How to Write Creative Articles for Readers


Major part of blogging is writing and there are many bloggers who keep on wondering why people don’t visit their websites much or their content are not viral enough as expected. The main reason why readers don’t get attracted to articles or make it viral is because of the same kind of content they get on many other blogs.

Writing Creative Articles
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Worth Reading:

Articles go viral if they have something new and useful to read. Everyone loves to share articles having innovative ideas or some creativity to attract readers. Thus it is important that you write article with lots of creativity to make any article worth.

Here are few factors which will help you to write creative and innovative articles:

Break rules:

There are chances that you have learned to write articles from successful bloggers but it is always better to break few set of laws and free your mind from writing rules. Try to think about topics which are useful for beginners as well as for experts and add your own flavor of creativity to it by thinking in innovative way and without copying others.

Read old articles:

Even successful bloggers were newbie once so read their old articles, their experience and success stories. Reading old articles which have different tips to get success and motivation will surely give you new ideas to share with your readers in simple way. A new idea generally comes with lots of old ideas and that will surely increase your creativity.

Writing mood:

Bloggers are human being and we do have emotions. You should always write when you are in good mood and can think in innovative way. Never write articles just to complete a task. Sit alone, keep emotions away, concentrate and think about the topic you want to write, creative ideas will keep on flowing and you will come up with a killer article.

Play with ideas:

Sometimes ideas keep on rolling out but it’s hard to find perfect way of sharing them with reader. Don’t get irritated or loss patience if you are not getting ideas, just try to enjoy writing articles with different ideas. Playing with different ideas and words might consume time but at last you will come up with a creative article for sure.

Even if you are writing an article in creative way, it should be simple so that readers can understand what you want to convey. Creativity is not about writing out-of-box articles, according to me it’s more about sharing information or tips in innovative and simple way.

What you to do enhance your creativity? we would love to know your tips, do share in comments.

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22 thoughts on “How to Write Creative Articles for Readers”

  1. deepa

    Thanks for sharing and very well said “bloggers human being and we do have emotions. You should always write when you are in good mood and can think in innovative way. Very inspirational article.”

  2. Adam

    Writing differently and deliver some value, this is something what makes different today. People should not be afraid to be different, do not bother thinking what other people will be thinking about your articles, you have to be cool with that you will; never please all people.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jimmy

    I think we should be more careful in article research and try to deliver it in a simple manner, so readers can catch ur matter easily.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Whiztechy

      Right Jimmy, Blogging is all about sharing information in simple way. Thanks for comment 🙂

  4. Nihar

    Thanks for sharing the tips on this.

    Yes I agree most of the bloggers just write that are already out on public domain.

    It should be something unique like a solution to a problem, own experience, etc.

    1. Whiztechy

      Right Nihar,
      Articles providing solutions to problems and sharing experience always attract readers.

  5. Jens P. Berget

    In order to stay creative, I use Evernote to capture all my ideas (I carry my iPhone with me at all times). I used to carry a notebook, but Evernote is awesome. Capturing the right ideas are important to write creative articles.

    When I write, I usually don’t think about what’s right or wrong. I just write how I feel like writing.

    Finally, I write when I feel most creative. Usually, that’s early in the morning, just after I’ve eaten breakfast. I believe this is important. Because if I don’t feel creative, it’s hard to be creative.

    Thank you for sharing the tips.

    1. Whiztechy

      Thanks for your feedback Jen, writing early morning is best time to come up with new thoughts and you get good flow of writing. That’s why you come up with useful and great articles.

  6. Pankaj Gupta

    Yes, Good Mood is also very important 🙂 Thanks for sharing all the ways for writing creating articles..

  7. Geet | HobbyPainting

    You are right. Liked your tip: “break rules”. To be creative we must have a non-lateral thinking.
    Also, Think like a child…they don’t have any limitation…

    1. Whiztechy

      Right Geet, Thinking like a child is a perfect example. For a creative person it is most important that you think ahead of old rules and come up with new thoughts.

  8. kbharath

    Thank you for this creative article whiz. this really helps for the new bloggers as well as the professional bloggers. because very often the new bloggers will not get ideas to what to write about. this will help the bloggers like me. thanks for sharing this.

    1. Whiztechy

      Glad you found it useful Kbharath.

  9. Mani Viswanathan

    Yes, I do read old articles of Pro Bloggers. Its good to read their style of writing, how they compiled the post up.

    1. Whiztechy

      Right Mani, Successful bloggers are always ready to provide useful and experienced articles. Their posts really gives lots of useful information to learn.

  10. Vivek Parmar

    writing a creative article is one of the best thing you have in your self. Only few bloggers able to write creative article while other blogger re-write that post including me in that list of re-writing

    1. Whiztechy

      Agree Vivek..Only few bloggers can be creative and they become successful for sure.

  11. Vuong

    UU content, I think are the must-have basic requirement to get attracted reader with your blog. UUU mean unique and useful in this case. Nevertheless, sometimes I can not apply any above rules while my mind is empty. Blogging and writing is not easy 😛

    1. SmartAboutThings

      “Blogging and writing ”

      You must blog because you have something to write about, at least that is the way I think. You can’t force yourself to blog if your content is pulled with pain out of you

    2. Whiztechy

      Well said Vuong, I like your UU factor to attract readers and you can only give your best when your mind is free otherwise it’s really tough to write articles.
      Thanks for dropping comment 🙂

      1. Vuong

        Yeah, as a regular contributor for some technology related local online magazine, sometimes I must confess that I can not type anything. Deadline came behind, I am totally free from but it is not easy to resolve the “inspirational math” :-P.

        On the other hand, sometimes though I have been gotten in stuck with tons of works, it is easy to write 3 to 5 articles per day. That is not easy to blog and write indeed.:-)

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