How To Build Meaningful Relationships With Influencers Even If you Suck At it

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How to make a good relationship with influencers? 

How does it feel when an expert recommends you on their social media profiles or on their blog? 

You start getting targeted traffic to your site. Readers around the globe starts engaging with your writing in the form of comments and social media shares.

You start gaining visibility in the digital space. People start recognizing you & your work.

Exciting, isn’t?


It doesn’t mean you start pitching them (Influencers) instantly. There is no use of asking anything without providing something in return. Before sending any proposal, develop connection with your influencers.

Many beginners try to send irrelevant emails without considering the crucial fact:

Experts are not fools.

They have gone on the same journey. They already know all the tricks that you aren’t aware of. So, don’t waste your time. Time is money.

The question arises:

How to connect with the influencers & create a meaningful relation?

Most of the people don’t take this question seriously. They keep on poking the influencers without realizing its negative impact. When they don’t get the response after constant attempts, they start criticizing the influencer without understanding the inflow of the emails from different readers in their mailbox.

Here are some of my tactics that I use for getting the positive response from the influencers.

Five Tips for Creating Good Relationship With Influencers

1. Identify the influencer in your niche:

The first step is to identify the influencers in your niche. You may know one or two names in your industry, but that’s not enough.

You need to get the information about the other influencers from your industry. Here are the tools that will help you in getting a list of influencers without wasting your time.


This tool helps in finding the key influencers in your niche. It looks at the quality of the content from an analytical angle. It provides insights into the most popular content and influencers sharing the same content. 

BuzzSumo Influencer
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They have a particular product called ‘Influencers and Outreach’. It is a powerful way for traffic generation. Instead of investing money in paid media, influencers help in driving the traffic to your site.


This tool from Moz comes handy for twitter research and analytics. It is free for the twitter users. It helps in the influencer discovery. You have an option of sorting all the influencers with the assistance of the social authority filter.

On top of that, reports can be saved for any future reference. There are tools for competitive comparisons and data visualization. With this tool, you can also find and connect with the influencers in your niche quickly.

Bloggers may also get the premium tools like Socialbro,  GroupHigh and Inkybee for influencer management.

2. Provide Value to Your Influencers

When you go to a shop for purchasing a product, you weigh its quality by the value in it. And, the owner gives you the same product by getting the monetary value.

The same thing applies for developing connection.

When you connect with your influencers, they start weighing the quality of the proposal.

They have only one question in mind:

Am I getting a valuable proposal?

They are not looking for the monetary returns. They are simply looking for the passion and dedication in your work. They are looking if it’s worth their time or not.

Don’t irritate them by sending messages like ‘Please share my post’ or ‘Can you please share my new blog with your audience’.

Before doing these foolish acts, ask yourself:

What am I giving them in return?

Give them some reason to share your post or product. Don’t expect to get a reply without any substantial reason.

Always remember:

Never make any emotional appeal. Earn the confidence of your influencer by providing a valuable plan.

When you start providing value, you will definitely gain the attention & trust of the influencers.

3. Follow Your Influencers: Everywhere

When you connect with the influencers, you start following them religiously by sharing their content on social media profiles.

Sadly, this thing doesn’t last for a long time.

After some time, your engagement rate decreases with time. I know, it’s hard to follow your influencers on social media.

Here is the solution:

You don’t need to run after them on every social media profiles, but if you can, that’s great. It’s not humanly possible to track someone everywhere.

Let us choose one social platform: Twitter

In Twitter, you have an option of creating a list. Start making a list of the influencers. In this way, you will get the feeds of all the influencers in a structured manner.

It saves a lot of time. Make a habit of re-tweeting the post of your influencers. And, start commenting on their tweets. After some time, they will start recognizing you.

You can make the list as private or public. I made my private Twitter list so that I can only access the list to look & retweet the tweets of my influencers.

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Though if you want to create a better impact & get attention in a shorter span, follow them on other social media profiles which are less crowded. Ex: Instagram. Do remember, when you share their content anywhere (Google Plus, Facebook), do tag them. This is going to get you their attention.

One mistake that most of the newbie makes when connecting with the influencer is they focus on content only. Do remember, they might be a celebrity like figure, but they are an individual like you & me & look for genuine communication & connection. Interact with them on their social media updates by replying with a meaningful comment.

You need to have something good about yourself which is worth connecting. Is int it?

4. Get Involved on Influencer’s Blog

For getting the attention, start interacting with the influencers on their site. To get started with this, subscribe to their blog updates via email, Social media platform or wherever possible. You need to stay at the top of the updates & be the first one to take action on their content.

Two main reasons:

You will get the latest updates and strategies in your niche directly in your inbox; that will enhance your skills. Moreover, you will be the first person to comment on their blog post.

It’s no brainer that quality comment is the best way to create a relation with any blogger. On top of that, the readers of the site will also come to know about you.

Read: 5 Proven Tips To Connect With Influential Bloggers

5. Share Your Influencers’ Content Smartly

After reading the post, you share it on your social media profiles.

But, you are not sharing the post smartly.

What does it mean?

Don’t just share the post. Suggest it.

Let me explain you.

The influencers feel happy when you share their content. They’ll appreciate it even more when you start recommending the same to your friends.

Suppose your Google Plus follower wants the solution to some problem. And, you have recently read the post of your influencer that provides the solution for your friend.

Share the same post with your friend and mention their G+ profile of the influencer. On one side, you are helping your friend. On another side, you start developing a deeper connection with your influencer.

It is a win-win situation for you.

You may see, how I’ve shared my influencer post on Google Plus to inspire my followers to check his interview post.

Share Influencer post
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I’ve requested Mike Alton to share his knowledge with my beloved readers through my “Expert’s Tips” category post, and he replied

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I believe that he has identified my blogging activeness and reacted to my interview request.

Bonus Tips to Interact With the Experts

1. Mention the Experts

Mention your experts’ sources while crafting the new content.

It not only helps to create a good relationship with influencers but also help you to rank higher in the search engine. You can read more about the science behind it on: how outbound link improves your blog authority & ranking.

This is also good sign for influencer that you are genuinely reading the content & finding it useful. And as law of attraction says:

[Tweet “Kindness is always rewarded in style”]

2. Use Communities & LinkedIn

Communities like and Growth Hackers have amazing marketing experts and entrepreneurs behind them. Don’t forget to connect with your influencers on these active communities.

I have been in both the places from a long ago and being paid in return by credibility.

Besides, use LinkedIn to associate with your niche professionals as you can get into their inbox even if you don’t have their email address.

3. Attend Events

Attend Events
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Well-known digital marketers often attend the events/meetings to appear either as a speaker or visitor. If you come to know such kind of summits, try to give your presence over there since the real world connections would let you take things to the next level.

If you’re still not getting convinced on how to make a real connection with the specialists in your niche, you may read this fantastic post by Brian Dean, Get connected with influencers.

As an example: When I attended Harsh’s ShoutMeet event in Chennai, I got to build a better relation with him. I pitched him for a guest post & approval happened faster than usual time.  You can see the group pic here.


“Approaching Niche Experts is a Tricky Task”

However, building a good relationship with influencers can be beneficial for your online growth & enhancing your visibility as well. When they start recommending or sharing your stuff, you have a golden chance to showcase your skills to a larger audience.

Have patience. As Rome wasn’t built in a single day, you can’t think of framing your digital empire in a single day.

If you are in a hurry, get ready for more harm than worse. So, don’t spoil the connection and move forward patiently.

Making solid relationship with the experts would launch you into the next phase of your online career.

Are you ready to create a good relationship with influencers? What are the strategies do you follow to in connecting the niche experts?

Discuss with me and share the names of your influencers in the comment section below.

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Nirmala is an intense blogger who blogs about technology, social media, blogging and online money making at MyMagicFundas. She hates to sit idle and aggressively practising Yoga to enhance focus on her online career.

24 thoughts on “How To Build Meaningful Relationships With Influencers Even If you Suck At it”

  1. Rahul Devkar

    Hi Nirmala,

    Really liked your post!

    Following points I would like to add –
    1. Selection of the channel/Social Media Platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) plays crucial role while connecting with Influencers.
    Platforms like Linkedin are more professional and formal whereas platform like Instagram and Twitter are casual and friendly.
    While commenting or sharing your Influencer’s post, one must make sure that all these guidelines are followed, only then it will make a positive impact.
    2. Personal Messages or DMs are some powerful features that social media has given to us. Most of the influencers do reply to sensible messages/questions, hence its the BEST way to get their attention.

    As you said, authenticity is what needed the most in all these activities. If you are not serious about it, its not going to work. As simple as that!

    Hope this helps!

  2. Islam

    Dear Nirmala,

    Thanks for sharing useful information with us

  3. Syed Naimath

    Great post, Nirmala!

    Especially your point about genuinely showing how much you value the influencers, and providing value to them – they’re ones I’ll follow down to the T. 🙂

    I agree, suggesting your influencer’s post to your friends really is a more honest way of showing them that you really find their content useful.

    – Syed

  4. Swadhin Agrawal

    Hello Nirmala maam,
    Congrats on creating a guide to connect with the influencers. I am sure it works because I know you have filled the tips that have already worked for you. I too have tried and connected with influencers in some of the ways mentioned above which have gotten me enough exposure and backlinks.
    I wish I could use tools you mentioned above at that time. But, after your post I will surely use them to get more reach.

    Thank you maam

    1. Nirmala

      Hi Swadhin,

      Good to see you here and thanks for leaving your feedback.

      Great that you’re following some methods to connect with the authorities and getting favor in return, keep your good work.

      Your support everywhere is awesome, thank you.

      Have a happy weekend.

  5. Siddaiah Thirupati

    Hi Nirmala,

    Influencers have gone through all the rough phases in their life like every new blogger, after putting so much of hard work they built their own community where people are ready to hear and take actions by his simple tweet or recommendations.

    Impressing influencers is not possible in one day, as you said they know everything about internet marketing, they can easily find out who are genuine and who are not.

    If we follow all the above tips as a habitual manner without asking any help, these influencers will definitely help us in future, thanks for sharing great tips about building relationships with influencers, and I am very happy to see you on Mr. Harsh’s blog.

    1. Nirmala

      Hello Siddaiah,

      Thanks for your kind support in leaving your comment and glad you’re agreeing my strategies on connecting with the niche influencers.

      Yes, it will take time to build a modest relationship with the experts, but the results will be amazing.

      I specifically requested Harsh @ ShoutMeet to provide a guest blogging opportunity for me, he readily accepted and advised me to come with a useful topic without backlinks.

      I feel happy now 🙂

  6. Saurabh Tiwari

    Hi Nirmala ma,am

    I agree with you on point number 2. Communities and linked-in. Blogging Communities are highly noticeable and attract attention easily.

    Thank you for the post

    1. Nirmala

      Thanks Saurabh for your kind support in casting your social signals and commenting on my posts as well.

      Yeah, both and Growthhackers are active communities and great experts are taking part over there.

      Stay tuned, you’re welcome.

  7. Riyaz

    Hey Nirmala, you wrote such useful post here, I believe its you first post at SML but its interesting and helpful for all bloggers. I will keep you in mind an mention you while I write a related post in my blog. So keep it up. Hope to read more articles from you at SML. 🙂

    1. Nirmala

      Hi Riyaz,

      Good to connect with you through SML and yes, it is my first contribution.

      Thanks for keeping my points in mind and hope you’re on the right path on linking the experts.

      I’m delighted with your appreciation, stay tuned!

  8. Bilal Khan

    Hi Nirmala Maam,
    Nice Topic ,Influencer’s Relationship Guide.Build Relation ship with other Blogger is Very Good Habit and Things.if we need and Face any problem Asked Each other.Thanks For Sharing with us.Keep up it.
    Have a nice week ahead.

    1. Nirmala

      Well said, Bilal Khan! I’m accepting your idea.

      If we face any difficult in blogging, we may reach them to get help.

      Thanks for coming by!

  9. Nirmala

    Hey Vishwajeet Kumar,

    You are new to me. I just visited your active blog, keep your good work.

    I feel happy that my post helped you to gain confidence about the experts.

    Yes, everything is possible but it cannot happen in one night.

    It will take some time to build trust in the eyes of influencers, but the payout will be remarkable.

    Thanks for being the first commenter here, it is really appreciated!

    Stay tuned on ShoutMeLoud 🙂

  10. Krishna Moorthy D

    Perfect guide Nirmala mam! Networking is seriously important in business and connecting with influencers are difficult and effective as well. Your guide is perfect for newbies and professionals who really suck at this 🙂 Keep writing

    1. Nirmala

      Good to get your viewpoints Krishna Moorthy!

      Yes, it is somewhat a tough task to create & maintain a good relationship with the experts and thus I’ve shared some of my strategies here.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  11. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Nirmala,

    This is a sensational read. I have followed most of these tips to form bonds with guys like Chris Brogan. I spoke at NYU and I co-wrote a book with big whig Matthew Capala after he asked me to co-write an eBook with him. Give more than you take. Give freely. Help someone without looking for stuff in return. The big dawgs made their bones by doing the same exact thing. I got it when I bought in, fully. I stalked these folks but instead of chasing them, I gave like mad and helped them out in as many ways as humanly possible. Then, these power brokers helped me and endorsed me and promoted me without me even asking them. Thanks so much for sharing with us Niramala.


    1. Nirmala

      Love you strategies Ryan, simply great!

      Giving anything in return is really good and I’ve that kind of happiness many times.

      Good to know about you and yes, we will get remarkable returns if we expect nothing.

      No wonder that others endorse you, you deserve it.

      You made my day with your comment.

      Thanks for getting time to read the post and leaving your viewpoints 🙂

      BTW, you’ve contributed the content on same topic with different perspectives, I’ve linked you post in my guest post.

      Thank you for your constant support through social media share and commenting

      Have a wonderful rest of the week, cheers to Keli 🙂

  12. Surya Konduru

    Superb Nirmala, after the shoutmeet of Hyderabad – I thought my chances of getting in touch with Harsh will be more easy & it was indeed easy compared to before. He generously retweets my tweets & likes/favorites some of my posts & comments.
    You have taken a step to contribute to him through guest post. Even I have to try it out.

    Apart from that, your article has a lot of easily implementable techniques which can help anyone in getting in touch with influencers from this moment without any delay & ending up in an WIN – WIN situation with them.

    Visited your blog, it was awesome – carry on your good work.

    1. Nirmala

      Hi Surya,

      Thanks for getting time to read my guest post and good to know to you’re wishing to contribute your content for SML readers.

      Yes, Harsh is easy to communicate expert and he is my inspiring blogger as well. During ShoutMeet, I’ve personally requested him to accept my guest post on his blog without any backlinks 🙂

      Submitting content for ShoutMeLoud is my long day dream and it came live today. I’m delighted 🙂

      Glad you liked my tips and yes, relationship blogging (Specifically influencer relationship blogging) matters a lot.

      I hope you’ll execute my tips, have a good rest of the week.

  13. Gurmeet Singh

    Learned a lot of New things today. Very Smart Influencer’s Relationship Guide. Building Relationships with Other Bloggers is one of the best ways to get support anytime during your Blogging Journey.

    1. Nirmala

      Yes, Gurmeet Singh! You got it right 🙂

      I would like to connect with digital marketing experts and it helps to improve my visibility.

      Glad I could help you in learning new stuff today.

      Have a good day ahead!

  14. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Aweosme article Nirmala. Very informative post. Your article really helps to get the confidence of theinfluencer and let them share your posts or recommend you to others.

    1. Nirmala

      Sorry Vishwajeet, I’ve replied you somewhere instead of hitting your comment “Reply” button.

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