How to Make Your Infographic Go Viral

When you hear about infographics, you might automatically think that it will go viral as most of these usually do. But why exactly is this? Why do infographics always rank well and attract so many readers? There are a few reasons why so many marketers use them as part of their marketing strategy and also because, well, they work! It’s a great way to add quality content to your site and keep your readers informed at the same time.

Make Your Infographic Count

Here are a few things you can do to spread the word on your latest infographic.

Write a Press Release.

No matter how good your infographic is, if people don’t know about it, it will never rank well. By writing a professional press release and submitting it to a few of the top directories, you will create a steady stream of targeted traffic to your site, and improve your keyword rankings at the same time. Remember to write your press release with your target audience in mind, and submit them to popular and effective directories such as PR Newswire or PRWeb.

Use Social Media.

First you will create your infographic in the form of a blog posts, and then you will start sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. By sharing your post, you will increase the likelihood that people will like or share it, and this will lay the groundwork for your success. You can use more platforms such as LinkedIn or YouTube, in fact, the more you use the better your exposure.

Submit Your Post to Directories.

When your post is complete and you have shared it on social media sites, start to submit it to various popular directories as well. There are many websites that specifically work to help promote your infographic, such as:

These are very helpful and it will significantly increase your exposure. Now that you have the perfect post, you need to make use of these directories to help you spread the word and allow people to click back to your site.

Connect with your contacts.

If you are familiar with link building strategies, you might already know how challenging it can be; make use of every business contact you have, and there are many ways you can do this. Contact blog owners and ask if they will be interested in posting about it, or if they will allow you to create a guest blog that will link back to your site. If you want, you can also reach out to people via Twitter.

Follow Up on Your Infographic Marketing Efforts

Keeping these strategies in mind will help you to create awareness for your post and help your infographic to go viral. Although it might take some initial effort on your part, it will soon be worthwhile and you will create a steady flow of targeted traffic for your website or blog. Remember that you can make use of all your personal and business contacts to help spread the word on your post. Remember, the more interesting and eye-catching you make your infographic, the better your chances on success.

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