a visual representation of Information, data, and knowledge. They can be used to show patterns, timelines, and trends.

Earlier it was used in Newspaper and TV News channel, but Facebook, Twitter, and other social media made it a big hit for website and blogs to create a visual representation of information.For more details on Infographic, you can read Wikipedia.

Infographic can also be used to represent Public transit or local maps. Let’s see how creating infographic will help your blog:

  • Helps you to summarize your blog content to a picture
  • Easier for your readers to get the content quickly through Infographic
  • Human brain process images much faster than text
  • Get more traffic by sharing these pictures on social media
  • Pinterest and Instagram love Infographic
  • Helps you to make your content viral, Instead of sharing a plain picture

Notice the difference when using image vs. infographic to convey a message:

Infographic vs general image
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So now you have a basic idea about Infographic, let’s see how to create one for your blog post. There are various tools available online to create it quickly. You can always use software like Photoshop to create a customized Infographic for you.

Easy Tools for Bloggers to create Infographics:


Canva Infographics
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My personal favorite. It provides you free as well as paid template to create Infographic images. It has also inbuilt free pictures and illustrations to use in your Infographic.

Probably the best in the market. You can detail tutorial here about how to create Infographic in Canva.


Piktochart Infographic maker
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Piktochart is another popular Infographic maker tool that is free & offer paid solution too for advanced options. The only limitation of the free version is it let you create & download Infographic with the watermark. At the same time, a huge collection of free templates & pictures makes it a great tool for users like you & me.

Apart from above two, there are few more Infographic maker sites that I have listed below:

  1. Venngage

You can always use software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw to create your customized Infographic.

Best Practices for Creating Infographics that Rock

Explain product:

Given a brief introduction of the topic or product. Explain why people should try or buy it. Present some humor, fact and comparison of the topic. You can take help of a map, geographic data or history.

Use correct font:

You can use correct font and bold text to highlight the fact you want to highlight. Ensure it matches your brand font style too.
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Be Creative and Original:

Surprise your readers with unique and new ideas. Introduce new design ideas and include pictures and contents from famous and inspirational blogs and websites. The best way to do it to note down the ideas the moment you get it. Use pocket notepad or sticky notes app in your phone.

Think of yourself as a reader: 

Do not just create Infographic for building backlinks. Try to solve a problem for your audience. Think how can this picture can help them. If a picture cannot impress you, it definitely will not impress others.Consider your target audience and entertain them.

Use icons and symbols:

Use sufficient icons and symbols to explain topics to your readers. Do not clutters the infographic with a lot of texts. People love to see symbols and signs.

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Don’t make it to complex and long:

Don’t be over excited to make your Infographic too complex. If people find it difficult to understand, your hard will not pay off. The best way is to get it reviewed by your friends and ask them if they understand the topic. As a rule of thumb keep your Infographic limited to 8000px.

Present some amazing facts:

No one wants to see obvious things in the Infographic. Research on your topic and present some surprising facts.

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Make it viral:

After putting so much hard work, make sure your Infographic reach to a bigger audience and become viral. Connect and reach to influential blogger to make sure they share your content. Ask your subscribers to promote the Infographic and explain to them why it is useful for their blog. Other bloggers may use your Infographic on their blogs, and you will get traffic.

Make sure you promote your Infographic using embed tweet or Click to Tweet. Use Pinterest and Instagram to make sure Infographic looks good.

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Use charts and maps:

A good Infographic is incomplete without relevant maps and charts. If you think it make sense, use it to explain facts. It makes you Infographic real and supportive.


It takes a little time to create it but it helps you to generate more traffic to your post by making it viral. It can be easily shared on social media and tools available online to create it.

I hope this post would have given you the basic idea about Infographic, how to create them and best practices to follow. Please use the comments section to share your view.

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  1. Very Informative post. Previously I had no idea, that infographics are so much important for SEO.
    I only know about canva.But there are other tools available. Which is really helpful and amazing to create infographics.

  2. Biswarup Bouri

    Hi Ravi,
    I am a tech blogger, I write some good stuffs and publish them to my blog but i didn’t get the desired traffic. After watching Brain Dean’s video about guestographic, I want to implement some infographic to my contents. But i couldn’t found the how to creat infographic, then i landed on this page. I found the easiest way to creat infographics, I didnt even imagine that Canva can be used to make great infographics. Thanks for this post, it really helped me.

  3. Vedant Sood

    So, Far, I was writing a lot of content on my website but this post has helped me a lot and guided me to use graphics in the form of information.

    It will not only save my time and space but also enhance the looks and feels of my website.

    Thanks, for such an amazing post 🙂

  4. Mayank Neralla

    Hi Ravi Singh,

    Nice and informative article. I am mainly into technical and a general discussion blogging. Can this tool help me in designing an infographic?

  5. john

    For infographics, I used but after reading this blog I identify other infigraphic tool and be aware of that . Thanks for sharing such a valuable post.

  6. shailesh shakya

    Thanks for sharing this valuable post.
    I am using and I feel that this is a great place to make your own post’s image and infographics.
    I never use any other infographic tool but now I have known some great tools from this post. I definitely take a trial.

  7. Siraj Mahmood

    I know Canva is good but they are charging $1 for each image and there are 90% paid icons instead of free. Otherwise Canva is better where as I experienced.

  8. indomoto

    This is a very good article about the importance of infographic. I will regularly create infographic for my blog.

  9. Tarun Agarwal

    Thank you very much for sharing this post. I got this post as a notification on Chrome.
    I was just looking for some tool to promote my Computer Academy and Business on various platforms.

    I read this post and immediately created an account in Canvas and Piktochart.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  10. Nayan Kariya

    Hello Ravi, I am looking for Infographic tools and find this post. This tools helped me a lot to create my first infographic. Thanks for Sharing.

  11. jessicaray4


    Exceptionally astonishing article with important word. Much obliged to you such a great amount for sharing. You well said in regards to Infographic and disclose to them why it is valuable for their online journal. Different bloggers might utilize your Infographic on their web journals, and you will get movement. Much obliged

  12. Sapana

    Hi, Thanks for sharing tips on infographics, I am thinking of creating more n more for my blog. Could you please explain the SEO part of it. not the infographic seo but the way I convey search engine what that infographic is about. Let me explain my question: If I have same infographics as a plain HTML table then the search engine knows what is it about and my post gets more score, if I have same in infographics then it might not get same score for text content. I am still in favor of infographics as after all the reader is most important, but how can I get benefit of both. May be some way I keep it in text too? In image details or in post text?

  13. Sona Mathews

    I have seen how infographics boost social shares and traffic to blog posts and I am also a believer of Infographics. But Till now I have not created any infographic. After reading thsi article I also believe that I should work on infographics. I will try to do some work on Canva and picktochart to see which is good for me.

    Thank you for your suggestions about infographics.

  14. Nirmala

    Hi Ravi,

    You’ve nicely explained the importance of posting Infographics on blogs/websites, good!

    I agree with you that the simple, attractive infographic images would easily win readers’ heart and nudge them to com back on a regular basis.

    I too love infographics but till now didn’t give a try to create one.

    I am aware of few infographics creating tools that you’ve listed here, I’ll try to make a good one.

    Thanks for sharing a useful post for us, keep your good work.

  15. Gaurav Kumar

    Infographics are great to get more social shares and engage more readers. piktochart, and canva are my favorite when it comes to get some inspiration from infographics.

  16. deepa

    Very amazing article with valuable word. Thank you so much for sharing. You well said about Infographic and explain to them why it is useful for their blog. Other bloggers may use your Infographic on their blogs, and you will get traffic. Thanks

  17. Krishna Moorthy D

    Visual information will get into our brain faster than textual information, so branding, sharing can be easily done with the help of an Infographics and it’s seriously an effective stuff. It’s a great way to get a lot of backlinks too 🙂 Superb writeup, keep sharing!

  18. Malik Mubashir

    Can we use this method to make infographic for viral posts ?

  19. Manju Hariharan

    Hi ,
    As a new blogger, I too created an infographic about WordPress facts. The comment got from a friend was “Mine looks ugly”. I selected the template from Canva and tried. Can you please tell what is that I have done wrong by visiting my blog site link I have given. Thank you.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I have gone through your Infographic & must say it’s good. Though it could get better with right selection of colors & Fonts. Also the image of all the people like Matt, Alex looked like scaled down & is not crisp. Always use high-quality images.

  20. Gurmeet Singh

    My favourite tool for creating beautiful Images and Infographics is Canva. 🙂 My Own Blog looks more beautiful because of the Images and Graphics I am using. I have been asked by so many people and my blog readers that How I create such beautiful Images for my Blog. This shows that Images and Infographics are very important for a Blog as most of the people like Visual content more than just textual Content. 🙂

    1. Abhishek Pathak

      Was that me ? 😛 Gurmeet singh.

      Gurmeet is an amazing blogger. I love to see his work.

      1. Gurmeet Singh

        Thank You Abhishek for your kind words. 🙂

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